District 3 February Message for Club Officers

Greetings club officers and welcome to February 2022! This is a great time to focus on goal achievement. This District 3 February message is especially for our club officers. We hope the information provided will help you and your clubs achieve your goals for a successful year.


District leaders, club Presidents, and club Vice Presidents of Education:
>> New meeting dates – now before Spring Conference <<


If you were unable to attend our last District 3 TLI on January 22 at 9 am you have the option to register and attend a virtual TLI! District 25 and District 6 have created an opportunity for our club officers to attend their TLI sessions!
District 6 has a session scheduled for February 12 at 7 am MST with VERITY PRICE, 2021 World Champion of Public Speaking, as a keynote presenter! Check the link below for the full program and to register for this FREE event. District 25 has lots of dates available in the month of February through the 20th.
Training must be completed/reported to TLI@aztoastmasters.org no later than February 22nd.
Instructions to attend and receive training credit are as follows:
  1. Register for your preferred session
  2. Email BOTH D3 PQD and either the D6 or D25 PQD for approval to join a session; this allows both districts to validate and confirm attendance for officer credit. Emails are:
After attending your session, make sure you report credit for attendance to TLI@aztoastmasters.org no later than February 22, 2022.
D3 club officers can register for the D6 February 12th session or any of the D25 sessions through February 20th.
D25 February Session Schedule:
A BIG THANK YOU to District 6 and District 25 – we appreciate YOU and your help! Please email TLI@aztoastmasters.org if you have any questions – we are at your service.


Send a friendly reminder to your club members that semi-annual renewals ($45* for April 1 through September 30) need to be paid in Club Central by March 31. Whether your club sends out invoices or reminder messages to members, that will help members to plan for renewing their membership.
  • Clubs that have 75% of members renewed by March 10, 2022 will be eligible for a $50 gift pack from the Incentives List.
  • Clubs that have 100% of members renewed by March 17, 2022 will be eligible for a $100 gift pack from the Incentives List.
*$45 goes to Toastmasters International. Some clubs may collect club dues that are separate and remain with the club.
Club officers may go to Club Central and select “Submit Payment” and enter payments online for club members. Currently all renewal payments must be entered by club officers for themselves and for club members. Refer to the Toastmasters International letter to Club Officers on February 1, 2022.


View ALL incentive details at https://aztoastmasters.org/district-info/incentives/

Rise Up to Club Events

Schedule and conduct your club special events before June 1, 2022. Be eligible to win a Toastmasters prize for your club and grow your membership. Clubs meeting weekly; June 1 is approaching, so plan for your 6 events now. For details, go to https://aztoastmasters.org/district-info/incentives/#events.

Rise Up to Member Promise

From July 1 to June 1, 2022 every new member you sponsor will receive a new member pin.
Send new member applications with sponsor filled out to cgd@aztoastmasters.org*BONUS drawing for sponsoring a new member (must be a new or reinstate) January 1 to June 1, 2022. See details at https://aztoastmasters.org/district-info/incentives/#promise.

Rise Up to Membership + DCP goals = Distinguished Clubs

Club events and sponsoring new members help to grow your club’s membership. Membership matched up with Distinguished Club Program goals (minimum of 5) brings your club to Distinguished status. Check out the Hit the DCP Tipping Point campaign in the February 7 Newsletter.

Outstanding Club Member Award. Recognize a member who has gone above and beyond!

Honor a member’s service by selecting them to be your club’s Outstanding Club Member of the Year 2021-2022. Each year Outstanding Club Members are recognized at Conference with a pin. Find the easy-to-use online nomination form at: https://aztoastmasters.org/outstanding due no later than April 15, 2022. Questions: Contact DJ Reed at cgd@aztoastmasters.org.


Distinguished Toastmasters and members who have completed Level 4 or 5 in Pathways, we need your expertise to help clubs with their special events. Contact DJ Reed if you would like to sign up: cgd@aztoastmasters.org.

Club Coach Roundtable – 2nd Wednesdays from 8 pm to 9 pm (MST)

A roundtable discussion for club coaches, members who want to become club coaches, and members of clubs struggling with membership seeking help. Learn about best practices and ideas for helping each other. Go to District 3 Events Calendar https://aztoastmasters.org/events/ for the meeting link.


Speech Contest Judges and Functionaries

Rise Up and help a fellow officer. Volunteer to help at Club, Area, Division or District contests.
Your club experience can be put to good use. Please complete the online forms:
  • Judge Volunteer Form [https://forms.gle/5r5QQS25pJ7vd4BK7]
  • Functionary Volunteer Form [https://forms.gle/EpUU9yiERVzraMuM6]
Questions: Contact Sara Mayer, District Chief Judge at judges@aztoastmasters.org

Tucson Book Festival March 12 – 13, 2022

Volunteers are needed for March 12 and 13 to help for a couple of hours at the District 3 booth on the University of Arizona campus in Tucson. Contact: Nancy Duckett, Public Relations Manager at prm@aztoastmasters.org.



Note to club officers: please also read the Feb 7 News for All Members as the information is not duplicated here in the District 3 February Message for club officers. This newsletter provides you with information for your role and club.

Your 2021-2022 District Leadership Trio
District Director David Hopper, DTM
Program Quality Director Karen Hewitt, DTM
Club Growth Director DJ Reed, DTM