Club Officer Roles

Clubs must have a minimum of three officers to be in good standing with Toastmasters International: a president, one vice president,
and a secretary or secretary/treasurer, and these offices must be held by three different individuals. While four officers must be trained during each semi-annual training period to receive credit toward the Distinguished Club Program, it’s highly recommended to have all seven officers trained each training period. Here are those seven different officer roles in the hierarchical order, and the responsibilities of each:


  • Preside at all club meetings and all meetings of the club executive committee
  • See that this club adds new members and meets the needs of its current members to achieve their communication and leadership goals
  • Establish a club climate that is supportive, stimulating, and rewarding to its members

Vice President Education

  • Gain commitments from members to set educational goals for themselves
  • Assure that club members are aware of the schedule of meeting roles
  • Plan meetings that will assist members in meeting their goals
  • Work with club members to keep meetings fun and well-run
  • Work with your members to ensure that educational awards are submitted promptly.
  • Provide for educational topics at club meetings such as those from the Successful Club Series and Leadership Excellence Series
  • Represent your Club at Area and District Council meetings
  • As the second highest-ranking officer, preside over the meeting when the President is absent

Vice President Membership

  • Lead the Club’s membership building efforts
  • Achieve the membership goal of 8 new members each Toastmasters term
  • While the VP of PR motivates people to visit your Club, you motivate the current members to invite guests
  • Promptly give new member applications and dues to the Secretary and Treasurer
  • Personally greet guests and provide them with guest packets, including a membership application
  • Make sure each guest hears about the benefits of Toastmasters and gets a personal invitation to become a member

Vice President Public Relations

  • Attract visitors to the Club through free publicity
  • Use a variety of means to promote the club in the community or organization
  • Enlist your fellow club members in PR activities, providing them with promotional materials and ideas for inviting guests
  • Regularly recognize member achievements with methods such as announcements, newsletters, emails, and articles that you submit for the district bulletin


  • Maintain an accurate membership roster
  • Work with the Treasurer to ensure that new member applications and dues are submitted promptly with WHQ
  • Submit the new club officer list promptly to WHQ following club elections
  • Work with the Treasurer to submit your club’s semi-annual report and dues to Toastmasters International on time
  • Provide the club with minutes of each meeting


  • Keep financial records and prepare the club budget
  • Announce when it’s time for members to pay dues
  • Explain the dues structure to members
  • Collect dues
  • Work with the Secretary to ensure that the Club submits dues on time to Toastmasters International World Headquarters

Sergeant At Arms

  • Arrange the meeting location
  • Maintain club equipment in working order
  • Submit the new club officer list promptly to WHQ following club elections
  • Ensure the meeting space is ready prior to the meeting start time
  • Make all relevant educational and PR materials are displayed at all club meeting and events
  • Attend to special equipment needs
  • Greet guests
  • Help the President ensure club meetings begin and end on time

Immediate Past President

  • Serve as mentor and advisor to the above seven officers
  • Chair the club nominating committee