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AA First Class Flyers
Admiral Talkers

Agua Fria Toastmasters – Alan Claypool
As a 20-year USAF veteran and then a private-sector CIO, Alan Claypool has initiated and implemented the innovative use of technologies, piloted recruiting programs for the competitive tech sector and fostered unexpected partnerships among private and public agencies. As an Air Force officer, he executed global advancements in technology ranging from GPS to communications to rocket launches. Since then, Alan has focused his expertise on advancing the technology efforts of cities and major utilities.  Alan is known for his interest in STEM education, mentorship and growing new leaders. He also is recognized for employing unconventional management techniques and for a unique ability to create new collaborations to strategize solutions for common challenges. He’s a private pilot, loves EVs and holds BS/MA degrees in computer science and business management.

“Alan has had made sure that our Agua Fria club moved online smoothly, he keeps the Zoom meetings to up to date, he promotes the Toastmasters brand tirelessly and he is ALWAYS there and cheerful. (low key growl). He also served as Area Director, this past year (with no prompting from more senior members) and is even a member of multiple clubs. He is great. Make him Z2 and D3 Toastmaster of the Year. Alan has been a driving force in our club this year, serving as an amazing president, filling in as the backup SAA, setting up and managing the agenda function in FreeToastHost, and becoming our “Zoommaster.” He is always encouraging guests and members to be the best that we can be, and he never complains. Alan is also extremely welcoming and helpful to new members joining the club.”

AHCCCS To Success
Ahwatukee Chamber Toastmasters
Ahwatukee Toastmasters Club
Airpark Chatter
Airpark Toastmasters – Alison Riddiford

“After coming off of a year as an Area Director she was drafted and then elected into the role as President of Airpark Toastmasters. She walked into a healthy club that was in need of energized leadership and sorely needed improvements in administrative functioning. She brought these and much more to the club.

Her list of accomplishments are many including:

*Audited, updated and implemented ongoing reporting of the club’s finances
*Updated, corrected and continually improved the Club Website
*Lead the club to Presidents Distinguished Status by assuring that every member and guest felt welcomed, valued, and in charge of using the club to grow in leadership and public speaking
*Lead the club transition from live to virtual meetings without a single missed meeting
*Assured our relationship with our meeting venue host was always positive and clear
*Handled the very few member personality issues with patience and a velvet glove finding perfect resolutions
*Mentored members having technical issues with Pathways with great patience and persistence”

Alaska USA Glendale Toastmasters Club
Amazon Phoenix Toastmasters
Audible Talkers Toastmasters
AZ Motormouths Toastmasters
AZ You Like It Toastmasters Club
Aztec Club

Best Of The West
Biltmore Toastmasters Club
Biosciences – Susan Miller

Susan recently retired from the University of Arizona Data Science Institute. Her career at UA spanned nearly 30 years. She has been a member of the UA Biosciences Toastmasters club since its inception in 2009. This year Susan served at the Picacho 2 Area Director and joined the Leaders First Toastmasters club. She completed a High Performance Leadership project in 2020, raising over $1600 for partial scholarships for Desert Voices LGBTQ+ chorus members to travel to the national GALA chorus festival. Other interests include animal rescue, music, gardening, dancing, word games, vegan cooking, and jigsaw puzzles.

“As one of Biosciences Toastmasters’ first members, Susan has been an invaluable source of institutional memory for our club. No matter what role she has taken on that year, members look to her for her wisdom and insight when making decisions — such as deciding how to be more accommodating of members’ and prospective members’ schedules, how to recruit more members, and how to raise awareness of our club. She has spearheaded open houses, bake sales, and special events. She has encouraged members to enter speech contests and step into officer roles. She has offered a wealth of knowledge and guidance to newer members, and even to more experienced members like myself. There is no way I could have taken on the role of president without her showing me the ropes and offering encouragement. Her quiet mentorship is subtle but powerful, and her gentle way of nudging me out of my comfort zone has allowed me to grow as a person. I have seen so many of our officers thrive with Susan in their corner — and go on to become more confident communicators and professionals. She does this behind-the-scenes work quietly and effectively, and I would love nothing more than for her to be recognized and celebrated for it.”

