When: May 14th and 15th, 2021

Where: Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino

15406 N Maricopa Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85139

What is coming to District 3 Spring Conference?

  • Learn new skills or fine tune existing skills through multiple Education Sessions
  • Listen to or compete in Humorous and International Contests
  • Celebrate individual and club accomplishments at the annual Awards Ceremony
  • Network with other members in District 3
  • Get to know the Candidates running for District Office
  • Participate in the District Council meeting

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Hotel Procedures

New non smoking policy:

“As you may know, our Health and Safety protocols continue to evolve as we strive to maintain a safe environment for both our customers and our employees.  With that stated, we have evaluated our mask policy and discovered an opportunity to limit exposure by implementing a non-smoking policy in the casino except in designated areas. For our customers who wish to continue to smoke and game, we have designated specific areas for your enjoyment.  The indoor smoking area is in the old poker room and near Laurel Lounge.  We will have signage displayed for the designated smoking area. We will also have designated specific locations outside of the casino for smoking. These areas are: Casino Main Entrance, Patio near Agave’s, and the Fire Pit area on the north side of the pool. We continue to appreciate your business and support.”

More information:

Heath and Safety

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District 3 Procedures

District 3 will provide a Toastmasters International Face Mask with Ticket Purchase (excluding virtual tickets; while supplies last, otherwise a standard mask will be provided). Mask requirements and social distancing will be enforced at all times during all physical in-person conference activities. No admittance allowed without a mask.

Seating at round tables will be limited to 4 people per table; this places the person directly across from you 6′ away and the person next to you at least 3.5′ away (See below). Seating in educational sessions will allow for optimized social distancing (See below).

Please see the rest of our safety information: https://aztoastmasters.org/wp-content/uploads/COVID-19-Conference-Safety-Plans.pdf

What Do I Have Access To?


Stacy Brookman is a Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert. She helps coaches, course creators, and consultants stop marketing overwhelm and start using a system that works every time, no matter who uses it. Stacy is passionate about enabling entrepreneurs to focus on inspiring problems instead of reinventing marketing in order to survive. She’s the Director of the Unfair Advantage Partnership Program at Growth Tools. Stacey joined Toastmasters in 2013 and is currently a member of Walkie Talkies Toastmasters Club.

Session Summary

In this master class on optimization, Stacy Brookman shares insider secrets to get your audiences taking action beyond your talk. This ain’t no icebreaker! If you’re serious about moving clients from being listeners to being clients or taking action beyond the stage, this presentation is for you. Stacy teaches six solid strategies to maximize the precious minutes inside of your presentation to engage people outside of it.

Debbie Nez-Manuel

– AZ Democratic National Committee Woman at Arizona Democratic Party
– Board Member at First Things First
– Board Member at Arizona Humanities

”By honoring the strength of our ancestors, their sacrifices, the responsibility to improve the world for generations all begins with me.”

A Tsenjikini clan member and member of the Navajo Nation, Debbie Nez-Manuel is founder of Morning Star Leaders, an Arizona nonprofit that teaches native youth the core values of indigenous life through cultural programs and leadership opportunities. A recipient of the 2016 Arizona Governor’s Volunteer of the Year Award, Debbie is recognized for committing her life to serving urban and rural youth throughout Arizona.

Debbie was born in Gallup, New Mexico and has lived in the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community for 16 years with her husband and daughters. Her early years in the small community among hardworking ranchers, weavers, mill workers, teachers, attorneys, silversmiths, and veterans instilled not only a strong work ethic and identity but also the responsibility to be a leader wherever she is. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University in 2001 and a master’s degree from Arizona State University in 2003. She worked for the tribal government as a social worker for 12 years. She is a popular speaker for the AZ Speaks program of the Arizona Humanities Council.

