Winter 2023 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)

TLI Contacts

TLI Chair

Edwin Weston –

Program Quality Director

Sara Mayer –

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Keynote Sessions

November 19, 2022:
Leadership….Collision or Collaboration?
Trish Blackwelder

December 10, 2022:
Stepping Up Into Leadership
Nancy Starr-Cassidy

January 13, 2022:
Grab Your Next Jacket
Michael Desiderio

January 28, 2022:
Traditional Leadership or Servant Leadership: What? When? & Why?
Jim Eng

February 11, 2022
Team Leadership Sparks Success
Jeff Morud

Session Powerpoints

How to Receive Credit

Training must be completed no later than February 28, 2023.

Instructions to attend and receive training credit are as follow

  1. Register for your preferred session date on Ticketleap (
  2. Join the session you registered for and ensure your full name is shown in the participant window to confirm your attendance.
  3. Fill out the facilitator and event evaluations.
  4. If you can not attend your registered session, please register for another date offering.
If you have any questions, please contact

Reminder: For the club to receive full credit for Distinguished Club Performance (DCP) Goal #9 – Training, at least four (4) officers must attend both Summer TLI and Winter TLI. Club members holding multiple officer roles may receive credit for each office.

2023 Winter Officer Credit

Updated: 3/15/2023

DivisionAreaClub IdClub NamePresVPEVPMVPPRSecTreasSAATotal
B31177603Agua Fria ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
E31811442Ahwatukee Chamber ToastmastersXXXX4
E34873Ahwatukee Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
A28963Airpark ToastmastersXX2
E17394089Audible Talkers ToastmastersXXX3
B11496508AZ Motormouths Toastmasters0
C5613567AZ You Like It Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
C53262BA AZ ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
C56576036Bard Toastmasters Association0
B17585738Best Of The WestXX2
B4919056Blue Expression Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
B21631Camelback ToastmastersXXXXX5
C4365Capitol Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
C41031195Carollo Toastmasters0
E51475770Carpe Diem Toastmasters0
C2923Centurion ToastmastersXXXXXX6
C58576Chats Toastmasters Club0
E37538Chipmasters ClubXXXXX5
D37477251Chopper Talkers0
C59653Cinnamon Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
C1636873CityScape ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
F53198Cochise Toastmasters ClubXXX3
F24266556Competitive EdgeXXXX4
C24051540Competitive Speakers-PhxXXXXX5
F22410696Cosmopolitan ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
A3855230Cottonwood ToastmastersXXX3
A47073650Cox CommunicatorsXXXXXXX7
D1824624Cultivating Leaders0
A528675827CVS Health IT Toastmasters0
D34765757Dobson @ Sunset0
D14705Dobson Ranch Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
E41820981Dos Lenguas ToastmastersXXXXX5
C24630Down To Earth Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
D35597Downtown Mesa ToastmastersXXXXX5
E24634East Valley Echoes ClubXXXXX5
F57990679Electric Light OratorsXX2
F2971233Electric ToastmastersXX2
C11717077Elite ToastmastersXXXXX5
B128675540Enigma ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
E39961Epicurean Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
F4759261Executive ToastmastersXXXXX5
F32607Eyeopeners ClubXXXXX5
B21469FaithMasters ClubXXXXXXX7
A26623883Farmers Speaks PhoenixX1
E19120Fearless Speakers ToastmastersXXXXX5
F51470599Firemouth ToastmastersXX2
A31144289Fish Tales ToastmastersXXXX4
E5896574Florence Toastmasters ClubXXX3
E26993Fountain Hills Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
F41600530From Pen To PodiumXXXXXXX7
D4499Gilbert Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
E428675703Gilbert Voices0
