How did your club begin?

Unless you are a charter member, you probably don’t remember the days before your club became an official part of the Toastmasters organization.  Some things are common to most clubs:  there were people dedicated to helping your club get its start.  Starting a Toastmasters club is a legacy gift to others who join after the club is chartered.  The work of a new club mentors or sponsors creates a deep impression that others are fortunate to follow.  These founding leaders of a club may well be celebrated and remembered for their contribution.

Did you know that new Toastmasters clubs are forming near you?  District 3 regularly encourages new clubs to form.   An essential part of the club formation process, called chartering is the work of the club mentor and sponsor.  Most of the Distinguished Toastmasters you know had a hand in sponsoring or mentoring a new club.

There is an upsurge of interest this year in new Toastmasters clubs in Arizona.  Community groups and national enterprises are calling district leaders, from Benson to Coconino County.  Requests to start new clubs have been coming in, and we are eager to help others become Toastmasters. If you have completed a Path in Pathways; perhaps you can share the Toastmasters experience with others near you!

We’d like you to become distinguished!

This is an excellent time to put your goals in writing and become a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).  We are experiencing a high level of demand to start new clubs.   Our district leaders are looking for people who want to add this achievement to their Toastmasters experience.  Talk to your area or division director or our Club Growth Director, DJ Reed; let them know you would like to mentor or sponsor a new Toastmasters club.

What’s involved?  Club mentors and sponsors both play similar roles in launching new Toastmasters clubs.  The club sponsor may do some advance work and help the group create a new Toastmasters club charter.  The club mentor makes a commitment to help the club through the first six months of its existence.   Both Club Mentors and Sponsors should respond to the call of leadership, have a passion for the Toastmasters mission, and make a commitment to serve a new club through its critical first phase of operation.

You know that someone made an impact on your life by starting your Toastmasters club.   Perhaps you know that person – and maybe you don’t – but you might feel grateful that someone said “YES” to supporting something that reached you in a special way.   That club sponsor or mentor paid forward a gift of service to you.   That mentor or sponsor, whoever it is, probably qualified for a DTM credential and was honored at a District conference honor ceremony.

Imagine that you are taking a similar step this year.   Believe in the future of the Toastmasters program.   Give a gift of confidence and leadership, of expressive power and the power of transformation.   Help a new Toastmasters group get started.    You’ll be closer to earning your DTM credential, you’ll create memories that will make you smile for the rest of your life, and you will be remembered as a dynamic leader for many years to come.

What’s the next step?

Complete the online application form at to sign up. If you have questions, email DJ Reed at For more information

Steve Broe

DTM Chair