The mission, should you choose to accept it, awaits…

Mission Classified Files (For Agent’s Eyes Only)

Agency Assets (Keynotes)

Mission Details (Tentative)

Please note: All events are listed in UTC -7 Mountain Standard Time (MST).


6:30PM — Opening Ceremonies / Mission Briefing

6:50PM — Welcome Keynote:

  • Toastmasters International Director, Region 3, Violetta Rios, DTM

7:35PM — Keynote #1:

  • Marshall Shore, “Making History Hip: Telling Our Stories”

8:20PM — Roundtable Discussions

9:20PM — Mission Sign-Off (Closing) / End


8:00AM — Mission Check-In (Registration) Starts

8:30AM — Doors Open

  • Dignitary Parade

8:45AM — Keynote #2:

  • Carey Conley, “Vision is Victory: Today Is Your Someday – You Just Need a Plan”

10:15AM — Recess

  • Raffle

10:30AM — Roundtable Discussions

11:30AM — Recess

  • Raffle

11:45AM — Lunch

  • Early Bird DCP

SATURDAY, APRIL 27 (cont.)

  • The Juris Kursulis Spirit Award
  • DTM Induction Ceremony
  • Communications & Leadership Award
  • Raffle

1:00PM — Recess

  • Raffle

1:15PM — Keynote #3:

  • Carrie Verrocchio, “Overcoming Words that Hurt”

2:00PM — Recess

  • Raffle
  • Contest-Only Ticket Registration Starts

2:15PM — District Evaluation & International Speech Contests

5:00PM — Mission Sign-Off (Closing) / END

*Tentative schedule only; the Conference Committee reserves the right to make any changes prior to the event. Please be on the lookout for exciting updates! 

Classified File 1: Date

Classified File 2: Location

Classified File 3: Support:

Classified File 4: Top Intelligence

Classified File 5: Your Agent Name

Classified File 6: Raffle Basket

Classified File 7: The EMCEE Spymaster

Classified File 8: Agent Support Needed – Roundtable Facilitators

Classified File 9: Mission Leaders (AKA Volunteers) Needed

Classified File 10: Advertise in the Program Book

Classified File 11: Pick out your attire

Classified File 12: C&L Winner

Classified File File Lucky #13: Raffle

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