Blue Expression Toastmasters Club
Burnt Toast – Vanguard

Camelback Toastmasters – Albert Luna

I became a member of Eclectic Dialectic in 2008. My reason for joining was to overcome my fear of public speaking. The weekly exercises practiced at TM have helped me tremendously in my career. My active participation has given me confidence when presenting at professional conferences.

After moving to Arizona, I became a member of Camelback Toastmasters in 2013, and have been with the club ever since. I have held several officer positions, and I’m the current website administrator. I also implemented the use of online meetings in order to maintain our club active during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He had been working for many years giving support on the Camelback Toastmasters web, and he stepped up when he implemented online meetings as a new source to be connected. On the other hand, when members have some trouble, he is the only one that would give technical support and help working for the web or online meetings.”

Capitol Toastmasters Club – Veronica Hovanec

My journey with Toastmasters started 3 years ago, when I became a member of Capitol Toastmasters Club. Since that I have been leading my club as VP Education and President, working on my speech skills, and growing personally as a speaker and leader.


This year I am looking forward to my new position of Area Director and working with the clubs in Palo Verde 1 and making it the most successful year ever!


“Despite losing 4 members (all officers) mid-year, she rallied the rest of our small club with her enthusiaum and motivation to achieve Select Distinguished.”

Carollo Toastmasters

Carpe Diem Toastmasters
Casa Cubex
Centurion Toastmasters – Prasad Samak

“Prasad has gone above and beyond to make sure the Club goals are met and to keep the sessions complete and interesting. He brings in positivity in the meeting, Motivates the new team members and guests, volunteers for adhoc roles as needed.”

Chats Toastmasters Club
Chipmasters Club
Choice Words
Chopper Talkers
Cinnamon Toastmasters Club
CityScape Toastmasters
Club Name
Cochise Toastmasters Club – Paul Grillo

“Paul Grillo joined Cochise Toastmasters less than a year ago and took pathways by storm and is already in level 4 giving outstanding well written and well delivered speeches on unknown historical people and events. He amazingly eradicated filler words in record time and developed expressive and enviable vocal variety. He has inspired other members to tackle pathways head on and develop their own professional speaking styles. Paul Grillo will be a definite contender in upcoming speech contests.”

Competitive Edge – Karyn Garvin

Karyn Garvin began developing her skills as an author in 2010. This is when she accepted the reality that she needed to combat her fear of public speaking to be able to share her books with others.

Karyn joined Toastmasters in 2011

She delivered her first Ted X Tucson talk January 2017

In 2019, she sponsored Tucson’s first LGBT & Allies TM club, Diversity Toastmasters

In 2019, she earned her DTM

No matter where you are in your life or career, Karyn believes that developing communication skills and building self-confidence are just the tools that most people need to succeed

“The club voted for this member. She has supported both the club as a whole and its individual members. She has gone above and beyond to obtain new members and ensure our club continues to thrive through this difficult pandemic period. She has been the glue that has held us together”

Competitive Speakers-Phx
Conquistador Toastmasters Club
Cosmopolitan Toastmasters – Hiruni Jayasekera

I am Hiruni Jayasekera, a graduate student studying for a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Arizona. I kept the first steps in developing my oratory and leadership persona at the University of Kelaniya Gavel Club, Sri Lanka, the first ever Gavel Club in South Asia.

I joined Cosmopolitan Toastmasters (Club No. 2410696, District 3) with the motive to unleash my potential and broaden my horizons to be an impactful personality. Over the years I have grown to be confident, passionate, and empowered.

Toastmasters International has constantly shaped my life to bring out the best version of me.

“Ms Jayasekera has been selected as the 2019 – 2020 outstanding club member of the year recipient for Cosmopolitan. She has been an inspiration and a role model to the members of Cosmopolitan. Since joining the club in January of 2020, she has diligently worked the Toastmasters Pathways education program. She has completed two levels and is almost finished the third level in her Presentation Mastery path. She has attended the 2020 Winter TLI as a non-club officer and has stepped up to be the club VP of Public Relations for the 2020 – 2021 year. Hence, the reason for her being our outstanding club member of the year.”

Cottonwood Toastmasters
Cox Communicators – Tami Wedll

Tami has been with Cox Communications for 19 years and a member of the Cox Communicators since it was Chartered in September of 2018. Since then, she has been held the role of VP of Education and most recently as President where she was instrumental in helping the club achieve President’s Distinguished within its first full year. Tami serves with passion and has been both a formal and informal mentor for our club members. Recently, she completed her first full path within Pathways, Strategic Relationships, and is well on her way to completing her second path.

“Tami has served as President of Cox Communicators since 7/1/2019. She has been a very dedicated leader and has motivated our club members to achieve their Toastmasters goals. Cox Communicators was chartered in September of 2018. Thanks to Tami’s leadership, the club has earned the President’s Distinguished recognition within it’s first two years of existence. She also has set a great example by being the first club member to complete a path in Pathways. Another comment received by a club member is that “Tami silently mentors all of us”. Tami is now beginning to get involved with Area and District functions and we know that she will represent herself and our club well!”

Crown Castle – PHX
Cultivating Leaders – Tagore Walkinshaw

“Cultivating Leaders would like to recognize Tagore Walkinshaw as Outstanding Club Member. Tagore has only been a member for a year. When we needed a secretary for this year, Tagore stepped up to volunteer. Not only did he step up for the officer role, but he also increased the number of prepared speeches he has given. Tagore is someone we can rely on in the club. Tagore has grown as a speaker and leader through the mentoring and guidance of his mentors. This upcoming year, without hesitation, he has volunteered to be Vice President of Membership. We appreciate his willingness to receive feedback, to learn, to grow as a leader and give back to the community. Thank you, Tagore, for all you do for our club!! We are glad you are with us!!!”

Desert Dining
Desert Ridge Toastmasters Club
Desert Stars Club – Ronald Limbaugh

Desert Stars has been struggling for a few years now, last year I added an additional site to the membership, with a combination of the sites we finally accomplished > 20 members. This year I wrote a Club Success Plan for us to follow and now for the first time in a long time DS will be President’s Distinguished with 10 goals earned! I am so proud of the club and members that made this happen. I am the President of DS, a C-4 Area Director and a Club Coach for the Nogales club. I have visited all of my clubs at least twice and quite a few of them 4-5 times. I am also a member of Leaders First and a past president of that club. I’m happy to report that all of the clubs in my area are meeting via zoom and the more meetings they have the better they are getting. Desert Stars has also invited those that needed their speeches completion for DTM to come to our meetings as a guest speaker to help them along in their journey to DTM

“Hard worker for TM”


Diversity Toastmasters
Dobson @ Sunset
Dobson Ranch Toastmasters Club
Dos Lenguas Toastmasters – Stephanie Huang

Stephanie Huang first joined Toastmasters in 2007 because she was extremely shy and wanted to develop public speaking skills. Then she stopped in 2008 and focused on her career as an engineer.  In 2015, she rejoined Toastmasters to improve her Spanish speaking skills and make friends.

Stephanie likes the challenge and creativity of writing and giving speeches.  Because of Toastmasters, she has gained confidence in interpersonal communication and with her career. She recently earned the ACG and ALB awards and earned Pathways Innovative Planning Level 3.  She is currently the Vice President of Education for Dos Lenguas.

“Stephanie is a driving force in Dos Lenguas. She is currently serving as VP-Ed and has done an outstanding job in that role. She is always willing to answer questions and help her fellow club members. Stephanie also was a major player in helping the club transition to Zoom meetings. “

Down To Earth Toastmasters Club
Downtown Mesa Toastmasters – Curtis D. Krausman

I started in Toastmasters around 5 years ago.  I was encouraged to get involved with Toastmasters by previous employers as well as my current employers in order to improve my communication skills with senior leadership.  I am an Engineer for the City of Mesa defined myself before Toastmasters as an introvert.

Once I joined Toastmasters, I set out to earn the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader awards.  I also took on a leadership role within Downtown Mesa Toastmasters and had started work on my next set of leadership and speaking awards when Pathways had come out.  At Toastmaster Leader Institute (TLI) one leader challenged the leaders in attendance and noted that even though we could continue on our own traditional leadership, all new members had to be working on Pathways, but we were at TLI that day to be a leader for our club and to be a leader, shouldn’t we should embrace Pathways to be able to be a true mentor to new members.  I switched my learning goal that day to become a mentor in Pathways and helped my club and members with their transition to Pathways.

I have completed my project and speeches in level 5 for Innovative Planning and will be finalizing the paperwork in the upcoming weeks and I have already started my pathway, one I felt drawn to both for my professional life as well as for Toastmasters – Effective Coaching.  Over the years, I have been the Secretary,  Sergeant at Arms,  and the President within my club.  I am currently the Immediate Past President and was recently elected the Vice President of Education for the upcoming Toastmaster Year.  As a result from my time in Toastmasters, last year I successfully pursued an adjunct instructor position at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and teach math when I am not at the City of Mesa.

I have enjoyed my time in Downtown Mesa Toastmasters and am looking forward to serving in my new duties next year as Vice President of Education.  I have found that Downtown Mesa Toastmasters is that safe place you can practice your communication and leadership skills, get constructive feedback, have a lot of fun, and make new friends, too!

“He has been a member of Downtown Mesa Toastmasters for about 5 years. Has always had a sense of enthusiasm for Toastmasters especially for our Club, has been a dedicated member with a willingness to serve and take on roles that no on else would. He has served as Secretary, Sergeant at Arm, and Past President and continues to serve as a leader to ensure that our club is a successful club. He has improved over the years and demonstrated excellent speaking skills even to the point of being willing to speak in our club contest and going on to represent our club in the area contest. He was willing to help other clubs by being a model speaker for other clubs also willing to participate in other outside club speaking events. He has mentor several new members helping them to meet their goals. He took on the task of conducting our first Role Grab bag and Reverse meeting. He took on the task to coordinate a booth at the City of Mesa Benefit fair in an effort to recruit new members. Finally when Toastmaster switch to the new Pathway program he was the first to try the Pathway and took the initiative to conduct a training session for the other members of our club as well as recently getting our club setup to do our virtual meetings he first trained all officers then conducted meeting to train our members. He has now completed Level 4 of Innovative Planning. Curtis has been a great asset to our Club.”

East Valley Echoes Club  – Sylvia Arias

Sylvia Arias has been a Toastmaster since August 2016. Notable Toastmasters awards she has received include; Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB), & Leadership Excellence (LDREXC). Offices she has held as a Toastmaster include; Secretary, VPPR, VPM, S2 Area Director (2018-2019), & VPE. She earned a Bachelor degree in Human Services Management & a Master Degree in Management at the University of Phoenix. She currently works as a Supervisor for Moving.com, a website that helps consumers find licensed and insured moving companies. Sylvia is native to Arizona and spends her free time reading, dancing Folklórico (Mexican folk dance), and practicing archery.

“We, the members of East Valley Echo Toastmasters are honored to nominate Sylvia Arias for the Outstanding Club Member Award. We have always found Sylvia to be a passionate toastmaster. Her journey towards accomplishing various toastmasters educational awards namely Advanced Communicator bronze, Advanced Communicator gold are a testament to her hard work.

Sylvia’s leadership skills are equally commendable as evidenced by the various leaderships that she has undertaken throughout her toastmasters journey. By serving under listed roles of toastmasters, Sylvia exhibited her flair for a versatile leader. Any toastmaster who had the chance to interact with Sylvia would unanimously agree that she is a great team player with outstanding leadership and communication skills. She has always been a source of tremendous energy to fellow members.

We couldn’t think of another person more deserving of this award than Sylvia Arias, which is why we are pleased to nominate her for Outstanding club member of the year award.”

Electric Toasters Club
Electric Toastmasters
Electrifying Speakers
Elite Toastmasters
Epicurean Toastmasters Club
Epicurious – Art Lohman

“Art is a consistent positive influence in our club. He is quick to volunteer to do anything that needs to be done. He has a bright persona and brings a vivid presentation style to all roles he preforms in our club. He has always been willing to fill any leadership role when called upon.”

