Michael Holian – Journey to International Director 

Did you know?

We are proud to have an International Director in our midst. Michael Holian Distinguished Toastmaster and a Past District Director from District 3 was elected by Toastmasters worldwide to the Toastmasters International Board of Directors in August 2021. He joins an elite group of International Directors. During the past decade, District 3 has been home to ten International Directors.

In his role as an International Director, Michael Holian has been serving as a “working ambassador” for Toastmasters throughout the Region. Region 3 encompasses the Southwest corner of the United States and Mexico. He works with the International Board to develop and support the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission.

Michael Holian joined Toastmasters in 1992.

As a club member, he practiced and developed the communication and leadership skills that helped him move up into club officer roles. Those club roles prepared Michael for the next level of leadership as he stepped up to lead clubs as an Area and Division Director. As with many Toastmasters, participating in and supporting District activities such as officer training (TLI) gave Michael an opportunity to share his insights on leadership. The strong communication and leadership skills Michael developed brought him to the highest level within District 3, when he was elected District Director 2018-2019.

What makes Michael Holian standout among Toastmasters?

He not only supports fellow Toastmasters using the skills he has developed to volunteer where there’s a need for leadership, he continues to take on higher level challenges as he represents not only District 3, but Region 3 as an International Director. “Throughout this journey in Toastmasters, I have honed my emotional intelligence, listening and leadership skills in such a way that I’m able to use these skills every day in my professional life to provide leadership, regardless of organizational standing,” said Michael Holian. “My Toastmasters experience has also expanded my understanding of other people and cultures, providing opportunities for friendships, and increasing my understanding of diverse experiences and perspectives.“

What is the role of an International Director?

As a working ambassador for Toastmasters, Michael Holian has traveled within the Region and to Toastmasters International in Englewood, CO mostly virtually due to Covid-19 requirements. He presented keynotes and other presentations to Districts throughout Region 3. As International Director, he has shared his story, how Toastmasters can and has benefitted members, while building awareness of Toastmasters throughout the Region.


Michael Holian RadioXMichael Holian has generated coverage for Toastmasters, beginning with a San Tan Sun News article on March 27, 2022 “Chandler man elected to Toastmasters International board” (page 16)[ https://santansun.com/2022/03/29/chandler-man-elected-to-toastmasters-international-board/ ] and catch his Radio X – Phoenix Business Radio interview on March 29, 2022 [https://bit.ly/3qVi3La].

We are pleased that Michael Holian will be attending our District 3 Toastmasters Conference May 20-21, 2022 “Rise Up – Celebrate Your Summit!”. He will be presenting a keynote in-person on May 20, and on May 21 he will moderate a panel on the topic of bringing the Toastmasters year to a strong close.

Another role of the International Director is to present Corporate Recognition Awards to distinguished corporations for providing support for clubs in their workplace. Michael Holian will be presenting in-person, two Corporate Recognition Awards in Phoenix before the end of the year.

Michael Holian is a member of Leader’s Plus Toastmasters and AZ Motormouths Toastmasters. He is an information technology specialist for CSAA Insurance Group.