Technology Support

Toastmasters District 3 uses several ways to support the technology needs of your club, area, division, or district program.  Please see the items below.

Technology Chair
Angel Larena

David Hopper

District Zoommaster
Xin Yin

Online Meetings Tools

Hybrid Setup and guide

Click the Youtube button on the video to see the video description with more information.

More Tips: Hybrid Meeting Guide

What are some ways to time speeches and display signals online?

  • Time your speeches at home with this easy to use online Speech Timer for Toastmasters
  • Display the Green-Yellow-Red slides to signal the time for speakers with Timer Slides
  • Play a bell sound to signal time audibly.

How can evaluators send feedback to speakers?
Interactive evaluation forms created as part of the WordPress for Toastmasters project are now independently available at, many thanks to David F. Carr, DTM, of District 47! While perhaps not as pretty as the Pathways PDFs or the old manuals, they contain the same prompts and can be easier to work with for clubs functioning online where you’re not all in the same room.

These forms are made available as a free resource, no obligation written or implied. You just fill in your email address and the email of the speaker if you want the form emailed. Or you can copy and paste into an email message after the completed form is displayed on screen.

Tips for preparing and holding a successful online meeting!

  • Provide clear directions on joining the call for those unfamiliar
  • Ask members to join 30 minutes early to practice using the online controls
  • Distribute the agenda via email in advance
  • Utilize the chat option to provide feedback to individuals
  • Utilize the chat option to the ballot counter for votes, if your club does that in regular meetings
  • Remind everyone to use mute on themselves to avoid noisy background distractions
  • Host should identify participants at the beginning of the meeting for those calling in on a phone as opposed to using a video link (change the phone number to a name)
  • Have members PIN the timer video so timing signals are always within view
  • Have members/guests who want to participate in Table Topics make note in the chat

Join your Zoom meeting at least 10 minutes early and go through the checklist to be prepared!

  • Practice using the camera on your computer, phone or laptop (any time prior to meeting)
  • Sign in and set your name/role in the participant window
  • Turn off/minimize background sounds and noise (mute your phone notifications)
  • Turn off any bandwidth vampires (applications/devices suck the life out of your bandwidth)
  • Do a sound check and mic check
  • Check your lighting (is your beautiful face well lit or are you in the dark?)
  • Check your video, ensure the height and angle of the camera is optimized
  • Make sure your background is tidy and not distracting to viewers
  • Close any unnecessary applications on your device
  • Have water and/or cough drops nearby
  • Check your appearance – do your best to be tidy, respectful and non-distracting
  • When speaking, make “eye contact” by looking directly at the camera lens
  • If you wear glasses, be aware of reflections and glare

What are the options for clubs to collect dues at this time?
The great thing about living in the digital world is the availability of options to transact without needing to collect physical cash or checks. For example:

  • PayPal – Whether you are using your computer or the mobile app, you can transfer money for free when you link up a bank account. Learn how to setup PayPal for your club.
  • Venmo – Many members may already have the Venmo app downloaded. This is a free way to send money using your Venmo balance, bank accounts, and debit cards.
  • Zelle – a person-to-person mobile payment platform developed by more than 30 major American banks. The service offers a standalone app that users can download to their smartphones, but it’s also integrated within the mobile banking apps of major participating banks, including Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo. Many consumers who already have their banks’ mobile apps can start using Zelle right away.
  • Square – Swipe credit cards by getting a free Square reader and downloading the app on your phone. There is a 2.75% fee for all transactions.
  • Square Cash – Instead of having a mobile wallet like Venmo or PayPal, Square Cash gives you a way to send money almost immediately to a person’s bank account. There is a 2.75% fee for all transactions.
  • Toastmasters Dues Renewal App – If your club uses a Free ToastHost website, the club treasurer can email dues invoices, keep track of who has paid with the payment method used, and follow up with those who haven’t paid yet. Payment options include mailing a check, PayPal, or Direct Deposit (must have PayPal account and bank account).

All of these options require connecting to the club bank account, and some of them may request a convenience fee, which you can pass onto the member.

Zoom Tricks and Tools

Where do I download the latest version of Zoom?
You can download the latest version of Zoom from our Download CenterLearn more about downloading Zoom.

What are the System requirements for Zoom on iOS, iPadOS, and Android?

You can find the System requirements for iOS, iPadOS, and Android on the System Requirements Page

How to I use Zoom on my PC or Mac?
After downloading Zoom, learn how to use the Zoom Desktop Client.

