Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)

Why You Should Attend

  1. It’s virtual and free!
  2. You will walk away from our sessions with knowledge and inspiration that you can’t find anywhere else!
  3. You will have the opportunity to meet, collaborate and learn with other members throughout the District!
  4. It’s required for all club officers! It will help you learn more about and prepare for your Toastmasters club officer role! Officers who attend be credited towards their clubs Distinguished Club Program goal.

Register today!

Whether you are a club officer or a member who is interested in learning more, take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about club officer roles and build your communication and leadership skills.

You will need your membership number, your club number, and your club’s division and area. You can find this information on your profile at (Login and click on your name at the top of the page.)

Select a date and complete TLI registration. It is free and virtual.
•  You should receive an email that includes the Zoom link for the date selected.
•  Copy and save your order confirmation for the link, meeting ID and passcode.
•  Do not share the Zoom link. Everyone must register using the link above to receive proper credit for their club.

 Reminder: For the club to receive full credit for Distinguished Club Performance (DCP) Goal #9 – Training, at least four (4) officers must attend both Summer TLI and Winter TLI. Club members holding multiple officer roles may receive credit for each office.

What is TLI?

Toastmasters Leadership Institute is a training offered twice per year (summer and winter).  The main purpose for TLI is to train our clubs’ officers, but that’s not all it is!  It’s a half-day inspirational training that will educate and inspire you!  We have selected personable, kind, knowledgeable facilitators.  It’s open to all members and we encourage everyone to attend!

It is required for club officers!  So, if you’re an incoming club officer please plan on attending!

Upcoming TLI Sessions

Saturday, January 22, 2022, at 9 am

If you need additional times please contact:

Have More Questions? Would you like to volunteer?

Please reach out to our TLI Chair by emailing

Officers Trained (Winter 2021)

