Our revitalized education program launched December 2017 for District 3 Toastmasters. Our Pathways deployment team was excited to hear that the District 3 members are showing the highest adoption rate for Pathways of all districts in our region — Congratulations!

Why Pathways is Valuable to You

Pathways delivers the most personalized learning experience ever in the history of Toastmasters. Pathways attains truly specialized skills-based learning on up to 10 different industry recognized skills – coaching, motivation, planning, mentoring, leadership, communication, collaboration, and more with new skill paths being continually released as the program matures. Pathways brings flexibility and faster delivery to our membership on the most relevant skills needed in today’s ever-changing workforce.

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Legacy or Pathways — How to Choose

Many members ask us whether they should transition to Pathways or complete their traditional awards. The answer can be as varied as the persons asking the question. The most important influencer will be how realistic you are about how much work remains to be done for your traditional award. Remember, the legacy program retires on June 30, 2020 and no further traditional program awards will be given after that date. You have to ask yourself the hard questions: How many speeches do you still have to prepare and deliver? Do you have district service terms, committee work, sponsor / mentor / coach assignments to complete? etc. The countdown timer is moving quickly and the hill left for you to climb may be too steep to reasonably achieve.

Even if you decide to stay with the traditional program through June 2020, there are still new members coming into your clubs that will only know the Pathways experience. Be sure you are well-versed with the requirements of the Level 1 projects, as they are exactly the same for all 10 of the currently available paths. Be sure you are able to coach each of those new members to the best possible start in their Pathways journey.

Your Pathways Partners Can Help

Pathways Committee members are here to help answer your questions and concerns whether for yourself or your club members. We are working with club leaders and members to gather best practices and good tools to help make this transition as smooth as possible. You can find us at upcoming district events or send us an email. We are on this journey with you!

The District 3 Pathways Committee

Find Answers to Your Questions

Time is running out!

The Legacy Educational Program Retires June 30, 2020

Five Core Competencies

It is important to note that each member using Base Camp will have the opportunity to select from many electives to extend their learning. With the addition of electives, members have the flexibility to cover all core competencies within each path.

2. Interpersonal Communication
3. Strategic Leadership
4. Management
5. Confidence
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