Club Meeting Format

Hybrid 1 – meetings have an online and in-person component together simultaneously

Hybrid 2 – some meetings are held entirely in-person and some meetings are held entirely online

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Club NameClub #Meeting FormatMeeting TimeMeeting DayClub Website
Ahwatukee Toastmasters4873In-person meetings only7:00 AMTuesday
Airpark8963Hybrid 212:05 PMThursday
Amazon Phoenix Toastmasters7750304Hybrid 29:00 AMWednesday
Audible Talkers7394089Online meetings only6:00 PM1st and 3rd Monday
Biltmore Toastmasters9230Hybrid 112:00 PMFriday
Biosciences1340288Hybrid 21:00 PMThursday
Blue Expressions919056Hybrid 112:10 PMThursday
Camelback Toastmasters1631Hybrid 26:45 PMThursday
CityScape Toastmasters636873Online meetings only7:30 AMFriday
Competitive Edge4266556Hybrid 29:30
Cosmopolitan Toastmasters2410696Hybrid 16:30 PMWednesday
Cottonwood Toastmasters Club855230Hybrid 112:00 PMMonday's
Desert Dining4093430Hybrid 13rd
Desert Stars7793Online meetings only12:00 PMTuesday
Elite Toastmasters1717077Online meetings only3:00 PM2nd Saturday
Executive Toastmasters759261Online meetings only6:00 PMMonday
Fearless speakers9120Hybrid 17:00 AMEvery
Fish Tales Toastmasters1144289Hybrid 112:00 PMThursday
Fountain Hills Toastmaster Club6993Hybrid 16:30 PMWednesday
From Pen To Podium Toastmasters1600530Hybrid 29:00 AM2nd & 4th Saturday
Infosys Western Origin Toastmasters7875163Online meetings only6:00 PM1st / 3rd Friday
Jett Setters7834935Online meetings only5:00 PM2nd and 4th Saturday
Leader's First1266717Hybrid 26:15 am 1st&3rd 6pm 2nd&4thThursday
Leaders for Tomorrow1573915Hybrid 26:30 PM2nd /4th Tuesday
London Bridge Toastmasters Club5481161Hybrid 16:15 PMThursday
Maverick Toastmasters Club1811239Hybrid 17:00 PMTuesday
Mel-On7749815Online meetings only4:00 PMFirst saturday
Melrose1390858In-person meetings only7:00 PM2nd/4th Wednesday
MidTown Toast Pros1003486Hybrid 15:30 PM2nd /4th Tuesday
Mindful Speakers Toastmasters28676182Hybrid 16:30 PMM1st/ 3rd Tuesday ups/427433884474013
New Visions Toastmasters640910Online meetings only6:30 PM2nd /4th Tuesday
Nogales Toastmasters1772Online meetings only12:00 PMMonday
OAG Toastmasters1086112Online meetings only12:30 PM2nd Thursday
Old Town Toastmasters831326Online meetings only12:05 PMEvery Tuesday
Optima Toastmasters1188160Hybrid 112:00 PMThursday
Oro Valley Toastmasters2854329Hybrid 16:15 PM1st /3rd /5th Monday
Papago Toastmasters2694Online meetings only7:00 AM1st /3rd Wednesday
Park Central Toastmasters3527Hybrid 17:00
Payson Toastmasters Club7728060Hybrid 16:30 PMTuesday
Peacock Toastmasters9395Hybrid 17:30 AMThursday
Platinum Toastmasters8343Hybrid 15:15 PMEvery Tuesday
Prescott Toastmasters104In-person meetings only6:30 AMTuesdays
ProjectMasters Toastmasters 932047Hybrid 16:00 PM2nd / 4th Tuesday
Pure Talk Toastmasters889533Hybrid 13:00 PMSaturday
Pure Talk Toastmasters Club889533In-person meetings only3:00 PMSaturdayPuretalk
Risk Takers1576Hybrid 111:30 AMThursday
Roadrunners3850Online meetings only6:30 and
Rx for Speakers651099Online meetings only2:00 PM1st /3rd
Saguaro Toastmasters16Hybrid 16:30 PMMonday
Showtime740544Online meetings only6:30 PM2nd /4th
Signal Peak Toastmasters9751Hybrid 16:30 PMThursday
SLEEK1821345Hybrid 16:30 PM1st /3rd Friday
Southwest Toastmasters7985Hybrid 15:30 PMThursday
Sunset Toastmasters of Flagstaff4631In-person meetings only6:30 PM1st/ 3rd/ 5th Tuesday
Toast of Flagstaff6541Hybrid 212:00 PMwednesdays
Toast of the Mountain829816Online meetings only12:00 PM1st and 3rd Thursday of the
Toastmasters of Sedona4459Hybrid 16:00 PMTuesday
Tucson Valley Visionaries5858
Hybrid 17:00
Tucson Veterans toastmasters5530264Hybrid 26:00
Twilite Toastmasters3480Hybrid 16:30 PM1st /3rd /5th Wednesday
University of Arizona Facilities Management Toastmasters4090908
Hybrid 111:00 AMWednesday
Valley Toastmasters5056Hybrid 16:15 AMThursday
Valued Voices7744Hybrid 212:00 PMThursday

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