To:  District Council Members (District Executive Committee Members, Club Presidents and Club Vice Presidents of Education)

One of your most important duties is approaching.  You are voting members of the District 3 Council.  In order for the District to be able to conduct business, we must have a quorum.  It is critical that we establish a quorum.

Normally, the District Council holds its upcoming business meeting at the District spring conference in May.  This year there will be no District Conference due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Hence, the District Council meeting will be held virtually online.

When:  May 16, 2020 – Saturday
Time:    2:00 PM

Proxies are not allowed for virtual meetings. You may reference the District Administrative Bylaws, Article X (e).

When the voting process is conducted virtually, no proxies will be permitted. Each District Council member must cast their own vote. District Executive Committee members are entitled to one (1) vote and may cast up to two (2) additional votes as a Club President or Vice President Education. All other members of the District Council shall be limited to a maximum of two (2) votes.

We cannot conduct a mandated business without your help.  One-third of the Club Presidents and Vice Presidents of Education from member clubs in the district shall constitute a quorum.

The District is using Election Buddy as the electronic voting platform.

You will receive an email in the next few days from District 3 Toastmasters to register for voting. This allows us to know who will be attending the meeting and to determine if we have met quorum.  There will also be practice run(s) prior to the meeting.

This will make it possible for your club to be eligible to vote for candidates that are running for District office and to vote on important issues that affect District 3 clubs and its members.

Best regards,
Jim Eng, DTM
District Director 2019-2020

2019-2020 District Director

Jim Davis, DTM-PDG
District 3 Credentials Chair 2019-2020