Superstition Toastmasters Club – Social Media Information

One of our members gave a speech about creating social media presence and helping build your Toastmasters club. It is generally accepted that a healthy club should have at least 12 consistent members so the functionary roles are shared, and there is sufficient coverage if one or two are not available any given week. But how do we attract new members while maintaining those already members of the club? It is important to build social relationships both online and personally. Now that clubs are meeting online or are hybrid; building key relationships online can help the club’s future success.

Building relationships offline is essential, but social networking is important too. As a club, it falls on all its members to help build a strong professional and toastmaster network. Social networking allows us to easily interact with other users and find people with similar interests, such as Toastmastering…..thanks to the use of websites and applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

As members, let’s help the Vice President of Public Relations:

Keep relationships alive: let’s build connections within the club and  let’s invite guests.

Share Content: let’s help develop content to share, either with a thought, an article, a slide show………… let’s work together!!!! And let’s choose the social networks that help achieve our mission and goals, and help us spread the word. It all falls on us members to disseminate and follow the club’s social efforts.

Yes, the more connections we have, the more visible we ARE as a TOASTMASTER CLUB—but quality is key.

MariaAngélica Deeb

Area Director, Area S1


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