Do you need an account to use Zoom?
A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as a participant. If someone invites you to their meeting, you can join as a participant without creating an account. However, if the host has restricted joining meetings using authentication profiles, then the participant will need a Zoom account to access the meeting. Learn more about joining a Zoom meeting.

A Zoom account is only required if you need to create your own meetings and send invitations to participants. Having a Zoom account allows you to create your own Instant Meetings or Schedule Meetings. An account also allows you to access your personal settings, where you can update your profile or upgrade your plan at any time.

How do I sign up for Zoom?
You can sign up for a free Zoom account at

How much does Zoom cost?
A basic Zoom license is free. Learn more about available Zoom plans and pricing.

How do I join a Zoom meeting?
You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link or going to and entering in the meeting ID. Learn more about joining a meeting.

How do I join computer/device audio?
On most devices, you can join computer/device audio by clicking Join Audio, Join with Computer Audio, or Audio to access the audio settings. Learn more about connecting your audio.

Can I Use Bluetooth Headset?
Yes, as long as the Bluetooth device is compatible with the computer or mobile device that you are using.

Do I have to have a webcam to join on Zoom?
While you are not required to have a webcam to join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar, you will not be able to transmit video of yourself. You will continue to be able to listen and speak during the meeting, share your screen, and view the webcam video of other participants.

How do I schedule a meeting?
You can schedule a meeting on the web, through the Zoom Desktop client or mobile app, or through one of our many integrations. Learn more about scheduling a Zoom meeting. 

How do I invite others to join my meeting?
You can invite others to join your meeting by copying the join URL or meeting invitation and sending it out via email. There are many other ways to invite others to join your meeting – learn more.

How do I share my screen?
Click Share in your meeting and choose the screen that you would like to share. Learn more about sharing your screen.

Can I record my meeting?
All Zoom hosts can record locally to their computer unless this feature has been disabled by their Zoom account owner or admin. Hosts who are Licensed can also record to the Zoom cloud. In a Zoom meeting, press Record to start the recording. Learn more about local recording and cloud recording.

Where do I find my recording?
By default, local recordings are saved to your documents folder. Cloud recordings can be found on the Recording page of your Zoom web portal. Learn more about locating your recording.

How can I keep party crashers from crashing my Zoom meetings?
As more people use the platform and host virtual events using Zoom, we wanted to offer up tips to ensure everyone joining an event does so with good intentions. Like most other public forums, it’s possible to have a person (who may or may not be invited) disrupt an event that’s meant to bring people together.

So, a couple of reminders on using Zoom to host public events:

  • When you share your meeting link on social media or other public forums, that makes your event … extremely public. ANYONE with the link can join your meeting.
  • Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) to host public events. Your PMI is basically one continuous meeting and you don’t want randos crashing your personal virtual space after the party’s over.
  • Familiarize yourself with Zoom’s settings and features so you understand how to protect your virtual space when you need to. For example, the Waiting Room is an unbelievably helpful feature for hosts to control who comes and goes.

Read more here for a list of Zoom features that can help you safely share your Zoom meeting without unwanted interruptions.

My video/camera isn’t working.
Read tips on troubleshooting a camera that won’t start or show video.

There is echo in my meeting.
Echo can be caused by many things, such as a participant connected to the meeting audio on multiple devices or two participants joined in from the same local. Learn about common causes of audio echo.

Audio isn’t working on my mobile device.
Read tips on troubleshooting audio that isn’t working on your iOS or Android device.

Club Meeting Information

Hybrid 1 – meetings have an online and in-person component together simultaneously

Hybrid 2 – some meetings are held entirely in-person and some meetings are held entirely online

