Club Meetings

One of the most important factors to your growth and success in Toastmasters is finding a club in which you feel comfortable and have fun. We encourage you to visit as many clubs as you need to find the best fit for your needs. Attendance as a guest is free and you can go to the same club as often as you like as a guest until you are ready to make the decision to become a member.

What To Expect at a Toastmasters Meeting
For each club meeting, members either volunteer or are assigned as ‘functionaries’ to fill the variety of meeting roles. Some take meeting leadership roles, others give presentations or provide feedback, but there are always four core “skills” practiced at every Toastmasters meeting:

Prepared speeches: Members assigned as speakers will prepare their speech presentations on a subject of their choice, but constructed in a way to meet predefined objectives based on their member project manual.

Impromptu speaking: Members and guests can participate in this fast-moving and fun challenge to think quickly on their feet. A Topicsmaster poses questions or situations to which the responder has a limited timeframe in which to formulate their thoughts and provide their response.

Evaluation: Every prepared speaker will be assigned a speech evaluator, not to evaluate the person, but how well the person’s delivery of their presentation met the objectives of their speech project. Our speeches are not pathways projects, they are speech projects.

Leadership: Where meeting leadership roles also contribute to the member educational program objectives, the member can receive immediate feedback from the General Evaluator, and other members (both in person and through base camp).

The video below will give you more information on what to expect

Each club has its own culture and personality and its own way of doing specific things. Feel free to visit as many clubs as needed to find one that best fits you. Find a club near you.