In 2013, Debbie and several colleagues realized that many young tribal people living in urban areas had become disconnected from their home cultures and languages. Many struggled with getting jobs, more education, and finding their own pathways to adulthood. She helped start Morning Star Leaders to address those issues. Today, Morning Star is well established and a premier source of initiatives for Native youth development and support in education, employment and other areas. The Arizona Humanities Council honored Morning Star with its Community Partner Award in 2019.

Second, during the 2019 legislative session, Debbie helped lead a grassroots effort to enact House Bill 2570. Her own story about losing her mother at the age of three encouraged others to tell their stories from around Arizona of missing and murdered Indigenous women. The bill, which passed the House unanimously, was adopted by the Senate, and signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey, set up a legislative study committee to look closely at the prevalence and cases of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls (MMIW). Data have pointed to significant problems throughout Arizona for some time but a comprehensive study with recommendations has not been done. Debbie now sits on the task force with other tribal leaders, law enforcement professionals, state legislators, and others.

Most recently, Debbie became the first indigenous woman elected as a national committee person for the Democratic Party.

Debbie enjoys connecting with her colleagues as a fellow through EmergeAZ, Flinn Brown Leadership Academy and ASU’s Generation Next Nonprofit Leadership Academy

Keynote Speaker – Luisa Montalvo

Before her appearance in the International Speech Contest Semi Finals in 2019, Luisa Montalvo shared her motivation for competing: “I want to make my mom proud of her daughter.” She achieved that and more.

Luisa competed at the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking against 33,000 other contestants from 143 countries. In her hopes of breaking cultural barriers with humor, Luisa Montalvo won 2nd Place in the contest. Luisa returned home and showed the second-place trophy to her 87-year-old mother who danced with the trophy, and playfully insisted it was hers to keep.

Luisa Montalvo was born and raised in South Texas. She later moved to Austin, Texas where she worked at Abbott Laboratories for 25 years before retiring at the age of 53. For the last 3 years, Luisa has been busy rescuing homeless dogs and cats. She has fostered and cared for over 850 homeless dogs.

Luisa first joined Toastmasters in 1989 for 3 years when she worked at Abbott Laboratories. She then rejoined again in 2013 and has been a member ever since. She takes on countless speaking engagements where she sheds light on public speaking techniques by sharing anecdotes from her life, continues to break cultural barriers with humor, and talks about honoring the sacrifices made by the women who came before her. “I feel it is my duty, in fact our duty, to all the women of the past, all of our ancestors, anybody who had to go forge a new path—they deserve our respect, and they deserve our commitment in trying to make this a much more level playing field for women and men, for everyone.”

Luisa’s advice for anyone who wants to be a professional public speaker: “I feel that if the person can speak about something that is completely relatable to the entire audience, that’s a start. Adding tasteful humor and a personal story are also good steps to take in becoming a successful speaker. I believe the most important rule to follow for success is to leave your audience with a powerful message, one that has the audience thinking but also motivates them to take action”

2019 World Champion of Public Speaking

Virtual Educational Presenters

These session will be prerecorded and will be available to view at anytime from May 14th until May 30th.

Speaker Bio:

An active member of Toastmasters since December 1, 2004 and a current licensed CPA in the State of New Mexico. Lobato is currently serving as Program Quality Director and has previously served as an Area Director, Division Director, Club Growth Director, and twice as the Finance Manager for the district. Lobato has also served multiple times in all club officer positions and therefore has benefited tremendously from the Toastmasters methodology of learning by doing at your own pace to improve his public speaking and leadership skills, which he uses daily on his public service and private professional job.

Session Information: What is your Club Vision

This session focuses on providing some practical tips for club officers and membership relating to the establishment of a club vision. Having a club vision is the beginning of a successful club that focuses on meeting the needs of its members and on having high club quality meetings. Having a club vision provides an opportunity for all club officers to work as a team and to solicit feedback from all club members. Overall, a club vision provides strategic direction as where the club is headed and provides an opportunity to draft an action plan and strategy in order to accomplish the vision as set by the club leaders. Join Lobato in his session where he will provide tips based on his 15 years of membership experience.