Estrella Club
Executive Toastmasters
Eyeopeners Club – David Martin

David Martin has been a Toastmaster since 1998, originally starting in Cape Coral (Florida) Toastmasters, and then transferring to Eyeopeners when he moved to Tucson in 2004.  He served as Club President three times.   David has also worked in Government service for the past 30 years and credits much of his success in leadership to the training and experience he has gained during weekly Toastmasters meetings.  David feels it is a great honor to be selected as Club Member of the Year for Eyeopeners.  He just hopes he has offered as much support and encouragement to his fellow club members in their journey to personal and professional development as he has received from them.   Lastly, David greatly appreciates the support of his wife and three very encouraging daughters who always think daddy’s speeches are the best!

“He is a long time member of our club and is now serving as Club President for the 2nd time. Something only a few people have ever done in the 57 year history of our club. He is always encouraging and quick to take action when something needs to be done. He not only leads by example he is a constant reminder of what we aspire to be as Toastmasters. “

FaithMasters Club
Farmers Speaks Phoenix
Fearless Speakers Toastmasters
Firemouth Toastmasters
First Eagles
Fish Tales Toastmasters
Florence Toastmasters Club – Maricella Benitez

Maricella Benitez has been a member for two years. She graduated from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in 2018 and decided to work for the Town of Florence. Since joining toastmasters, she has enjoyed many firsts. From her first speech to her first major position in the group as president, Maricella has welcomed numerous experiences and learned what tools are necessary to be a public speaker. Her favorite topics are history, disease, and the differences between ice cream and gelato. Maricella looks forward to another year of meeting new fellow toastmasters and trying her hand in more contests and trainings.

“Mari is the club president and a positive leader for our group. She attends meetings every week, is supportive of all other members, and always shares a positive thought at each meeting. She can be relied on to volunteer for different roles each week. Mari gives constructive feedback as a speech evaluator and frequently contributes her own speeches on a variety of subjects at club meetings. She thinks on her feet and often turns table topics into creative short speeches. Mari is a tremendous asset to our small club and deserves to be recognized for her efforts.”

Fountain Hills Club – Al Lorenz

Al rejoined Toastmasters 2.5 years ago after he realized he had “rusty” communications skills after using his previous Toastmasters skills in his 36 year Motorola Solutions career. Al owns a technology consulting business focusing on supporting small customer focused businesses.   He enjoys his fun loving family: wife, Nancy; 3 children; daughter-in-law; grandson; & extended family. Al enjoys volunteering for Toastmasters; his alma mater, South Dakota State U;  National Parks; United Methodist Church; & local education & recreation non-profits. Finally, Al loves his outdoors focusing on National Parks!  He hiked the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in one day with his family & has experienced 52 of the big 62 National Parks, plus many other key fun outdoor locations.

“Al has demonstrated an enthusiastic, positive ,collaborative and inclusive style of leadership as president of Fountain Hills Toastmasters Club.”

From Pen To Podium – Robert “Bob” Cunningham

I have been a member of From Pen to Podium Toastmasters for about a year and half.  From Pen to Podium members have been very welcoming since day one and I credit the supportive atmosphere at our meetings as being a key contributing factor to my ongoing improvement with public speaking.  I am most definitely an introvert, and Toastmasters has helped me to embrace this part of myself, as well as challenged me to continually practice and stretch my public speaking skills.  Thank you From Pen to Podium Toastmasters for selecting me as your Outstanding Club Member, and I look forward to serving as your club president this coming year.

“Bob is a relatively new Toastmaster and has taken on officer and club roles with ease and enthusiasm. He has actively engaged members in the club and invited guests. Bob works the educational projects and meets project requirements, achieving awards for himself and the club. Bob is an exemplary club member and we are fortunate to have him!”

Gilbert Toastmasters Club – Rajeev Dave

“Frequent best speaker who shares a wonderful sense of humor, who quickly finds a fellow Toastmaster with needs and helps with them. Dedicated great numbers of hours to make our website welcome to visitors and get us all on track to fulfill club needs.”

