District 3 April announcements for Club Officers

Greetings club officers and welcome to the 2022 April announcements! This is a great time to focus on goal achievement. These District 3 April announcements is especially for our club officers. We hope these announcements provided will help you and your clubs achieve your goals for a successful year.

Do You Know Where Your Guests Are Coming From?

Ask every guest that visits your club – “Where did you hear about Toastmasters?”

WHY ask the question:

  1. Conversation starter
  2. Find out where to look for new members when you’re promoting an Open House
  3. Learn where to focus your club communication
    1. Outbound: Email, club or personal social media, free neighborhood paper, tell a friend, Word-of-Mouth
    2. Inbound: Club website home page, club Facebook page, Find A Club referrals
The next time you respond to an inquiry forwarded from server@toastmastersclubs.org or FIND A CLUB, remember to BCC: prm@aztoastmasters.org (NOT CC) on your timely email response to your guest.
The first 35 clubs will receive $30 in Toastmasters International gift certificates!
Questions, please email: prm@aztoastmasters.org

Distinguished Clubs Incentive


The first 50 Clubs achieving Distinguished status now through June 1 may be eligible for a $50 Toastmasters International gift certificate.
For details: https://aztoastmasters.org/district-info/incentives/

View a helpful video ‘Becoming Distinguished’ https://youtu.be/USYt_fvxncw on:
• How to submit educational awards as a club officer
• How to navigate the Dashboard at the club, area and division levels
• How to develop strategies for attaining your goals

If you have questions, please email dcp@aztoastmasters.org

Toastmasters Website – Limited Access

WARNING: Beginning April 5 and until May 8, access to the Toastmasters International website will temporarily be unavailable. Access and processing should be restored May 9. This is in preparation for the May launch of the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, which will soon lead to new and exciting opportunities including the ability for members to pay their dues online.
  • April 5 – May 8: Online Toastmasters Store, unavailable
  • April 18 – May:  All chartering stopped until May 9
  • April 20 – May 8: Pathways purchases stopped
  • April 24 – May 8: Membership applications/payments not received by April 20 will not be processed until May 9
  • May 4 to May 8: Website login access to Club Central, Base camp and other information, unavailable
  • May 7 to May 8: Entire website will be down
  • May 9: all functions of the Toastmasters website are expected to resume as normal
Full details: https://www.toastmasters.org/ServiceInterruptionOverview?utm_source=april_2022&utm_medium=LL&utm_campaign=club_organization_2

Pay It Forward – Get Ready to Participate in May and June


For details and reporting form, go to: https://aztoastmasters.org/pay-it-forward/

Realignment: What does it mean?

Every year, Toastmasters International requires Districts to review the distribution of their clubs within Areas and Divisions. The governing documents may be found at https://www.toastmasters.org/leadership-central/governing-documents. Under Policy 7: District Structure, Protocol 7: District Structure – Club assignments section provides a description for organizing Areas and Divisions.


Please review the Realignment Spreadsheet (https://aztoastmasters.org/wp-content/uploads/District-Alignment-Proposed-2022-03-07.pdf) for your club as the number and composition of Divisions shall be accomplished at the annual meeting (District Council Meeting, May 17, 2022) to become effective the July 1, 2022.


Questions may be sent to: realignment@aztoastmasters.org.

Presidents & VPs of Education – Mark Your Calendars

The following meetings are scheduled before the District 3 Conference. Watch for more details coming soon!
  • Candidates Corner – Saturday, May 14, 2022 (10 am to 12 pm) LIVE
  • District Council Meeting – Tuesday, May 17, 2022 (5 pm to 7 pm)

Outstanding Club Member Award

Recognize a member who has gone above and beyond!


Honor a member’s service by selecting them to be your club’s Outstanding Club Member of the Year 2021-2022. Each year Outstanding Club Members are recognized at Conference with a pin.

Find the easy-to-use online nomination form at: https://aztoastmasters.org/outstanding/ due no later than April 15, 2022.

Questions: Contact DJ Reed at cgd@aztoastmasters.org.

Area Director Forums – June 4th & June 18th

Area Director Forum – June 4th (9 am to 10:15 am) and June 18th (9 am to 10:15 am)
SLEEK Toastmasters will present a panel of current and former Area Directors who will speak about their experiences, expectations, time commitments and the rewards of being an Area Director.

Following the panel and Q&A, the 2022-2023 Trio and Division Directors will be on hand to interview candidates.

Successful completion of this role qualifies for one year of district service, required to attain a Distinguished Toastmaster designation.

District Leader Nominating Form: https://www.toastmasters.org/~/media/2905fd52797c4efeaffbcd5b49c11a63.ashx

The form may be submitted to trio@aztoastmasters.org. More details will be coming soon.

Your 2021-2022 District Leadership Trio

District Director David Hopper, DTM
Program Quality Director Karen Hewitt, DTM
Club Growth Director DJ Reed, DTM