Division Directors

Your Division Director supports your Area Director and your club to be successful. Feel free to reach out to your division director for any additional support your club may need.

Area Directors

Your Area Director is the liaison between your club and district leadership. Your Area Director will provide information from the district, feedback on your club, and support to help your club succeed. Your Area Director will also visit your club several times throughout the year. The Area Director is the first line of support for your club; feel free to reach out to your Area Director for anything your club needs.

DJ Reed
DJ ReedAgave Division Director

Agave Division Area Directors:

Alan Claypool
Alan ClaypoolCholla Division Director

Cholla Division Area Directors:

Ron Limbaugh
Ron LimbaughDesert Willow Division Director

Desert Willow Division Area Directors:

Sandy Zalecki
Sandy ZaleckiIronwood Division Director

Ironwood Division Area Directors:

Rocky Dole
Rocky DoleMesquite Division Director

Mesquite Division Area Directors:

Alicia Hills
Alicia HillsOcotillo Division Director

Ocotillo Division Area Directors:

Sara Mayer
Sara MayerPalo Verde Division Director

Palo Verde Division Area Directors:

Payal Guerrero
Payal GuerreroSaguaro Division Director

Saguaro Division Area Directors: