Outstanding Club Member PinThe Outstanding Club Member (OCM) award recognizes a Toastmaster in your club who has gone above and beyond in serving your club. The outstanding club members is honored each year at conference. View All Outstanding club members for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year below an

AA First Class Flyers – Rebecca Green

She has been a constant supply of hope and energy during tough times. She attends most meetings, has taken on an officer position, and represented the club in the speech contest placing 3rd at Division (her first contest ever).

Agua Fria Toastmasters – Jeff Isenman

He is committed to holding high quality meetings and demonstrates effective meeting roles in action.

AHCCCS To Success – Heidi Capriotti

Heidi has been a highly dependable club officer and club member. She is an active mentor, currently mentoring 2 newer members. Year-to-date her membership meeting attendance exceeds 71%. She missed only 3 meetings, twice due to being on vacation and travelling. The other time was due to a work conflict that could not be avoided. Heidi sets an excellent example by giving speeches, signing up for roles well in advance of meetings, and encouraging her proteges to do the same. She is on track to complete the Presentation Mastery Pathway this year. She has already agreed to accept a nomination to serve as an officer for a 4th consecutive term. Heidi never hesitates to step up to help the club. She recently agreed to assist our club sponsor the Youth Leadership Program. She assisted with TLI this year. She has been visiting other clubs to pick up ideas to make our club better.


Ahwatukee Chamber Toastmasters Club – Mary Bogdanov

Because she constantly strives to improve the club.


Airpark Toastmasters Club – Lisa Lane

Lisa Lane, our club Vice President of Membership since last July has converted 11 guests into members of our club by her excellent follow-up, consistent follow-through and unflappable enthusiasm for the club and Toastmasters. Her success has meant that Airpark has thrived in the face of losing members who did not make the transition from the face-to-face to virtual format.

Lisa’s mentorship of these new members through the challenging tasks of registering in the club and TI websites, getting them signed up in Pathways and scheduled for their Ice Breaker set them on their way to be engaged and contributing parts of the club. She assures that they are enthusiastically welcomed and supported by the more seasoned members so they quickly embrace the most wonderful part of being in the club.


BA AZ Toastmasters – Ted Rodriguez

Ted has been instrumental during the Pandemic and was President of another bank club. However, the Pandemic has required us to step up and make tough decisions. We decided to merge all three Bank of America clubs into BA AZ Toastmasters. This was the best decision for our members since we weren’t meeting at campus. In addition Teddy was tasked with putting on a joint meeting with a Bank of America club located in Chicago. This meeting allowed us to gauge, earn and provide best practices for both clubs to use. Great job Teddy on this accomplishment.


Camelback Toastmasters Club 1631 – Albert Luna

His dedication, his time, and his active participation not only on zoom meetings but also Albert Luna had been our support and our pillar as a webmaster in our club. His professional career had been his door actively in Camelback Toastmasters club 1631.


Capitol Toastmaster – Kyrie Drake

We’re lucky to have Kyrie on our team and as a Club president. She’s always going above and beyond for our club to help us achieve our individual goals and to excel our club.I appreciate all her hard work, I can not wait to see her future achievement and success!


Cochise Toastmaster – Paul Grillo

Has shown a great amount of growth in his speeches and knowledge of Public Speaking


Cosmopolitan Toastmasters – Jae-Hyun Sung

Since rejoining the club in September of 2020, Jae-Hyun has given 17 speeches, completed 5 pathways levels (PM1-3 & DL1-2) and filled the club secretary position. She has been an inspiration and a positive leader for the club. She has helped out with the posting of meeting minutes to social media (instagram & facebook). For these reasons, Jae-Hyun has earned the outstanding club member of the year recognition.


Cox Communicators – Brett Enneking

Brett has served as the President for Cox Communicators and has done a wonderful job leading the club through these challenging times. Brett has set a great example for the members by always being there to help. Not only has the club hit all 10 of it’s DCP goals, Brett also has earned a great work promotion (thanks to utilizing his Toastmasters Skills), but he also won the Club and Area International Speech Contest. Brett did have some struggles in this past year losing both his mother and father within a 4 month time span. Brett leaned on his Toastmasters family for support and relied on them to get through his struggles. Brett actually practiced both eulogies at the club meetings in order to ensure that he was able to give his parents the recognition that they deserved.


Cultivating Leaders Toastmasters – Deborah Hewett

Deborah has served as club secretary, kept meeting minutes and was consistently enthusiastic at each meeting. She helped our VPPR publicized our Spooky Tales meeting in October. She has volunteered to serve in registration at the Annual Toasties ceremony on July 24th.


Desert Stars – Adrian Conway

She is at every meeting, and took on the job of VPPR and VPM and is bringing people in to the club.


Downtown Mesa Toastmasters – Curtis Krausman

As VP Education, he has encouraged members to complete their Pathways selection by scheduling a rotation to ensure each member has ample opportunities to comply the requirements of each level. Curtis is always ready to assume any role that has not been filled to ensure the meeting flows without interruptions, even if he already has an assigned role. We can always call on him for questions related to our role; he encourages us to stretch and commit to participate as officers to serve and mentor club members in their pursuits to become excellent communicators.


East Valley Echoes Toastmasters – Mike Rockwell

Mike served as VPM, has been our most enthusiastic member and has faithfully contacted guests and invited them to be members.


Florence – Al Gramando

We nominate Al Gramando as Outstanding Club Member. He has been a jovial and avuncular advisor to every member of our club, new and old. Always willing to show us the ropes, teach us how to access Pathways, or answer any question, he makes everyone feel comfortable as a member of the Florence Club. We rely on Al to remind us of important dates and keep our agendas updated because he seems to know everything that’s going on in the Toastmasters’ world.

Al has never heard a Table Topic that he didn’t like – he always has a story to tell and is an entertaining speaker. His speech evaluations are supportive and offer constructive suggestions for improvement. Al takes on any open meeting role to keep each meeting flowing smoothly and keeps us laughing the whole time. We all look forward to seeing his smiling face on the screen at every Zoom meeting.


Fountain Hills Club – Antares Hagman

Antares Hagman, a member of Fountain Hills club, was almost killed a few months ago in a horrific car accident; where he was an Uber driver with his customers and was broadsided by another car in Phoenix running a red light. Antares has always dreamed of being a professional speaker since he heard Tony Robbins speak a few years ago, Will Neuman, one of our members, has mentored Antares and all of the members our Fountain Hills club have always believed Antares will achieve his goal with the help of Toastmasters and his relentless drive to success.

Antares has had surgeries on his brain and right leg, as well as other critical medical care these last few months. Last fall our club had the theme of “Veteran’s Day Highlights” with Antares returning to our club’s ZOOM meeting from his rehabilitation hospital bed. I had the privilege of asking Antares the first Table Topics question of the evening, he instantly responded “he was ready”. His question was please explain how you feel about this Veteran’s Day Quote: “May We Think of Freedom, Not as the Right to Do as We Please, But as the Opportunity to Do What is Right” by Peter Marshall. Antares immediately responded with an eloquent explanation of “Doing What is Right”. Antares ran over time last night, but he did use the word of the day ( our club suspended the time rules for last night) and Antares won table topics and showed all of us “this is what Toastmasters is really about and this is one of the reasons we volunteer @ Toastmasters”. Antares will succeed and our club has the honor of having him with us as part of our journey. I want to share Antares’ YouTube “Gift of Compassion” Speech before he was injured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYnUK0Pfifs

Since this hospital return to meetings; Antares is up and walking, renewed his membership, and has given his first speech in person since the accident to Fountain Hills Club. Fountain Hills Club has returned to in person with social distancing and masks, where most of its club members have been vaccinated. Antares is recovering and gaining all of his memory and capability and still loves toastmasters.


From Pen to Podium – Kristy Hopper, DTM

Our club voted for Kristy as From Pen to Podium’s Outstanding Club Member this year because she has been a dedicated member and officer. Kristy played a large and important role in the club’s successful rise to Presidents Distinguished status. Kristy’s digital Speechcraft program brought in three new club members who are excited and engaged with the learning process. This successful achievement also helped two Toastmasters in the district complete their club coach assignment for credit, helping them complete their final requirement to earn their Distinguished Toastmaster awards. We appreciate everything Kristy does to support our club and members throughout the district.


Huachuca Toastmasters – Gary Snyder

Gary has a long history of serving the club in a number of roles. He himself has held every officer role, including President multiple times. The 2020-2021 year was my first time as President and Gary was supportive and gave me honest feedback every step of the way. Where Gary truly shined this year, was in helping to execute our Club Plan. While the Army post where we meet was shut down due to COVID, we identified local veterans groups as possible sources to spread the message of toastmasters and attract guests and new members. Gary tirelessly sought them out, volunteered, met with, communicated with several groups, and even reached out to veterans groups in other counties, while we were still having meetings over Zoom. He’s the best example I know of an Outstanding Toastmaster, and an example we should all emulate.


Infosys Western Origin Toastmasters – Azharnaveed Khairdi

This person has helped push boundaries and barriers in helping the club get chartered and grow!


Junior League of Phoenix – Shari Baird

Shari has been a member of the JLP TM club since 2018 and has been the club secretary for the last 2 years. In addition to serving the club, she served as an area director this year and ran a seemless virtual club contest. Shari is always willing to step up to fill a role. The JLP is very lucky that Shari will be serving as President in the new year.


Leaders Plus – Jovita Robertson

Jovita is always willing to jump in and assist our club. She has been part of the Officer team for the past two years. She mentors with someone new each year so she can learn another officer function. She is passion and dedication and is there to serve the club. I would love to see her move forward in to a Area Director role.


London Bridge – Evangeline Johnston

VPE Evangeline was a founder of London Bridge and has been the foundation of our club ever since. She has worked tirelessly in helping build our club to President’s Distinguished status twice. In a club election, Evangeline was unanimously selected as Outstanding Club Member by our club members. She is most deserving of this award.


London Bridge Toastmasters – Donald Johnston

Don has done everything this year. He is President our club. He attends almost every meeting as the Zoom co-host. He mentors another Toastmaster in another club. He is a Club Coach for another Toastmaster club. He is always available for questions and answers them honestly. He is a member of more than one club and often drives 120 miles round trip to attend weekly meetings. He had encouraged other club members to recruit new members. Don has a goal of achieving DTM status this year and will make it because he never gives up. He has a calm and agreeable personality that doesn’t upset or put off others. He volunteers for everything, often before there is a need. Don has worked extremely hard this year and is a great representative of what a Toastmaster can do to help others.


Melrose – Julia Sayre

Julia led our club as president to President Distinguished club status. She set the standard for calmly continuing to function under TI standards in all aspects despite the pandemic. Julia is a founding member of our club and always does everything needed, often without being asked.


New Horizons Toastmasters – Sithari Edirisooriya

Sithari has lead our club to win Club Wow! 3 times. She is always coming up with creative, fun, and confidence building activities to bond the club, and always proactive in expanding New Horizons participation in the community, as well as advancing the clubs footprint.


Ocotillo Breakfast Club – Steve Smalley

Steve always goes above and beyond for our club, handling scheduling, sending out reminders when the Toastmaster forgets, giving impromptu speeches or taking on roles when we are short meeting attendance. Anytime someone has a question, he’s there to help. He’s truly a committed member of our club and one of the most well-rounded, experienced Toastmasters I know.


Oro Valley Toastmasters – Sapna Lokendra

Sapna has grown as an individual and as a leader this past year. As the club president, she has presided over the meetings with professionalism and has not missed one meeting since the pandemic started last year. She always has a positive attitude and always makes the members and guests feel welcome. She ensures she passes on information from the area director to the club members and attends club officer training. For these reasons, the club has nominated Sapna as our outstanding club member of the year.


Papago – Christopher Paine

Chris has been a Toastmaster at Papago Toastmasters for over 10 years. Every year, he makes sure to help incoming officers to the club learn the ropes. He’s been most roles for officer over the years and really knows the club bylaws. He not only knows all the Parliamentarian Procedures, but helps us learn them as well. He leads with kindness, empathy, and with a smile. He’s the role model that Toastmasters Leadership strives for. He is understanding of each member’s educational goals and encourages members to grow every year. His leadership has helped in our club being President’s Distinguished 16 times in a row. He is also a DTM and encourages all members to grow past the club level. He attends every meeting and helps newer members with beginner roles. He makes sure newer members have a mentor in our mentorship program and that we obtain all the educational goals we can. He does all this all with a smile and a gentle heart.


Park Central Toastmaster – Amy Andelora

Amy has been President of the Club, she redesigned the website, created a useful and beautiful weekly newsletter, has done many zoom trainings and supported individual members in Pathways. She implemented on line voting for Best Speaker, Table Topics and Evalators and set up Google Evaluations after each speech. Our Zoom meetings are better due to her efforts. She has gone above and beyond


Pima County Communicators – Kristy Hopper

Kristy was nominated by several of our club members for her outstanding work as our Club Mentor and overall willingness to be helpful and informative. Plus, well, she’s awesome.


Platinum Toastmasters – Vidiya Prasanth Pappannan

Vidiya has done a great job with providing digital solutions to make Zoom meetings run more smoothly. In the last year, he did the following: 1) Secured a Zoom license for the club. He also partnered with 2 other clubs in India to absorb the cost 2) Created an online timing app that is shared in place of a physical timing light (https://vivek8175.github.io/TmTimer/Timer?fbclid=IwAR1mMhonLMhYCyOVrfhDYaEGtYV-4S2iuhswgRkaLZlJ-2eYzX8y1Bb_RYk) 3) Created an online evaluation form for members to use during each meeting that captures feedback for each speaker. The feedback is then compiled and provided to the speaker. This has caused us to have increased participation in the meeting feedback.


Platinum Toastmasters – Ibrahima Wane

Ibrahima has impressed me with his leadership of Stagecoach Speakers 1. He is a very inspirational leader that walks the walk and talks the talk. He also has volunteered to be an Area Director next year and I think that he will do a great job at it.


ProjectMasters Toastmasters – Erlina Mangan

This member has shown much initiative and resourcefulness. She has taken multiple hats and responsibilities as a club officer and member.


Reddys Toastmasters – Janice Steinman

We nominate Janice Steinman for Outstanding Club Member of the year. Janice is currently Sergeant of Arms for Reddy’s Toastmasters Club #1820, and has served on our Executive Committee for at least six years, rotating from SAA to VPPR to VPM and back to SAA. This year she represented Reddys in the area Spring Contest and advanced to the area level, where she won 3rd place, and this wasn’t her first rodeo. She has represented Reddys numerous times, and when not competing, she is supporting her fellow members colleagues by filling a function at the contest or simply filling a seat (two actually, because her husband always accompanies her). Toastmasters is not an obligation to Janice; instead it’s a way of sharing her incredible smile and positive personality. She welcomes guests and members wonderfully, year after year. A couple months ago, while participating in TM’s Pay it Forward campaign, she saw a need and became a coach to a TM club in our district; and then she brought her enthusiasm and ideas back to Reddy’s to encourage all of us. Janice contributes so much to our club and has earned the right to be recognized as Outstanding Club Member of the Year!


Risk Takers – Jennifer Solan

Jennifer has almost single handedly kept Market Masters going this year.


Risk Takers Toastmasters – AJ Riedel

AJ’s commitment and drive to keep Risk Takers members motivated through this tough year is invaluable. AJ is always on top of what we need to get done. She is consistent, organized, and driven. AJ contributed awesome energy to the club as an officer, speaker, and club member. She spearheaded a brand new open house style and was active in helping club members feel important and welcomed. Risk Takers wouldn’t be what it is without AJ!


Roche Desert Toastmasters – Lorraine Franco

Lorraine went above any beyond as VP of Education this year. Lorraine was a passionate meeting participant, but her work in serving the club as VP of Ed was above the call of duty. She maintained our meeting schedule and role assignments in a timely manner. She gave educational speeches on Pathways and other educational goals. Lorraine then met with each individual club member to check in on their pathway, set three specific personal goals (could include a Pathway), and ensured they had a mentor. WOW!


