January News

Dear Members,

Now that the year has started, we have many incentives and programs up and running! Please read through these January news and announcements to see how you can earn many rewards. We encourage you to check out https://aztoastmasters.org/members/ for events, training, incentives and programs. Also, follow us on social media for the latest news.


“There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs!” – Zig Ziglar

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A Message From Your Trio

Toastmasters Leadership Institute

Toastmasters Leadership Institute successfully finished its first session on November 19, 2022!

District 3 has already scheduled the next four TLI live sessions (all in AZ time):

January 13, 2023, from 6 PM – 10 PM

January 28, 2023, from 9 AM to 1 PM

February 11, 2023, from 9 AM to 1 PM

Please go to https://aztoastmasters.org/tli-officer-training/ to register as soon as possible!!

On-Demand TLI

The On-Demand TLI Website is OPEN! We have exciting new training and have refined the site to better support the needs of YOU, our members!

Bookmark and GET STARTED now!


District Leadership Committee (DLC)
Call for Nominations

Applications and nomination forms are due by Feb 11, 2023

Area directors, other district leaders, and members: Are you interested in continuing in leadership and running for one of the district offices: Division Director, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, or District Director? 

Qualified candidates should send your application, nomination form, or questions to David Hopper at dlc@aztoastmasters.org between 1/8/2023 and 2/11/2023.

District 3 Recognized Zoom Master Training

If you want to become a District 3 Recognized Zoom Master, check Zoom Master Training – Toastmasters – District 3 (aztoastmasters.org) between Jan. and June, 2023 for more details.

All contests will be required to have a District 3 Recognized Zoom Master.

Toastmasters Advanced Module Series

Learn from the most inspiring and encouraging leaders in District 3 Toastmasters. In these sessions, our experts share lessons learned and offer suggestions for your personal growth and prosperity in our organization and beyond the club. Toastmasters Advanced Module Series is an online educational series free to all members.

Next Event: 6:30 PM February 9, 2023

Purpose: Learn to give better evaluations

Additional Dates and Times: This is an ongoing education series with different presenters each month and open to all Toastmasters members.

For More Information: Sandy Zalecki, (928) 458-0550, sandyzalecki@gmail.com

Meeting Link

DCP Change

International changed the game! For the next two years, a club no longer needs to have a +5 member increase to become Distinguished; they now only need a membership of 20 or a +3 increase!

Please contact PQD@aztoastmasters.org if you have questions.

Bring the Distinguished Club
Program (DCP) Home

The first 20 members who give 4 or more unique education awards (for example, not two Level 1s) to a club by April 1 will receive a $20 gift pack and recognition at division speech contests.

Pay it Foward

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the clubs within the district, assist struggling clubs and expand the experience of the Toastmasters who participate in the program. We as Toastmasters can directly affect clubs that can use our collective help.

How to be recognized:

– After each of the campaign months. September, February, March, May, and June, we will recognize and award two (2) Toastmasters who visit the most clubs with a district gift back valued at $25 from a list of selected prizes.
– After each of the campaign months. September, February, March, May, and June, we will recognize and award two (2) clubs who visit the most clubs with a district gift back valued at $50 from a list of selected prizes.

For more information: aztoastmasters.org/pay-it-forward/

Open House Contest

The first 20 clubs that meet the following requirements will win a customizable Toastmaster gift pack worth about $50 for holding special club events throughout the 2022-2023 year.

If your club meets:

  • Weekly – Hold 6 open house events
  • Bi-monthly – Hold 3 open house events
  •  Monthly – Hold 2 open house events

Your open houses must be completed from July 1, 2022, to June 1, 2023

Submit the following information to retention@aztoastmasters.org with your name, club name & number, and email address along with the following information.

    Community clubs must submit all of the following items:

  • Copy of your event flyer
  • Screenshot showing it was promoted on social media (does not have to be a paid ad)
  • Screenshot showing your event was submitted and posted on the District 3 Event calendar

    Corporate clubs must submit all of the following items:

  • Copy of your event flyer
  • Copy of the email invitation with the number of recipients it was distributed to
  • Screenshot or copy of the event announcement on the company website, newsletter, or social media page
  • Copy of the event agenda

Contact retention@aztoastmasters.org if you have any questions.

Rise Up to Members

Invite guests to your club meetings as part of the Toastmaster promise.

Between July 1, 2022, and June 1, 2023, every new club member who has a sponsor named on their member application will receive a new member pin!

Once a month, email qualifying applications with sponsor names to cgd@aztoastmasters.org

There will be a bonus drawing for sponsoring new members from January 1st to June 1st, 2023

In addition to the pin for the new member, sponsoring members will be entered into a drawing, and ten (10) sponsors will be drawn to select a prize package of their choice from the district gift list for about $25.

New members sponsored during this time frame must be New or Reinstated members. Renewals, dual and transfer members will not count. The more members you sponsor, the more chances you could win.

2×4 DCP Membership Drive

The first 50 clubs that achieve 8 new members between July 1, 2022, thru June 30, 2023, will win a $25 district gift packet.

Get those 8 NEW members as soon as possible.

To claim your prize.

Email retention@aztoastmasters.org with:

  • Club’s name and number
  • Screenshot of your DCP dashboard showing that you signed up 8 new members
  • Name and address of where to send your gift pack

Once we confirm your 8 new members on the TI dashboard, we will mail out your gift.

New members are just that new members of your club. Renewals, dual and transfer members will not count.

We Need You!

Be part of the excitement of Conference in May 2023 and help decide what this conference will be! Would you like to do an HPL or DTM project? We have a few openings on the Conference team to give you the opportunity to fill these Pathways requirements to get your Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

If interested, please email conference@aztoastmasters.org, they would like to hear from you.

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Upcoming Events:

For the latest information, visit https://aztoastmasters.org/events/

January 18, 2023 – 7:30 PM – Pathways & More

January 25, 2023 – 6:30 PM – Speaker’s Bureau

January 28, 2023 – 9:00 AM – TLI Meeting

January 29, 2023 – 8:00 PM – On-Demand TLI Live Session

February 2, 2023 – 6:30 PM – Pathways & More

February 4, 2023 – 10:00 AM – Area S5 Contest

February 4, 2023 – 1:30 PM – Area S3 Contest

February 4, 2023 – 5:00 PM – Area O5 Contest

February 5, 2023 – 10:00 AM – Area A5 Contest

February 5, 2023 – 5:00 PM – Area A2 Contest

February 8, 2023 – 5:30 PM – New Member Orientation

February 8, 2023 – 6:30 PM – Speaker’s Bureau

February 9, 2023 – 6:30 PM – Toastmasters Advanced Module Series

February 11, 2023 – 9:00 AM – TLI Meeting

February 11, 2023 – 1:30 PM – Area S2 Contest

February 11, 2023 – 5:00 PM – Area S1 Contest

February 12, 2023 – 10:00 AM – Area O2 Contest

February 15, 2023 – 7:30 PM – Pathways & More

January 8, 2023 to February 12, 2023 – District Leader Nominations

February 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023 – Talk Up Toastmasters

February 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023 – Pay It Forward

Remember to add this and more to your calendar! Email tech@aztoastmasters.org for a link to add to your Google Calendar.

All Times Shown Are In Arizona Time

Your 2022-2023 District Leadership Trio

District Director Karen Hewitt, DTM
Program Quality Director Sara Mayer, DTM
Club Growth Director Steve Feld, DTM