A54346Good Evening Toastmasters0
E53256Harrah's Club 777 Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
A4730231High Noon Toastmasters of Prescott ClubXXXXXXX7
A52542Honeywell-Spoken Toastmasters ClubXX2
D46003588Hope Toastmasters0
F17834935Jett-Setters Online Toastmasters Club0
C15732737Junior League of Phoenix ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
C44798La Voz De Oro Toastmasters ClubXXX3
F31266717Leaders FirstXXXXX5
D31853Leaders Plus ClubXXXXXXX7
B45481161London Bridge ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
D11811239Maverick Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
F41003486Midtown Toast ProsXXXX4
C528676182Mindful Speakers ToastmastersXXXX4
E46542102MTC ToastmastersXXXX4
D26350New Horizons Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
A2640910New Vision Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
F21772Nogales Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
C37153Noontime Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
D28837Ocotillo Breakfast ClubXXXXXX6
E23272ONFirst Toastmasters0
B41188160Optima Toastmasters0
F12854329Oro Valley ToastmastersXXXX4
E12694Papago ClubXXXX4
C34770Paradise Valley Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
C13527Park Central Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
A17728060Payson Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
B29395Peacock Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
A31930061Petsmart Sit! Stay! Speak!XXXX4
C33900Phoenix ToastmastersXXXXXX6
F38386Pima County Communicators ClubXXXXXXX7
E57965420Pinal Moving MountainsXXXXX5
B48343Platinum ClubXXXXX5
D4816342Power Play ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
C17990786PRC-Saltillo ToastmastersXXXXX5
A3104Prescott ClubXXX3
E2932047ProjectMasters ToastmastersXXXXXX6
A2889533Pure Talk ToastmastersXXXX4
D41445011Queen Creek ToastmastersXXXX4
D26832765Raise the BarXX2
C41820Reddy's ClubXXXXX5
A13189442Rim Talkers0
D4890453Rise and ShineXXXXXX6
A21576Risk Takers Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
F23850Roadrunners ClubXXXX4
F12397188Roche Desert ToastmastersXXX3
F216Saguaro Toastmasters Club #16XXXX4
F51366776Sahuarita ToastmastersXX2
E1740544Showtime ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
E59751Signal Peak ClubXXXXXX6
A55484Softalkers ClubXXXXX5
E42262584South Mountain ToastmastersXXXXX5
F57985Southwest Toastmasters ClubXXX3
C27512556Sparklight Toastmasters0
A45241Speak E's0
E13723670Spice It Up ToastmastersXXXXX5
D2877563Stagecoach Speakers - ChandlerXXXXX5
A45303109Stagecoach Speakers Phoenix-1 ToastmastersXXXXXX6
C55668State Expressions Toastmasters Club0
F14456Sunrisers ClubXXXXXX6
A14631Sunset Club0
B17875163Supernova ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
D173Superstition Toastmasters Club #73XXXX4
E37550486SYF Phoenix Toastmasters ClubXX2
F55575941Talking GeckosXXX3
D37555878TALKotillo ToastmastersXXXXXX6
B27918T-Bird Talks ToastmastersXXXXXX6
E47006061Technically SpeakingXXX3
E11715Tempe Toastmasters Club0
B31500993Think TankXXXXXXX7
F128675906TMC ToastmastersX1
C228675583Toast of Excellence0
A16541Toast of Flagstaff Club0
A1829816Toast of the Mountain Club0
A55323665Toast To OneAZ0
A34459Toastmasters of Sedona ClubXXXXX5
E47713Town LakeXXXXX5
C47291052Trash TalkersXXXXXXX7
F47381Tucson ToastmastersXXXXXX6
F15858Tucson Valley Visionaries0
F35530264Tucson Veterans Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
E23480Twilite ClubXXXXXXX7
F41572226UA ToastmastersXXXXX5
F34090908University of Arizona Facilities Management ToastmastersXXXXXX6
E34995University Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
B35056Valley Toastmasters ClubXX2
D27744Valued VoicesXXXXXXX7
A52083Voice of Many ClubXXXXX5
B31109501WeSERV SpeakersXXXXXXX7
B18146West Valley Toastmasters ClubXXXXXXX7
B17302311Wordsmith ToastmastersXXXXX5