If you’ve never been to a District conference, you are getting less than the full value from your Toastmasters membership.   Yes, your club supports you and challenges you.   You are moving ahead with your Pathways goal.  Until you have been to conference, you haven’t seen or experienced all there is to Toastmasters.   A District 3 Conference will expand your vision of what is possible – and you will make friends who can become part of your inner circle. These friends from District 3 can support you to stretch big and keep growing.  Conference is the place where you can pick up the pace toward your destiny.  Your role as a leader will become vividly important to you.

You already know that Toastmasters can change your life for the better.   Your participation in District conference makes that change easier and faster.

There are a lot of good reasons you ought to go to conference.  Ask any District leader, and you’ll hear about what is important for them.   I suggest that my ‘Top Three Reasons’ list will serve as super-motivators for Toastmasters looking to transform their world.  Want to be a master of change? Here are three important reasons to go to conference.

# 3.   Get inspired with ideas and plans, and share them with your home club

After you come back from conference, you’ll have a lot of ideas to share with your home club.   You may want to give a speech about it.   You may leave a mark with the people you know.  You’ll realize that the Toastmasters process is one that offers flexibility; some new ideas will demand to be tested, implemented and embraced.  Share the best ideas and champion your club as a proving ground for personal transformation.  Suddenly, your Toastmasters projects will have new meaning for you.   Many Toastmasters come back from District conference determined to boost their club.   This could happen to you too.

# 2.  The Thrill of Achievement

Have you finished a path in Pathways?   Built the membership of your club? Helped a friend earn a Toastmaster of the Year award?   The District 3 Conference is the place to celebrate.  Your self-esteem will grow when you share stories of changing lives and discovering leadership talent.   You’ll remember the sound of applause long after the awards banquet.  Later on, you’ll smile, gasp and laugh as you listen to the International Speech Contest.  Come to conference with your achievements – and return home ready to tackle even bigger challenges.   Your conference weekend is where your self-esteem will expand.  Your thrill of achievement can lead to a life of deep fulfillment.

# 1.  Accelerate Your DTM Journey

How close are you to earning your designation as a Distinguished Toastmaster?  The District 3 Conference will

bring you even closer.  You’ll talk to members who have recently completed their DTM and some of their excitement and positivity will rub off on you.  Do you have a question about Speechcraft programs or the DTM project? You can ask others who have completed theirs.  Want to put together a guidance committee?  You will bump into a dozen qualified people at the District 3 Conference. Talk about your ideas over dessert or a cappuccino.  If you want to earn a DTM someday, the weekend you spend with friends and leaders will help you get there faster.

You already know that Toastmasters can change your life, bringing you closer to important achievements and

goals in your career and social life.  The District conference is a high intensity opportunity in a single weekend.   You can change your club, celebrate with new friends, and bring the honor of a respected service award into your life. Those are my top three reasons for going to conference, and if you do, you’ll always remember how much fun you had – and that will be enough.

About District 3 Conference

More information: https://aztoastmasters.org/district-conference/

Buy Tickets: https://d3-toastmasters.ticketleap.com/d3conference/dates/May-20-2022_at_0400PM


Steve Broe

2021- 2022 DTM Chair