On-Demand Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI)

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If you have any questions, please contact TLI@aztoastmasters.org

Nuts and Bolts Session (1 Required)

Uncover strategies to cultivate an inclusive and dynamic team culture, fostering an environment primed for success and growth. Estimated Time: 2 Hours

Nuts & Bolts President

Peter Salazar, DTM

This session covers the responsibilities of the club president, including how to lead the club to distinguished.

Nuts & Bolts VP Education

Chad Reid, Pathways Level 1

This session covers the tips, tricks and tools to run a successful club speech contest.

Nuts & Bolts VP Membership

Tom Tiboni, DTM

This session discusses the roles and responsibilities of the Vice President of Membership.

Nuts & Bolts VP Public Relations

Marian Reeves, Pathways Level 5

Join PRM Marian Reeves as she gives a “live” demonstration on creating a post in Canva and scheduling posts on Facebook.

Nuts & Bolts Treasurer

Michael Millan, DTM

Go beyond the dollars and cents and learn the responsivities of the club treasurer, including budgeting and financial reporting.

Nuts & Bolts Secretary/SAA

Edna Saucke, Pathways Level 5

This session brings you new ideas on making meetings fun and engaging and how to celebrate your members and your club.

Transformative Leadership Sessions (2 required)

Equip yourself with the necessary tips, tricks, and tools to succeed in your officer role as you steer your club towards excellence and create a vibrant and engaging community that thrives. Estimated Time: 2 Hours

The Elusive DTM

Ryan Berns, Pathways Level 4

This session covers what the Distinguished Toastmaster award is and the steps Toastmasters need to take to acheive it.

The Path to Distinguished Club

David Hopper, DTM

Why is the distinguished club program (DCP) important and how can it help your club? This presentation will give you an overview of the DCP, what it is and how you can use it to help your club be successful.


Steve Feld, DTM

Steve Feld gives us an in-depth overview of creating a professional profile and a group/page for your club!

12 Week Year

Sara Mayer, DTM

Unlock peak performance with the 12 Week Year presentation, a game-changing approach to goal-setting and productivity, transforming yearly plans into powerful 12-week cycles for rapid success.

The First Class Club Coach

Michael Millan, DTM

The requirements for coaching a club have recently changed, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. This session is going to cover all the information needed to successfully coach a club to success!

Millennial Mentality: Bringing A Younger Generation into Toastmasters​

Dakota King, PM5

Are you looking to recruit more of a younger demographic into your Toastmasters club? This session will cover motivations and recruitment strategies for Millennials

Leaders Growing Leaders

Jon Hammond, DTM

What is that magic sauce that grows a robust, self sustaining club? Tune into this session and find out how you can create synergy, growth and passion and take your club from good to great!

#Self Care: More Than Massages and Candle-Lit Bubble Baths

Julie Hinman, Pathways Level 1

Self Care is more than massages and bubble baths. It is being able to recognize burnout and learning ways to support yourself.

Goldielock Leadership

Amy Yackowski, VC1

How can you be a leader that is “just right” for your team? Amy Yackowski takes you on a journey to discover some tips and lessons learned on her path to shedding her “bossy boss” ways and become a transformational leader.

Open Houses

Emi Bauer, DTM

Open Houses are a great way to attract new members. This session will cover ways to plan, market, and execute an open house, either in person, virtually, or hybrid.

Unspoken Bias

Sravanthi Vallampati, DTM

This session defines and discusses the types of bias and allows the viewer time to reflect on their own experiences.


Lark Doley, DTM PIP

What inspires you? How do you inspire your club and members? In this session, Past International President Lark Doley talks about what inspires her and encourages the participants to inspire others.


Sara Mayer, DTM

Celebrating our members and each other is a critical step in every club. This session will cover why we want to celebrate every piece of our members’ lives.

Transitioning and Preparing for the Next Generation of Leaders

Jill Kipnes, DTM

It’s time to start to recruit next year’s executive committee members. Here are some tips, tricks, and tools to help you find your new leaders.

Live Interactive Session for Real-Time Engagement (1 Required)

Benefit from the collective wisdom of subject matter experts who have held your officer role before and fellow participants, fostering an environment where your leadership abilities flourish and reach new heights. Estimated Time: 1 Hour 

Please register for a live Zoom session.  After you register, you will receive an email with the Zoom link to use for your session.  Please save this email so you can access your Zoom session.

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