The World Championship of Public Speaking® starts in Toastmasters clubs across the globe. From there, participants advance to Area, Division, District, and region-level competitions. Two winners from each region-level competition move on to the semifinals. At the semifinals, an expert panel of experienced Toastmasters will determine the eight finalists. Each speech will last between five to seven minutes.

For many amateur speakers, this competition is the opportunity of a lifetime. Past winners have used this accolade to become prominent paid speakers, delivering keynotes and speeches around the globe.

Contest Results – Area, Division, District

Types of Contests – Club, Area, Division, District

The two speech contests for the 2023-2024 Contest Season are Evaluation and International

Area contests will be held Online, and Division District contests will be held in Hybrid format.

Online contests are defined as those in which all participants are online.

Hybrid contests are defined as those in which some participants (contestants and judges) are onsite in a physical location, and others are online.

Contest Calendar

Contest Dates by Division:

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Contest TrainingsDateTimeRegistration Link
District contest – Contestant briefing 24-Apr-245:00 PM
District contest – Functionary briefing 24-Apr-24 7:00 PM
Division A contest – Contestant briefing4-Apr-245:00 PM
Division A contest – Functionary briefing4-Apr-247:00 PM
Division B contest – Contestant briefing17-Apr-245:00 PM
Division B contest – Functionary briefing17-Apr-247:00 PM
Division C contest – Contestant briefing18-Apr-245:00 PM
Division C contest – Functionary briefing18-Apr-247:00 PM
Division D contest – Contestant briefing1-Apr-245:00 PM
Division D contest – Functionary briefing1-Apr-247:00 PM
Division E contest – Contestant briefing2-Apr-245:00 PM
Division E contest – Functionary briefing2-Apr-247:00 PM
Division F contest – Contestant briefing3-Apr-245:00 PM
Division F contest – Functionary briefing3-Apr-247:00 PM


Interested in helping with the upcoming Speech Contests? Complete the forms below and we will share with the Area and Division Directors.

Contest Volunteer Interest Forms

Judge Volunteer Form

Functionaries Form


Recommended TM International Resources for Contestants, Chairs, Functionaries & Volunteers

TM Speech Contest Resources

Official Contest Rulebook

Contest FAQ

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Participating in a club contest is an opportunity to develop you speaking ability, receive valuable feedback and have a great time!

How to Appear Best Online

World Champion of Public Speaking

Type of Contests and Kits – Include Official Forms, Resources, Certificates Etc.

International Speech Contest kits

Humorous Speech Contest kit

Table Topics Contest kits

Evaluation Contest kits

Tall Tales Contest kits

Contest Timing

Speech TypeMinimumGreenYellowRedMaximum
International Speech4:305:006:007:007:30
Humorous Speech4:305:006:007:007:30
Table Topics1:001:001:302:002:30
Tall Tales2:303:004:005:005:30