FUN, EDUCATIONAL, LIFE Changing – Ok, so this is not one thing, yet there is not just one thing in Toastmasters.  Perhaps narrowing it down to an individual word, “experience”.  Experience in that every individual will have their own experience with their Toastmasters Journey – they will learn, they will grow, they will challenge themselves, they will be challenged, they will be supported – they will have fun, they will gain a priceless education, they may surprise themselves and their life will change.

Fun – what is not fun about a Toastmasters meeting?  You have a diverse group of individuals who come together as a group in a friendly, warm, and supportive environment to grow, nurture and learn.  I personally have not attending any Toastmaster meeting where I have not left inspired, enlightened, or humbled.  Humbled in the capacity that use of speech and language is such a beautiful thing and our ears and eyes are and can be opened to so many stories, human engagements, and emotions.

Educational – I did not join Toastmasters to learn, I joined Toastmasters to become a better communicator, yet I have learned so much.  I have learned to listen attentively, I have learned to speak with conviction, with charm, with humor, with love, with passion and with wit.  I have learned to “think on my feet” – to be able to respond to questions with immediate thought, insight, and understanding.  I have learned to manage meeting objectives, meeting flow and meeting time.  I have learned to take any meeting from mundane to an art in execution and management thereof.  I have learned how to provide constructive feedback to individuals and entire audiences in a single session.  I have learned that honing a skill, a gift, a passion comes with the insight and support of members, mentors, leaders, and friends in the Toastmasters Clubs and programs I participate in.

Life Changing – YES…Life Changing.  Throughout my Toastmaster experience I have gained greater confidence, greater respect, a greater admiration, and a greater love for the use of language.  I speak more eloquently. I organize my thoughts more succinctly.  I hear the spoken word and the message behind it more clearly.  I inspire more readily.  I explore language and speaking without boundaries. I play with communication styles, communication paths, and understanding of language.  I have increased my vocabulary.  I have become a better story teller.  I continue to desire to be the greatest orator who has ever lived.  In short, I am inspired by speech and language and the opportunity to communicate in ways I never new I was capable of.  Toastmasters has changed my life.

The one thing everyone should know about Toastmasters – experience.  You will have your individual experience, yet you will share it with others and participate in fellow Toastmasters experiences.  You will celebrate as a community your individuality.  It is this commonality of experience, program, opportunity, and support which makes Toastmasters membership so fantastic.  Fun, educational, life changing – 3 things which I aspire to in everything I do.  Join Toastmasters and you too will have your own fun, educational and life changing experience.