Speaker Bio:

Conor Cunneen is a professional speaker from Naperville, Illinois. His subject area expertise includes: improving people, improving performance, and improving productivity.

Cunneen delivers keynotes, workshops, seminars, webinars, and serves as an emcee or master of ceremonies for various organizations and special events. In the past, he has worked as the vice president of marketing for Unilever. Cunneen is the author of five books and a two-time cancer survivor. He also works as a radio host. An Accredited Speaker since 2011, Cunneen graduated from the National University of Ireland with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Cunneen earned the President’s Gold Medal for Volunteer Service. He is a Fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

Session Information: Adden Humur Two You’re Presentashun!

Accredited Speaker, award winning humorist Conor Cunneen DTM provides Tips, Tricks and Techniques to add humor to your presentation, enhance your message and make you irresistible to the Humorous Contest judges!! You will see why Mark Twain said, “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” HEALTH WARNING: Adding humor is a serious business but please note this program may result in convulsive and side-splitting laughter that may reduce oxygen intake (in severe cases, causing the wannabe DTM to fall over.) This generally is not an optimal situation at a TM club meeting especially during International Speech Competition. On the other hand, laughter is known to reduce stress and we all need that today.

Speaker Bio:

David Hopper, DTM, joined Toastmasters in October 2014. He has served in over 20 officer roles and is currently the District 3 Program Quality Director in Tucson, AZ. David holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. David currently works at the University of Arizona as the Building Automation Supervisor. Toastmasters is an enormous part of his life; but outside the organization, David enjoys spending his free time with his wife scuba diving or watching movies.

Session Information: Preparing your Powerpoint Presentation.

Since becoming a member in 2014 he has given over 200 speeches with audiences ranging from 5 to 600 people. David has used PowerPoint presentations for many of these speeches for Toastmasters events and in professional settings. By researching effective PowerPoints, trial and error, patience and practice, David has learned how to create effective and interesting presentation slides. In this session, David will demonstrate the detailed step-by-step process and tools to create a simple PowerPoint presentation.

Speaker Bio:

Donny Crandell is a professional speaker from Reno, Nevada. His subject matter expertise includes: Audience connection, becoming a five-star organization, excellence versus perfection, focus, marriage resiliency, positivity and suicide resiliency.

Crandell’s presentations are inspiring, entertaining, and interactive. His audiences include colleges, churches, businesses, service clubs, and five-star companies and service groups. He served as a chaplain major in the Air Force. Crandell has been a semifinalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking® three times, including placing in the top 10 in 2016. An Accredited Speaker since 2017, Crandell earned a doctor of ministry in cultural engagement from the Multnomah Bible Seminary. He was awarded the Roosevelt Award for leadership.

Session Information: Hope for a Toastmaster

Discover HOPE when your life is focused on the positive.

Speaker Bio:

Ellie Kay is an award-winning podcaster of a show called The Money Millhouse. She’s the best-selling author of fifteen books including Lean Body, Fat Wallet; Living Rich for Less as well as Heroes at Home (all with Waterbrook/Random House). She is a popular international speaker, presenting at arena events with 8,000 people. As a media veteran, she has appeared on over 2600 radio/tv stations including CNBC, CNN and Fox News. Ellie has been a regular on ABC NEWS NOW as one of their experts. She is an international radio commentator for Money Matters and Focus on the Family.

As a popular columnist, she’s written regularly for six national magazines. She has been the subject matter expert or writer for hundreds of national periodicals including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, Redbook, and Consumer Reports. Ellie and her team have taken the “Heroes at Home World Tour” from coast to coast in the United States and to China, Germany, France, Italy and England. In all these venues, they are helping families with key issues including finances.

Ellie Kay graduated from CCU with an MA in HR and is married to Bob, a current test pilot and retired USAF fighter pilot. They have seven children. To read Ellie’s blog or to sign up for a free newsletter, go to www.elliekay.com. The Kays live in Los Angeles County.