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Club NameClub #Current FormatFuture FormatMeeting TimeMeeting DayClub Website
Ahwatukee Toastmasters4873In-person meetings onlyIn-person meetings only7:00 AMTuesday
Airpark8963Online meetings onlyHybrid 212:05 PMThursday
Amazon Phoenix Toastmasters7750304Online meetings onlyHybrid 29:00 AMWednesday
Audible Talkers7394089Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only6:00 PM1st and 3rd Monday
Biltmore Toastmasters9230Hybrid 1Hybrid 112:00 PMFriday
Biosciences1340288Online meetings onlyHybrid 21:00 PMThursday
Camelback Toastmasters1631Online meetings onlyHybrid 26:45 PMThursday
Competitive Edge4266556Online meetings onlyHybrid 29:30
Cosmopolitan Toastmasters2410696Hybrid 1Hybrid 16:30 PMWednesday
Cottonwood Toastmasters Club855230Hybrid 1Hybrid 112:00 PMMonday's
Desert Stars7793Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only12:00 PMTuesday
Executive Toastmasters759261Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only6:00 PMMonday
Fearless speakers9120Online meetings onlyHybrid 17:00 AMEvery
Fish Tales Toastmasters1144289Hybrid 1Hybrid 112:00 PMThursday
Fountain Hills Toastmaster Club6993Hybrid 1Hybrid 16:30 PMWednesday
From Pen To Podium Toastmasters1600530Online meetings onlyHybrid 29:00 AM2nd & 4th Saturday
Jett Setters7834935Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only5:00 PM2nd and 4th Saturday
Leader's First1266717Hybrid 2Hybrid 26:15 am 1st&3rd 6pm 2nd&4thThursday
Leaders for Tomorrow1573915Online meetings onlyHybrid 26:30 PM2nd /4th Tuesday
Mel-On7749815Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only4:00 PMFirst saturday
Melrose1390858Online meetings onlyHybrid 17:00 PM2nd/4th Wednesday
MidTown Toast Pros1003486Online meetings onlyHybrid 15:30 PM2nd /4th Tuesday
New Visions Toastmasters640910Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only6:30 PM2nd /4th Tuesday
Nogales Toastmasters1772Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only12:00 PMMonday
OAG Toastmasters1086112Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only12:30 PM2nd Thursday
Old Town Toastmasters831326Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only12:05 PMEvery Tuesday
Optima Toastmasters1188160Online meetings onlyHybrid 112:00 PMThursday
Oro Valley Toastmasters2854329Hybrid 1Hybrid 16:15 PM1st /3rd /5th Monday
Papago Toastmasters2694Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only7:00 AM1st /3rd Wednesday
Payson Toastmasters Club7728060Online meetings onlyHybrid 16:30 PMTuesday
Peacock Toastmasters9395Hybrid 1Hybrid 17:30 AMThursday
Platinum Toastmasters8343Online meetings onlyHybrid 15:15 PMEvery Tuesday
Prescott Toastmasters104In-person meetings onlyIn-person meetings only6:30 AMTuesdays
Pure Talk Toastmasters889533Hybrid 1Hybrid 13:00 PMSaturday
Pure Talk Toastmasters Club889533Hybrid 1In-person meetings only3:00 PMSaturdayPuretalk
Risk Takers1576Online meetings onlyHybrid 111:30 AMThursday
Roadrunners3850Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only6:30 and
Rx for Speakers651099Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only2:00 PM1st /3rd
Showtime740544Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only6:30 PM2nd /4th
Desert Dining4093430Hybrid 1Hybrid 13rd
Signal Peak Toastmasters9751Hybrid 1Hybrid 16:30 PMThursday
Saguaro Toastmasters16Hybrid 1Hybrid 16:30 PMMonday
SLEEK1821345Online meetings onlyHybrid 16:30 PM1st /3rd Friday
Southwest Toastmasters7985Online meetings onlyHybrid 15:30 PMThursday
Sunset Toastmasters of Flagstaff4631In-person meetings onlyIn-person meetings only6:30 PM1st/ 3rd/ 5th Tuesday
Toast of Flagstaff6541Online meetings onlyHybrid 212:00 PMwednesdays
Toast of the Mountain829816Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only12:00 PM1st and 3rd Thursday of the
Toastmasters of Sedona4459Hybrid 1Hybrid 16:00 PMTuesday
Tucson Veterans toastmasters5530264Online meetings onlyHybrid 26:00
Twilite Toastmasters3480Online meetings onlyHybrid 16:30 PM1st /3rd /5th Wednesday
Valley Toastmasters5056Online meetings onlyHybrid 16:15 AMThursday
University of Arizona Facilities Management Toastmasters4090908
Hybrid 1Hybrid 111:00 AMWednesday
Tucson Valley Visionaries5858
Hybrid 1Hybrid 17:00
Blue Expressions919056Online meetings onlyHybrid 112:10 PMThursday
London Bridge Toastmasters Club5481161Hybrid 1Hybrid 16:15 PMThursday
Park Central Toastmasters3527Hybrid 1Hybrid 17:00
Valued Voices7744Online meetings onlyHybrid 212:00 PMThursday
Infosys Western Origin Toastmasters7875163Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only6:00 PM1st / 3rd Friday
CityScape Toastmasters636873Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only7:30 AMFriday
Elite Toastmasters1717077Online meetings onlyOnline meetings only3:00 PM2nd Saturday

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