Congratulations for Achieving 5 or more DCP goals by December 31st!


Congratulations!! Clubs that achieved at least 5 DCP Goals by December 31, 2021, are listed below. If your club’s achievement was not recorded on the Dashboard by the time of this publication, the list will be updated by the February newsletter. Clubs that have achieved 5 DCP goals will be receiving two (2) coupons towards a full conference package, enabling two club members to purchase a full conference package at a discounted price.

16Saguaro Toastmasters Club #16
73Superstition Toastmasters Club #73
499Gilbert Toastmasters Club
1772Nogales Toastmasters Club
3198Cochise Toastmasters Club
3527Park Central Toastmasters Club
4456Sunrisers Club
5641Walkie Talkies Toastmasters Club
5668State Expressions Toastmasters Club
7381Tucson Toastmasters
7744Valued Voices Club
8343Platinum Club
8837Ocotillo Breakfast Club
8963Airpark Toastmasters
9395Peacock Toastmasters Club
636873CityScape Toastmasters
1144289Fish Tales Toastmasters
1470599Firemouth Toastmasters
1500993Think Tank
1600530From Pen To Podium
1717077Elite Toastmasters
1811239Maverick Toastmasters Club
4090908University of Arizona Facilities Management Toastmasters
5481161London Bridge Toastmasters
5530264Tucson Veterans Toastmasters Club
7073650Cox Communicators
7302311Speak Like A Boss

For a full list of DCP visit D3 Road to Distinguished page or the TI Dashboard