Session Information: Media Mania

What makes for great media that earns repeat appearances?

Ellie Kay made her first national TV appearance on the Price is Right and now has 2800+ media appearances under her belt. Furthermore, she trains seven figure brand ambassadors on how to do media well, earning as much as 40K for 5 hours of television work. But it all starts somewhere and Ellie teaches the audience the ABC’s of great media (accurate, brief, clear.)

After this session, Toastmasters will be more confident in appearing on podcasts, radio & television interviews or in creating their own video content on social media. There’s a right way to do media and a wrong way—Ellie discusses both approaches with engaging humor and valid expertise.
And that’s a wrap!

Speaker Bio:

District 16 panel discussion including Jim Schaerer ACS, ALB , Louanne Marshall DTM, Mike McVey DTM, Lisa Despain DTM, Josh Cain DL5, Terry Burton PM5, Vearl Tolbert CC, CL TC1.

Session Information:

Have you thought about doing a High Performance Leadership (HPL) project, but found the prospect daunting? You’re not alone. Many of us put off our HPL projects because we aren’t sure where to begin, what project might be right for us, or even if we have what it takes to be a leader. In this presentation, you’ll follow along with Toastmaster Jim Schaerer (ACG, ALB) as he learns about High Performance Leadership from a panel of experienced Toastmasters and shows you how easy it can be to get started on your own project today.

Speaker Bio:

Johnny Campbell is a professional speaker from Orlando, Florida. His subject matter expertise includes: LinkedIn marketing, managing change, motivation, presentation skills, and sales training.

Campbell delivers keynotes, workshops, trainings, live seminars, and online webinars for insurance industry professionals, human resource professionals, promotional product professionals, sales professionals, project managers, small business owners, and more.

He is the founder of Rise-Up and Win International, an organization focused on helping individuals develop mental readiness for success. Campbell authored the book, “The Agent of Change,” which helps people embrace change. His work provides groups with programs that will help improve performance and provide a higher level of service to their teams, clients, customers, or community.

An Accredited Speaker since 2006, Campbell earned a bachelor of arts degree from Indiana University. He is a member of the American Society for Training and Development. During his 20-plus year career as a professional speaker, he has delivered TEDx talks and appeared on various television programs. On top of being an Accredited Speaker, Campbell is a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters.

Session Information: Embracing The Winds of Change

“Adjust Your Sails”

Are the Winds of Changes in today’s world an opportunity for success or a pain in the neck? Many leaders of today are struggling with how to navigate change while benefiting from it. When it comes to change there are many challenges from how this change will be perceived, to how will it be embraced. In this program, you will discover how you can effectively implement, and navigate people through the winds of change and succeed.

Speaker Bio:

Karen Hewittt is a two time Distinguished Toastmaster and Club Growth Director that embodies the benefits and vision of Toastmasters. Her passionate and authentic messages come through with amazing skill and talent. Guiding her teams, clubs, and district is a true passion and as a leader, she encourages people to utilize everything that Toastmasters has to offer. She has high expectations of her clients and team members and helps them grow in their own roles. Karen has the ability to guide people without taking the lessons away from them. She encourages growth and skill building. As a team leader, she has shown an uncanny ability to be able to support her teams while still maintaining a position that encourages them to do the work necessary to mature in their roles.

Session Information: Becoming the New Leader.

As a certified Life and NLP coach, two time Dale Carnegie graduate and a successful ,multifaceted entrepreneur, Karen has used her experience from Toastmasters to reach her audience. Her insight and ideas on leadership has helped her build people up. Her own experience has taught her how to guide and teach but not to take over for people. Karen often speaks on the misconception of servant leadership and has demonstrated the concept of “empathic leadership” instead. She is showing how an organization like Toastmasters can help build leadership and communication which will carry over in all aspects of life.

