Administrative Committees

Several committees do not fit into the Program Quality Committee or the Club Growth Committee, but are needed either due to requirements from Toastmasters International or for the good of the district. Scroll down to learn more about the Administrative Committee.

Audit Committee

The audit committee is appointed by the District Director and is composed of at least three Toastmasters members who are not members of the district executive committee. Led by the audit chair, the committee confirms regularly reviews all district expenses, ensuring expenditures are within policy and alignment to the approved budget.

Audit Committee Chair
Michael Millan

Celebrations Chair 

District 3 is here to support and cheer on our members. Formed in the 2022-2023 Toastmasters Year, the Celebrations chair is about celebrating our members and leaders. With programs such as the OTYMOTY (Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year) and the C&L (Communication and Leadership, which is awarded yearly to a non-Toastmaster), we recognize those who go above and beyond!

Edna Saucke, a mother of two adult children, grew up in the San Fernando Valley in California and moved to Arizona with her family in 2014. She started her work experience in the corporate world in 2015 and began her Toastmasters journey in 2018. Edna had the pleasure of taking on various leadership roles within Toastmasters, including VPPR in 2018, President in 2019, VPE in 2020 and 2021, and VPM in 2022 and 2023. To further develop her leadership skills, she also served as an Area Director for two consecutive years (2020-2022) and later took on the role of Ocotillo Division Director in 2022-23. Alongside her Toastmasters roles, Edna completed Level 5 in Leadership Development and embarked on two other educational paths. In 2021-22, she had a rewarding experience working with most Area Directors as a Co-Contest Manager and assisting with contest resources. In 2022-23, she bravely recorded several Nuts and Bolts training videos for TLI. During her spare time, Edna enjoys playing puzzle games on her phone, going to batting cages, listening to her record player, singing karaoke, and building her new side hustle. She looks forward to the enriching experiences and opportunities that Toastmasters will bring into her life over the next five years.

Celebrations Chair
Edna Saucke

District Leadership Committee

From Protocol 9.0 – In order to ensure successful district elections, the district director must appoint a district leadership committee. The work of the committee is critical in ensuring long-term district success. They must (1) seek out prospective candidates; (2) evaluate and interview candidates; (3) nominate candidates; and (4) provide a complete report of candidates. The district leadership committee report must be presented to the district director at least six weeks before the district’s Annual Business Meeting. The committee nominates candidates for district office and screens candidates for eligibility. The district director appoints the committee chair no later than October 1. Remaining committee members shall be appointed no later than November 1. The district director cannot be a member of the committee. The committee must consist of no fewer than five members, one of whom is appointed the chair. If possible, the chair should be a past district director. No member of the committee can be nominated for a district office in the election at which the committee’s report is presented. District Leadership Committee Member Qualifications: Each committee member must be a member in good standing of a club in good standing and shall be selected from different divisions (or areas in districts without divisions). Each division (or area in districts without divisions) should be represented on the committee. Any committee member(s) may participate by telephone conference, email, or other means of communication when distance is an obstacle to participation. No member may have served on the committee the previous year. International director/officer candidates, region advisors and current members of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors cannot serve on the committee. To avoid the appearance of bias or impropriety, committee members having a personal or professional relationship with a particular candidate shall abstain from the discussion and voting, as a matter of good judgment. Members of the committee cannot participate in any campaign for district office nor endorse any candidate for district office.

Facilities / Logistics

The Facilities Committee is appointed by the District Director to support district events.

The Facilities Chair role includes:

  • Facility research
  • Contract negotiation
  • Supplies and catering at district events

The Logistics committee:

  • Maintains an inventory of district equipment
  • Maintains the district rental storage unit
  • Is present at all District meetings to set up, break down, and clean up the rooms as needed

  • Coordinates the district equipment needed at TLI and Conferences

Facilities / Logistics Manager
Mike Gutormson


The Historian records and keeps the history of the district. They are also encouraged to provide support and encouragement to clubs throughout the District in recording, maintaining, and using their individual records.

District Historian
Emi Bauer

Past District Director Committee

This committee is primarily composed of Past District Directors who are currently active in the district. The District Director implicitly appoints them as members. The District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director are ex-officio members. The District Director appoints the chairman. The committee meets as necessary, at the call of the Chairman. Its purposes are: to advise the District Director to review district procedures and make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Committee for changes to maintain the District Operations Manual. Please refer to Toastmasters International Policy, Section VI B 6, “Role of Past Leaders Within Districts” and Article XI, Section (c) of the District Administrative Bylaws.

Past District Director Committee
Nancy Starr-Cassidy


The District Parliamentarian advises the District Director on parliamentary procedure, especially regarding the District Executive Committee meetings and District Council meetings. The Parliamentarian also provides parliamentary advice to district officers, club officers and other Toastmasters. The District Director appoints the District Parliamentarian.

District Parliamentarian
Nancy Starr-Cassidy

Realignment Committee

The Realignment Committee operates in close coordination with the Trio, Division Directors, and Area Directors to develop a plan for placement of clubs in areas for the following Toastmaster year. The plan should conform to Toastmasters International’s policies, including at least 3 areas per division, no fewer than 4 clubs nor more than 6 clubs per area, with considerations for geography, possible growth and loss, changes anticipated by current district leaders, and a strategy focused on the benefits for all.

Realignment Committee Chair


The Technology team is responsible for the coordination and efficiency of the District’s technology and services. The Technology Manager is responsible for the overall collaboration and development of the technology.

Technology Manager
Justin Abbate

Credentials Chair

As a Non-Profit Organization with elected volunteers, we must hold votes for specific updates within our District. The Credentials Chair organizes the opportunity to vote, communicates the how, and helps the district meet Quorum.