Many of us set new year goals and visualize our future at this time of year. Let Toastmasters support your growth plans. What are you planning? What does the *future you* achieve? This is a good time of year to activate your dreams!

Your Toastmasters pathway can help you do more with your life and career. If you are setting goals, why not make a Toastmaster resolution as well? This is the training ground for leaders and achievers.

Some of you are moving closer toward earning your DTM designation! Are you on a DTM adventure? If you want to talk about your path toward becoming Distinguished, give me a call.

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Steve Broe DTM

DTM Chair



About Steve Broe:

Steve has over 25 years of management experience in education, real estate, and private asset management. In 1995, he opened Arizona’s first Core Knowledge School chartered by the Arizona Department of Education. Steve has won numerous awards for public speaking, and have instructed undergraduate and graduate programs since 2001 with the Grand Canyon University, University of Phoenix and New England College.

Steve Broe has published four books on leadership.   His most recent book, 52 Tips For Leaders: A Year of Career Growth was released in August, 2017.

Steve is also an amateur clarinetist; he specializes in the use of the bass clarinet.  During his time in isolation because of the Covid 19 virus, he has been teaching himself to play the double bass (upright string bass).