Earn $50 in Facebook advertising for your club with blog articles!

The goal is to write blog posts that are 300-1200 words; all blog posts will be featured on aztoastmasters.org and the top 5 each month will receive paid advertising.

June Topic = What is your best moment or experience in Toastmasters?

Submit to CGD@aztoastmasters.org by June 30th.

Remember to include your club name and contact info/email.

Here are some tips to creating a successful blog post

First, just like a speech, how are you going to utilize this blog post, will it be educational, humorous, entertaining or informative.

Second, remember your audience, these will be aimed at non toastmasters so remember to avoid specific lingo and use examples so that way your audience can follow. Also is there a specific niche that you club aims for with members, now would be a great time to focus on those.

Third, you have your topic, its highly recommended to have an outline, again think like a speech, have a beginning, middle and conclusion.

A pro tip would be to use a grammar checker as well as a plagiarism checker. Sometimes things stick in our mind and it comes out in articles and speeches without realizing where we have heard it before.

Most importantly have FUN!