View your clubs Dashboard

DivisionAreaClub IdClub NamePresVPEVPMVPPRSecTreasSAATotal
O26786553AA First Class Flyers0
A41177603Agua Fria ToastmastersXXXXXX6
P31063222AHCCCS To SuccessX1
O51811442Ahwatukee Chamber ToastmastersXXX3
O54873Ahwatukee Toastmasters ClubXXX3
I48963Airpark ToastmastersXXXXX5
O27750304Amazon Phoenix Toastmasters0
O37394089Audible Talkers ToastmastersXX2
A11496508AZ Motormouths ToastmastersXXXXX5
P4613567AZ You Like It Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
D22531Aztec Club0
P53262BA AZ ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
A37585738Best Of The West0
P69230Biltmore Toastmasters Club0
A2919056Blue Expression Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
A11631Camelback ToastmastersXXXX4
P4365Capitol Toastmasters ClubXXX3
P51031195Carollo Toastmasters0
M41475770Carpe Diem ToastmastersX1
P57550724Casa Cubex0
P6923Centurion ToastmastersXXXXX5
P68576Chats Toastmasters Club0
O67538Chipmasters ClubXXX3
S11991341Choice Words0
S17477251Chopper Talkers0
P29653Cinnamon Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
P4636873CityScape ToastmastersXXXXX5
D43198Cochise Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
D24266556Competitive EdgeXXX3
P34051540Competitive Speakers-PhxXXXX4
M12410696Cosmopolitan ToastmastersXXXX4
I2855230Cottonwood ToastmastersXXXXXX6
I47073650Cox CommunicatorsXXXXX5
S57302344Crown Castle - PHX0
S4824624Cultivating LeadersXXXX4
M44093430Desert DiningXXXXXX6
M37793Desert Stars ClubXXXX4
D17165196Diversity ToastmastersXXX3
S24765757Dobson @ SunsetXXX3
S24705Dobson Ranch Toastmasters ClubXXX3
O31820981Dos Lenguas ToastmastersXXX3
P54630Down To Earth Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
S15597Downtown Mesa ToastmastersXXXXXXX7
O64634East Valley Echoes ClubXXXXX5
D2971233Electric Toastmasters0
A49741Electrifying Speakers0
P11717077Elite ToastmastersXXXXX5
O59961Epicurean Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
S25909Estrella Club0
D3759261Executive ToastmastersXXX3
M22607Eyeopeners ClubX1
A21469FaithMasters ClubXXXXX5
I36623883Farmers Speaks Phoenix0
O29120Fearless Speakers ToastmastersXXXXX5
D11470599Firemouth ToastmastersXXX3
I46621639First EaglesXXXXX5
I31144289Fish Tales ToastmastersXX2
M4896574Florence Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
O36993Fountain Hills ClubXXXXX5
D11600530From Pen To PodiumXXXX4
S5499Gilbert Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
I64346Good Evening ToastmastersXXX3
M43256Harrah's Club 777 Toastmasters Club0
I2730231High Noon Toastmasters of Prescott Club0
I42542Honeywell-Spoken Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
S56003588Hope Toastmasters0
D46630Huachuca ClubXX2
A57875163Infosys Western Origin ToastmastersXXXXX5
M11419425IT CatsX1
M17834935Jett-Setters Online Toastmasters Club0
P25732737Junior League of Phoenix ToastmastersXXXXX5
P34798La Voz De Oro Toastmasters ClubXX2
S31496512Launching Leaders0
S47205115Lavidge Ad Libs0
D31266717Leaders FirstXXXXX5
P61573915Leaders For TomorrowXXXXX5
S21853Leaders Plus ClubXXXXXX6
A45481161London Bridge ToastmastersXXXXXX6
A4607860Luke Toastmasters ClubXX2
I68835Market Masters Club0
S11811239Maverick Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
O64770436Mayhem Toastmasters0
D11003486Midtown Toast ProsXX2
O26542102MTC Toastmasters0
O32902909Natural Speakers0
S46350New Horizons Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
I6640910New Vision Toastmasters Club0
M21772Nogales Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
P47153Noontime Toastmasters ClubXXX3
I35083844Norterra Toastmasters0
M15417Northwest Casas Adobes ClubX1
A34318Northwest Speakers Toastmasters0
O11086112OAG Toastmasters0
S38837Ocotillo Breakfast ClubXXXXX5
I5831326Old Town Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
O43272ONFirst ToastmastersXXX3
A51188160Optima ToastmastersXXX3
M12854329Oro Valley ToastmastersXX2
O12694Papago ClubXXXX4
P64770Paradise Valley Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
P23527Park Central Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
I17728060Payson Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
P26979939PBC Toastmasters0
A39395Peacock Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
A55203People Chatter Club0
I51930061Petsmart Sit! Stay! Speak!X1
P23900Phoenix Toastmasters0
M38386Pima County Communicators ClubXXX3
A58343Platinum ClubXXXXXXX7
S5816342Power Play ToastmastersXXXXX5
I2104Prescott ClubXXX3
O6932047ProjectMasters ToastmastersXXX3
A5889533Pure Talk ToastmastersXXXXX5
S51445011Queen Creek Toastmasters0
S36832765Raise the Bar0
P31820Reddy's ClubXXXX4
I13189442Rim TalkersXX2
A4890453Rise and ShineXX2
I61576Risk Takers Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
P47065872Risky Business Toastmaster Club0
D23850Roadrunners ClubX1
M32397188Roche Desert ToastmastersXX2
P11839Roundup ClubXXX3
A5651099Rx for Speakers Toastmasters ClubXXX3
D316Saguaro Toastmasters Club #16XXXXXXX7
M21366776Sahuarita ToastmastersXX2
O3740544Showtime Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
M49751Signal Peak ClubXXXXX5
P55947Signal Speakers ClubXXXXXX6
I45484Softalkers Club0
O42262584South Mountain ToastmastersXX2
M27985Southwest Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
P17512556Sparklight Toastmasters0
I55241Speak E's0
A17302311Speak Like A BossXXXXXXX7
O24337Speakeasy Toastmasters0
O54508249Speaking With Insight0
O53723670Spice It Up Toastmasters0
S3877563Stagecoach Speakers - ChandlerXXXXX5
S37225391Stagecoach Speakers - Horse WhisperersX1
I45303109Stagecoach Speakers Phoenix-1 ToastmastersXXXX4
P45668State Expressions Toastmasters ClubXXXX4
A36566625Success Speaks Here0
S41064972SunCountry Toastmasters0
P174Sunrise Toastmasters Club0
M14456Sunrisers ClubXXXX4
I14631Sunset Club0
S173Superstition Toastmasters Club #73XXXX4
O47550486SYF Phoenix Toastmasters ClubXXX3
A17918T-Bird Talks ToastmastersXXXX4
D4981446Talk TalesXX2
D35575941Talking GeckosXX2
S37555878TALKotillo Toastmasters0
O67006061Technically SpeakingX1
O44482247Tempe Expressions Toastmasters0
O41715Tempe Toastmasters ClubXXX3
I6909900The Bridge Toastmasters Club0
A31500993Think TankXXXXXXX7
P36571623Thunderbird Toastmasters0
I16541Toast of Flagstaff Club0
I1829816Toast of the Mountain ClubXXXX4
I35323665Toast To OneAZX1
M44086359Toastmasters At The Forum0
I24459Toastmasters of Sedona ClubXXXXXX6
O17713Town LakeXXXX4
P67291052Trash Talkers0
D27381Tucson ToastmastersXX2
D39620Tucson Twosomes ClubXX2
D15858Tucson Valley VisionariesX1
M35530264Tucson Veterans Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
O33480Twilite ClubXXX3
M21572226UA ToastmastersXX2
A27185Unity Speakers TM Club0
M34090908University of Arizona Facilities Management ToastmastersXXXX4
O44995University Toastmasters ClubXXX3
I55059USAA Eagles Toastmasters ClubX1
I37406USAA Master's Touch0
A25056Valley Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
S47744Valued Voices ClubXXXXX5
I62083Voice of Many ClubXXXXX5
A25641Walkie Talkies Toastmasters ClubXXXXXX6
A31109501WeMAR-kable SpeakersXXXXX5
A48146West Valley Toastmasters ClubXXXXX5
I26652348Yavapai College ToastmastersXXXXX5
O27336142You Can Toast It, We Can Help!0

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