Author: Dr. Steve Broe

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I’m scared of speaking in public.   I feel nervous and jittery when I plan a speech.  I know public speaking can help me in my career, and help me make new friends.  I can prepare a speech with good ideas. When I think of speaking before others, my head is full of voices that I imagine from others, “You suck.  Is that the best you’ve got? Stick to accounting.  I’ve heard enough. Sit down already.”

Some people make it look easy.   I can’t tell if others are nervous, but their voice is calm.  They make sense when they talk.  They look me in the eyes.  Best yet – they make me laugh.  I think to myself, “I’ll never be this good.”  I listen enviously to other people.

That’s what I love about my club.  They make me feel like this second kind of speaker – confident, assured, ready with wit and insight.  I feel transformed when I speak.  I step up to the speaker’s stage, and I have brought all my doubts with me.  I look into the eyes of my club members and I know – they will find the best in what I have to say.

An amazing thing happens to me when I speak at my Toastmasters club.  I’ve grown to trust this process. Before I speak, club members tell me “I’m looking forward to your speech!” and “You always do a great job!”  Then the Toastmaster introduces me.  I begin with all the doubts of the inexperienced, unconfident speaker.  I can feel the jitters rattle within me.  And within minutes of starting, I’m feeling awesome.   My club encourages me every time.  They believe in me – as I believe in the talents of my club colleagues.

I don’t try to chase away those voices of negativity that I bring to public speaking.  A wise person once told me that I should simply ignore those voices, and pay attention to what is positive and encouraging.  Then I discover that my Toastmaster club only speaks to me in terms of my amazing potential. Within minutes of putting in the effort of public speaking, I’m listening to what is possible and great about my speaking voice.

Those voices of negativity have never completely left me.  I’m able to speak now and know that those voices don’t tell the whole truth.  My club has brought genuine belief and support to the idea that there is greatness within.   Believe in it, and discover the possibility of acting with a positive assumption.  I’m sure that if you visit my club, we’ll help you discover your great speaking voice too.


Steve Broe is an officer of Paradise Valley Toastmasters and the Eagle Chair for District 3.   He is the author of Leading the Way Up Mt. Olympus which is available on Amazon.