Guest and New Member Packets

A guest packet is one of the strongest marketing pieces we have for converting guests to members, besides word-of-mouth. An effective guest packet contains information about the Toastmasters program, the benefits of membership, information about the specific club, and a “call to action” – an opportunity to join. The guest packet has two purposes: to help the guest during the meeting and to help them remember to join/come back. Send guests home with all the information they’ll need to sign up as a member of your club! Guest Packets should be provided to prospective members at club meetings, open houses, or special events.

Send new members home with all the information they’ll need to succeed as a member of your club! New Member Packets should be given to new members as soon as they are admitted to your club, and include items and materials that would familiarize new members with your club routine and help them feel welcome.

The contents of guest and new member packets vary from club to club; our goal is to create a list of content clubs can use to create their own standard packets. The contents range from good, to better, to best: at the very least, every club should include all the items listed under a good packet and aspire to include additional items from the better and best content lists.

All guest and new member packets:

  • should be informative, organized and have a professional appearance
  • adhere to appropriate/effective use of Toastmasters branding

The content links provided below are tools; feel free to create your own guides and information sheets while adhering to Toastmasters branding standards and information. Keep in mind that too little information, or too much information, can make a packet ineffective. You want to cover all necessary information but not overwhelm people with too much data.

Packaging your packets: Toastmasters International (TI) has folders available that are professional and cost effective at less than $1 each when ordered in bulk ($20 for 25 folders Item# 342K). We recommend using these folders for consistent Toastmasters branding; however, they are optional and a dark blue, maroon or black folder can be substituted.

Recommended Packet Contents:

Guest Packet Contents

 New Member Packet Contents

August 2019 Packet Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our “Payments for Packets” challenge winners! Here are the winners in each category with links to the packet each club submitted for the challenge. Thank you to every club that participated.

Best Guest Packet Submissions:

1st Place:  Agua Fria Toastmasters #1177603

2nd Place:  From Pen to Podium Toastmasters #1600530

3rd Place:   Platinum Toastmasters #8343

Best New Member Packet Submissions:

1st Place: From Pen to Podium Toastmasters #1600530

2nd Place: Agua Fria Toastmasters #1177603

3rd Place:  Leaders for Tomorrow #1573915

Please contact the Club Growth Director for more information about guest and new member packets.