Sahuarita Toastmasters – Awshee Bator

Awshee Bator, joined Sahuarita Toastmasters in 2017 with the goal of learning how to express herself more effectively in the midst of a major career change. She took on the role of VP Education and helped our club transition to Pathways. She has also served as club secretary and club President. Awshee has completed the Effective Coaching path and Engaging Humor L1. She has also started the Mentoring Module. Awshee’s “Can Do” attitude and friendly encouragement has helped many members of our club to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones and achieve their goals.


Signal Speakers – Javier Serrano Jimenez

Signal Speakers has proudly selected Javier Serrano Jimenez as our Outstanding Club Member. Javier has brought renewed energy to our club, has led the charge to get us more noticed on Social Media and has been an advocate for our club and Toastmasters at many of the Honeywell Networking organizations. His drive has gotten us much more recognition and we’ve had several guests thanks to him. He has always stepped up to officer roles since day 1 and has been an core member of our small club.


SLEEK – Julie Miller

Julie has served as SAA for SLEEK for the last year, and took on the additional role of Secretary for April through June. Julie is also serving as the Club Coach Chair and a member of the Conference Committee. SLEEK is a leadership Club, and Julie has demonstrated her Leadership skills in these roles and through her service to other clubs. Julie has also met with the District Leadership Committee and been approved to run for Division Director for 21/22. SLEEK is proud to name Julie Miller as our Outstanding Club Member.


Southwest TM – Liz Ravenwood

Liz Ravenwood is our VP of Education. She is always positive when attending our meetings. In addition, she is on top of filling the functionary roles for every meeting for the whole year and staying on top of the ‘Zoom’ links. She is well deserving of OTMOTY.


Stagecoach Speakers – Chandler – Robert Shaw Hunter

As our SAA, Shaw brought consistency to meetings in the virtual environment by ensuring invites were issued timely. He’d open the line 15 minutes prior to each meeting to allow members and guests to gather informally. His smooth-operator radio voice set a warm, welcoming tone for folks joining. He encouraged fellowship through casual conversations, helping connect everyone despite the virtual meeting stage. Shaw also embraced his personal journey, giving several speeches. As a club, we witnessed his growth and cheered him on as he evolved. He is a shining example of an outstanding club member!


Talk Tales Toastmasters – Laura Lindsay DTM

Laura Lindsay DTM earns Outstanding Club Member for Talk Tales Toastmasters for her extraordinary leadership during the Covid-19 dilemma and continued to lead and bring in numerous guests with one joining who participates extremely well during the worst of times. Laura’s efforts were continually exemplary and was an incredible role model for all members and the area at large.


Think Tank Toastmasters – Joyce Chapman

Joyce has served well as VPPR including inviting guests, designing a publicity flyer & served as Think Tank basket chair for the spring conference.


Tucson Toaastmasters – Jean R Harber

The club voted and Jean received the most votes. Comments included availability to club members, mentoring, leadership.


UA Toastmasters – Argelia Benavides

As a first year member Argelia has gone above and beyond in her participation and dedication to UA Toastmasters. She has jumped right in to getting the most out of the experience by giving excellent speeches and always being ready and able to handle any meeting role handed to her. Argelia is always positive, funny and encouraging. Despite being new to Toastmasters she is a prime example of a fully committed and exceptional member. She has already expressed her interest in filling an Executive Committee Member Role next term and we are all excited to see her grow and succeed!


Voice of Many – CJ Baumgartner

CJ is an executive recruiter whose professional skills have brought in many new club members. She is our VP of Public Relations and brings creativity and energy to every meeting. Always prepared and enthusiastic in her roles, CJ is one of the reasons Voice of Many Toastmasters is on the verge of becoming President’s Distinguished this year!


WeMARkable Speakers – Aaron Kurzawski

Aaron is open to hearing and supporting each and every member to grow in Leadership & speaking sklls as well as trying new things to keep our meetings interesting and fun


Yavapai College Toastmasters – Judy Carlisi

Out Outstanding Club Member is Judy because she is the chief judge for my Division Contest and she is doing an outstanding job. She steps up and does anything you want her to do with a great deal of organization and zeal.


View More awards at: https://aztoastmasters.org/member-recognition/