Pay it Forward Club Visitation Program

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the clubs within the District, assist struggling clubs and expand the experience of the Toastmasters who participate in the program.  We as Toastmasters can directly affect clubs that can use our collective help.

Clubs on the Club List may be contacted to determine if they would like to have Toastmasters visit and participate at various Toastmaster meetings.

Download: Club List (includes meeting dates/times)

Guidelines for Visiting Clubs welcoming Toastmaster guests

You may encounter

1 – Most clubs are happy to have any kind of guest.

2 – Some clubs may have a “special meeting” from time to time and not want visitors.

3 – Some clubs do not have enough speaking opportunities for their own members.

Club visitation courtesy

1 – Be expected (otherwise you may not get in).   Let the club officers know you would like to visit from another club.  Ask if you are welcome to that meeting.  (Declare the purpose of your visit – Interested in becoming a member, a Pay It Forward visit or there on District Business).

2 – Never make suggestions for improvement unless asked to do so.

3 – If it is needed, politely volunteer to fill a role or be available for topics.

4 – If the club’s agenda is short a speaker and you are ready, you might volunteer to speak.

5 – Be an active listener.

6 – Be clear about why you are there.  If you are a “Pay It Forward Visitor”, and time permits ask for a minute at the end to inspire/challenge them to send a visitor(s) to another club(s).    Encourage (or challenge) several of them to visit your club or another club to “Pay It Forward”.


What’s in it for the visiting Toastmaster?

– Experience how other Toastmaster clubs operate. Enjoy the differences!

– Practice your Toastmaster skills such as Table Topics or functionary roles if called upon.

– Opportunity to give a speech filling an available speaking slot is possible.

– Assist clubs in filling any meeting agenda roles.

– Learn something new to take back to your home club.

What’s in it for the Toastmasters club being visited?

– Showcase your clubs’ best practices.

– Visiting Toastmasters can fill open functionary roles in meeting agendas.

– Learn about other club’s best practices.

– Some visiting Toastmasters may volunteer to be a speaker.

What’s in it for the visiting Toastmaster’s home club?

– Visiting club member returns with new ideas for agendas and meeting themes.

– Receive return visits from members of visited clubs.

– Visitors can fill roles in your meetings, including speaking roles.

– Inspire club members to try new ideas.

– Clubs encouraging members to visit clubs will yield visits to our home clubs.


-Each of the campaign months: September, February, March, May and June, we will recognize and award two (2) Toastmasters who visit the most clubs with a gift valued at about $25 from a list of selected prizes.

-Each of the campaign months: September, February, March, May and June, we will recognize and award two (2) clubs that send the most members to visit other clubs with a gift valued at about $50 from a list of selected prizes.

To accomplish this, we need to track those who participate. There will be a self-reporting form to filled out after each visitation. (See Reporting Form below)

Rules for Participating in the Pay It Forward Club Visitation Program

This program runs in the months of September 2021, February 2022, March 2022, May 2022, June 2022.

Visiting members must attend another club within the District in which they are not a member, sponsor, mentor or coach.  Nor can you be a District Officer who has direct responsibility for the club being visited.  You should be willing to help out in the meeting if needed.

To Participate:

– Select a club to visit from the list above.

– Call or email the Club Contact to let them know you would like to attend.

– Get the meeting Link or meeting location from the Contact Person.

– Show up and help out if needed.

While at the meeting the visiting member should encourage the members to “Pay It Forward” by visiting other clubs themselves.

After the meeting the visiting member needs to fill out a visitation report and submit it. (See Reporting Form below)

[1] Vice President of Education must permit a speech for credit outside the club unless you are a member of the club.

Reporting Form

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