Author: Colleen McNeese


The mix of seasoned & talented creative thinkers.

Our club has very dedicated and ambitious members

The stories from many paths of life are remarkable, fun, and a remarkably interesting flavor that adds the spice to our club.

Encouragement, support and commitment at every step of the way.

One-on-One Mentorship program as well as the way every member is willing to help others reach their goals.

Our club is not afraid to tackle new ideas try new things. For example, just last week our club meeting was a court room trial with the Toastmaster as the Judge, it was so much fun.  We have hosted backwards meetings (hilarious), Mock Contest Meetings, Brown Bag meetings and used the game Jeopardy to sharpen our knowledge of Toastmasters overall.  This club uses the Wheel of Names game for Table Topics as well as winners of prizes at our Club’s Open House meeting.  You never know what will happen with our club and that is why we love it.

Our club has a unique personality also is open to trying new things to keep it interesting, fun and exciting.

Our club has remained strong through the COVID-19 pandemic due to the dedication of our club officers.

The challenges – Pathways and Zoom but we feel this keeps our brains healthy and sharp.

The club also does not do wishy washy evaluations – they are thoughtful, inspiring, giving value and challenging members to higher levels.

Provides opportunities to Lead inside and outside club meetings.

Visitors – Guests are greeted warmly; made to feel right at home and provided information about the club within 24 hours after their visit.

We have a Rock-Star Club – not always singing loudly, but we sing consistently.