Speaker Bio:

DTM Kathy Moore is the current PQD of District 55 in south and central Texas. She has been presenting workshops and speaking professionally for 20 years.

Session Information: 5 Steps to Confident Speaking

For many, the thought of talking coherently in front of a group is nerve-racking, be it accepting an award, giving a toast, or presenting to your team at work. And with a litany of “how to” tips from experts available everywhere, narrowing down best practices can be just as difficult. Lucky for you, Kathy has done the legwork to provide five foolproof tips for wowing a crowd.

Speaker Bio:

Marianne Bjelke (bee-ell-kuh) is The Business Communication Strategist, a professional speaker and business consultant who is an expert at helping others move past the fear of change, map an ideal business vision they can ‘buy’ into, and reach their highest potential creating more results finding their ideal ‘on fire buyer.’

This former New Yorker was a stand-up comedian at 21,
and opened her first successful business – a retail herb, tea, and gift shop – at 25.

Marianne’s unique business background allows her to bring distinct gifts to her training through real world experiences in communication, programming, customer service, and executive management. She fosters a ‘big picture’ approach to business building projects to help her clients gaining fast and lasting results.

Session Information: Communication Across Generations

YOU were born to communicate.
But WHEN you were born can be impact HOW you communicate, and in ways you might never have imagined.

Whether your target audience is one, one hundred, or more – are you framing your message so that it is best received by the listener?

In This Presentation You Will:

  • Learn what defines and influences the 7 living generations, 5 of which are currently in the workforce – and in your clubs!
  • Understand how to incorporate different learning and communication modes, styles, and cues specific to your target audience.
  • Have fun!

Speaker Bio:

Meena Chan is an award-winning and best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and an entrepreneur. Graduating with a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Masters in Communication from India, she thrived for 13 years in a successful marketing career as a Global Brand Manager and as a freelance writer for a leading publication. She turned towards her purpose of helping people get intentional with her writing and is the founder and CEO of Intentionally ME! a virtual learning institute helping young minds grow on purpose. She launched her first best-selling book The MOTTO Effect to help transform the lives of those affected by an autoimmune disorder, which won the prestigious Nautilus Silver Book Award. She is also chosen as an ‘Inspirational Women 2021’ by a leading UK based magazine.

Session Information: Do Introverts Love Public Speaking?

Research and studies show that Introverts by nature are modest and unassuming, they do not prefer limelight nor being on the stage. However, many great leaders, great personalities have proven time and again how they have overcome this. Groundbreaking research shows that personalities, temperaments, and the labels we give ourselves can be surpassed if we learn to work based on the strengths introverts already possess. Some of the specific Toastmasters segments and training are in fact geared towards helping one shine their light and teaches us how to bring out stories with passion, authenticity and courage. You too can become that quiet yet powerful and charismatic leader in your own way!

Ninfa joined Toastmasters in 2016 and fell in love with the positive attitude and support of its members worldwide.  Working together to achieve goals is important to Ninfa. She believes that together we can achieve anything! Ninfa will discuss the Distinguished Club Program and how you fit into the plan.

Speaker Bio:

Peter Salazar has led hundreds of small group meetings, large public forums, and regularly speaks on finances and retirement. Today, he manages his own CPA firm in Gilbert Arizona “Peter Salazar, CPA”, where he works with businesses to ensure they have a strong financial foundation that minimizes taxes and maximizes retirement.

Session Information:

Do you ever ask yourself I wish I knew that before? I wish someone had guided me … Why are others so successful? Stop tormenting yourself. Find out how a Mentor can help. get you where you want. This session will help you:
– Uncover why you need a mentor
– Learn how mentors can help
– Understand what to look for in a mentor

Speaker Bio:

Ronald Chapman, founder and principal of Leading Public Health and Magnetic North LLC, is a facilitator, strategist, trainer, and coach and consultant specializing in leadership and organization development. In addition, he is the author of five books and producer of three audio sets while maintaining two content websites, all focused on different aspects of personal and organizational transformation.

