Dear Toastmasters of District 3,

We are excited for the new 2020-2021 Toastmaster year. We are looking forward to growing and learning with you this year. We have some announcements to share with you from our new district leadership team.


We are still looking for three more area directors for the 2020-2021 leadership year. Being an area director is a great way to build leadership skills, grow relationships, and earn a district service credit for your Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). The areas where we still need area directors are Agave 4 (West Phx), Desert Willow 2 (Tucson), and Cholla 4 (Northwest Phx). If you are interested please email

Introducing the 2020-2021 D3 Distinguished Club Program (DCP) Carnival! Your club can win fabulous prizes by earning DCP goals. The EARLIER you earn goals, the MORE POINTS they are worth. The DCP Carnival runs from July 1st 2020 until April 30th 2021. View more details HERE.

Bonus!!! The first 30 clubs to turn in their full Club Success Plan to before July 30th will earn an officer pins set for their club.

Club officers should attend Club Officer Training to be prepared to have a successful 2020-2021 year. Having at least four (4) club officers attend the training helps the club receive credit for the first part of DCP Goal #9. If you have not registered yet, the final summer session is July 25th. This event is FREE and is open to ALL members! We encourage all your club members to attend!

To register for TLI and download the resource material, click HERE.

All Summer 2020 TLI sessions will be held virtually via ZOOM. If you’re interested in helping out with TLI, please email TLI Chair Katlyn “Kate” Ewens at

  Club WOW! a New District 3 Initiative  
Are you looking to get members excited about attending meetings and growing your club? Share your Club WOW!s and watch the momentum build from the natural high that comes from sharing, learning, connecting, and recognizing club members.

What is Club WOW!?  Seeing and sharing an exceptional happening, a WOW! from your club meeting.

What’s in it for me?  Enjoying meetings that are fun while learning and sharing, building skills, and achieving goals in an atmosphere of club camaraderie.

How can I participate?  Attend meetings and when you See it – Share it – WOW! it using the medium of your choice; Facebook, Instagram, your club website, newsletter, or even via email.

Check out the Club WOW! flyer and have your club’s “Club WOW! of the Month” posted on the District 3 website. Your club may even be recognized for “Club WOW! of the Year 2020-2021”.

See complete program details HERE
Questions? Email

District 3 Toastmasters’ annual leadership awards event will be held on Saturday, August 22nd, from 2:00pm-4:30pm. The event will be entirely virtual. Featuring keynote speaker International Director TK O’Geary and the Roast of Jim Eng, 2019-2020 District Director. Click HERE to register for event.

District 3 DTMs, congratulations on this milestone. Whether you achieved it recently or you have been a strong member of our district for a while, this opportunity is for you! One of our major focuses this year is on helping others build their club and build it STRONG! We are re-igniting our Club Eagle Program with our new chair at the helm, Dr. Steve Broe, DTM. The district also needs you.

So if you can answer yes to these easy questions; THIS IS FOR YOU

  • Do you love helping others succeed?
  • Are you passionate about helping others with your amazing gifts and knowledge as a DTM?
    Would you be willing to help some clubs that have more than 12 members grow and reach new heights? Especially while we are in this virtual world, no travel required!

If you are a DTM with an interest in serving other clubs, please contact

District 3 Training presents Intermediate FreeToastHost (FTH) training, with Al Gramando. This training will go beyond the basics. The first hour will demonstrate some of the finer points of creating and amending agendas as well as some of the “back office” type reports and functions of FTH. Perhaps updating the photos on the web page would be a good subject too. The second hour will be open Q&A. Tuesday, August 4th from 6:30-8:30 PM. Click HERE to register.


Your 2020-2021 District Leadership Trio,

District Director: Peter Salazar, DTM
Program Quality Director: David Hopper, DTM
Club Growth Director: Karen Hewtitt, DTM