Author: MariaAngélica Deeb


When I started TM, my focus was to learn to be a better public speaker. Though my path towards personal success, I learned (and are learning) to be a better listener.  I am learning to use at least twice as much my ears rather than my mouth. I want to be a great listening-leader.

I did not expect to learn to be a better listener and evaluator.

The best learning I can share with others is that in order to be a leader you need to be a great listener. Only by listening, you can grow into a good public speaker and leader. A good public speaker is one that engages their audience and gives them the opportunity to grow. A great leader is one that listens and fosters members to be successful in their own path and support growth.

I am using this blog’s opportunity to thank TM’s community allowing me the chance to be part of a member driven community in which we are all working to be leaders, listeners and public speakers.


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