He received his Accredited Speaker designation in 2005, and his Distinguished Toastmaster in 2006. Ron has won five different District Championships, but is mostly known in his home district for designing and leading half day developmental workshops on professional speaking and leadership. He holds a Masters Degree in Social Welfare from the University at Albany (New York).

Session Overviews

Becoming the Leader: A Framework for Transformational Leadership

Leadership may be more important in our world than ever before. How we succeed as a leader is largely determined by our inner development, which is the foundation for our outer demonstration. If you want to transform the world, first be transformed yourself. Here is an approach for that inner work.


Stephanie Angelo, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CVP

Stephanie works with organizations that want to create a great Company Culture to outlive, outlast and outperform their competition. With her training, speaking and consulting she helps her clients develop strong cultures by establishing customized in-house programs to create Traction not Transaction™ which helps employees do better on their jobs, decrease turnover and create a high engagement organization that’s a magnet to applicants.

She has 30 years’ experience working with companies like Doubletree Hotels, Scottsdale HealthCare and CopperPoint Mutual to grow and thrive. She has written a book, invented two board games, and spoken all across the U.S. and in Europe.

In 2020 Stephanie invented the popular board game Company Culture – a Game of Workplace Traction not Transaction™ which is an exclusive element in her company culture workshops in analog and digital versions.

Stephanie is an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter, a professional member of National
Speakers Association, served on two National Committees and twice served on the Board of
NSA-AZ. Stephanie is a Vistage Worldwide speaker. She is a member of Society for Human
Resource Management. She is a member of Toastmasters and serves as the Chair for the D3 Speakers Bureau. In 2014 she co-created the first-ever board game to address domestic violence – OUTrage™ – A Game to Recognize and Change Abusive Behavior. Stephanie cowrote the true crime memoir Serrated. She has won several awards for her work.


Mastering Strategic Thinking Skills for Maximum Impact in Your Organization

Do you find yourself taking on projects that you don’t really have time to do? Do you find yourself dropping something you’re working on to accommodate new projects? Are you often struggling to come up with fresh ideas and answers to problems, issues, assignments and other pressing thoughts that may even keep you awake?

This session will help meeting professionals understand Strategic Thinking, maximize critical thinking skills, and help prevent expensive mistakes for Maximum Impact in Your Organization. Through discussion and examples attendees understand what a strategic thinker is. They compare and contrast the successes and failures of those who didn’t apply strategic thinking techniques. Attendees experience several activities to develop their personal skills.

Speaker Bio:

Thomas Iland is a professional speaker from Los Angeles, California. His subject area expertise includes: autism, human potential, presentation delivery, and self-empowerment.

Iland delivers keynote presentations on realizing your true potential and becoming your best self, based on the lessons learned from his life with autism. He speaks to decisionmakers, ranging from entrepreneurs looking to invent or reinvent themselves, to executives of large organizations searching for new and exciting ideas.

An Accredited Speaker since 2019, Iland holds a bachelor’s of science degree in accountancy from the California State University, Northridge. In the past, Iland worked as a certified public accountant. Since leaving his accounting career, he now specializes in personal coaching, specifically maximizing human potential as a certified human potential coach. On top of being an Accredited Speaker, Iland is a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters.

Session Information: From Accounting to Ah Counting

Thomas Iland is the world’s first Toastmasters Accredited Speaker with Autism. The Toastmasters Accredited Speaker distinction is reserved for the finest professional speakers in the world, who fulfill numerous criteria and then compete for the honor in front of a huge live audience. Now imagine having autism and meeting that challenge, because that’s exactly what Thomas did! He knows it is never too late to make a change for the better in your career or any other aspect of your life. If you find yourself unhappy or unfulfilled, you have every right to make a change. In this session, Thomas shares insights and “insider tips” about life with Autism Spectrum Disorder in professional presentations and training. He hopes to connect with people across the country and contribute to our community.


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