Toastmasters Support the Phoenix Pride Event

Several members of Melrose Toastmasters, an LGBTQ Toastmasters club in District 3, hosted a booth at the Phoenix Pride Festival on October 21 & 22, 2023 at Steel Indian School Park. The

Melrose Toastmasters at Phoenix Pride: Richard Smith, Matthe Nevarez, Mars de le Tour, Ashley Cioffigroup, led by Tom Tiboni Distinguished Toastmaster, were there to promote Communication and Leadership skills and to talk about Toastmasters. Each guest that visited the Toastmasters booth was invited to pick up a bracelet with an inspirational quote on it and give a Table Topics answer on why they chose that particular bracelet. Table Topics are a short one-to-two-minute response to a question, designed to help members think on their feet and practice organizing and expressing thoughts quickly and clearly, so this was a fun way to share a little of what Toastmasters is about with the Pride attendees.

The Phoenix Pride Festival is a two-day celebration bringing the diverse LGBTQ+ and its allied communities together for a celebration that fosters love and inclusion for the LBGTQ+ community. And the annual Phoenix Pride Parade raises funds for Programs, Grants and Scholarships. This years event attracted tens of thousands of people, some who participated in the parade and others who came to watch, dress up, build community relationships, and support colleagues, friends, and family.

Enda Saucke and Tom Tiboni manning the booth at Phoenix Pride With entertainment performances, exhibitors, community resources, and food vendors, there was no shortage of things to do and see at the Pride Festival. The Melrose Toastmasters have participated in past events and plan to continue to participate in the future. Toastmaster Tom Tiboni encourages all those who want to take action to support the LGBTQ community to “Get out there and get involved. We are all Humans!”

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Written by Rachel Matthia
District 3 Public Relations, Social Media Team

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