District Executive Committee

The District Director, the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, the Public Relations Manager, the Administration Manager, the Finance Manager, the Area Directors, and any Division Directors, together with the Immediate Past District Director, shall be the District Executive Committee (DEC), which shall have all functions and powers of the District Council except such powers as may be reserved by the District Council to itself; subject at all times to the general direction and approval of the District Council. A majority of the District Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

This committee shall recommend the division of the district into areas and divisions (optional) for approval at the annual meeting. The district executive committee shall prepare a budget in the form prescribed by Toastmasters International, covering estimated receipts and expenditures for the ensuing year, and shall submit it to World Headquarters by September 30. This proposed budget shall be acted upon by the District Council at its first meeting. The District Executive Committee shall have such other duties as are delegated to it by the District Council.

Please refer to Toastmasters’ Governing Documents for more information about the District Executive Committee.


The District Executive Committee (DEC) is comprised of the following officers:

  • District Director (DD)
  • Program Quality Director (PQD)
  • Club Growth Director (CGD)
  • Public Relations Manager (PRM)
  • Administration Manager
  • Finance Manager (FM)
  • Division Directors (DvDs)
  • Area Directors (ADs)
  • Immediate Past District Director (IPDD)

A majority of the district executive committee constitutes a quorum.

Meeting Dates

Next Scheduled Meeting

Date: July, 18, 2020

Where: Virtual online DEC Meeting (refer to calendar)

Time: 2:00 PM

Refer to the Events Calendar for all planned future meetings


District Council

The District Council includes District leaders, club Presidents, and club Vice Presidents of Education. The council conducts the business of the District. Council meetings are held at least twice a year, in District 3 traditionally on the Saturday of the Spring Conference and a Saturday in the Fall, approximately in May and September. Per Toastmasters International policy, the meeting held in the Fall is a virtual meeting conducted online. A quorum is necessary for the council to conduct business, making it very important clubs ensure representation at the business meetings. One-third of the club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education of District 3 clubs constitutes a District Council quorum.

Meeting Dates

Date: May 16, 2020
Where: Virtual –
Time: 2:00 PM

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