Good Evening Toastmasters

Harrah’s Club 777 Toastmasters Club
High Noon Toastmasters of Prescott Club
Honeywell-Spoken Toastmasters Club
Hope Toastmasters
Huachuca Club – Stacy Irwin

“She was both VP-Membership and VP-Public Relations and updated and enhanced our website, Facebook, and brought in many guests, turned two into members, created Zoom presence, finished her CC, CL, and worked diligently in Pathways. Very active, very creative, and very appreciated.”

IT Cats – Rebecca Macaulay

Rebecca was born in Tucson, AZ and graduated from the University of Arizona in 2008 with a Bachelors of Fine Art. After graduation, she was hired to develop websites for the university. She is currently the lead for Student Admin Systems Group’s website development team where they develop high profile websites for the office of Admissions and several other departments on campus. This summer, Rebecca will be earning her Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from the University’s Eller College of Management. Rebecca joined the Toastmasters club for IT professionals in 2017 and is currently the VP for Public Relations.

“Rebecca has taken on a leadership role as part of her professional development and made great progress. She managed a beautifully run 10 year Anniversary celebration and promoted our zoom meetings to the TM Facebook page”

JDA Toastmasters
Junior League of Phoenix Toastmasters – Jill Kipnes

Jill Kipnes (IP5, CL) has been a member of the Junior League of Phoenix (JLP) Toastmasters club since September, 2017 and is almost finished with the Innovative Planning Path. Jill is very involved with Toastmasters on all levels – Club, Area, and District.

Jill has served as VP Membership for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 years and has been elected club president. She organized and executed a New and Potential Member Orientation for her club.

Jill serves as a club co-coach for the U-Haul club and served as the Verde 5 Speech Contest Manager in March.

Jill was on the planning committee for the District Conference and looks forward to volunteering on the District level in the new year.

“-Jill has served as VP of Membership for the past 2 years. During her tenure our club has met our membership goals.
-For our club, Jill was instrumental in the development of our New and Potential Member Orientation program. Under Jill’s leadership, our club held 2 orientations this year.
-As a club member, Jill continues to make progress in her Toastmasters journey – finishing her Pathway quickly. She has also performed all meeting functionary roles at least once this year.
-Outside of our club, Jill served as a club coach for the U-Haul Club – providing them with guidance and support to reach their club goals.
-Jill also served as Area Speech Contest Manager for our area speech contest – in this role, Jill was responsible for coordinating event logistics including use of the location, assisting the volunteer coordinator with volunteer recruitment, and supporting the Contest Chair, Sara Mayer and our Toastmasters Division Director. “

Kingman Area Toastmasters

La Voz De Oro Toastmasters Club
Launching Leaders
Lavidge Ad Libs
Leaders First – Jim Davis

“Jim is the most engaged Toastmaster I know. He lives and breathes all things Toastmasters. He is always looking for ways to strengthen clubs that he belongs to as well as all clubs in the area and the district. He readily shares his knowledge about the Toastmasters program at every opportunity. Jim was elected by the members of Leaders First as our Outstanding Club Member of the Year, a very well deserved honor.”





Leaders For Tomorrow

Leaders Plus Club
Legacy Toastmasters
London Bridge Toastmasters – Donald Johnston

I was a Junior Toastmaster in High School in 1954-55 which helped develop my Leadership and Communication skills. During my working career I founded 5 businesses in 3 different industries, was National Sales & Marketing Manager for a company for 15 years and introduced a new product into the U.S. market for a Taiwan company for 10 years before retiring in 2001. In 2016 I rejoined Toastmasters and help found London Bridge Toastmasters. I am now serving as club President for the 2nd time. I also served as Mohave One Area Director last year.

“Donald Johnston has been serving the London Bridge Toastmasters club #5481161 unselfishly with dedication and enthusiasm. As Vice President Education, he led the club in achieving more than eighteen educational goals for Toastmaster Year 2019-2020. He also served as secretary, providing minutes for executive board meetings and recaps for our weekly meetings. He also served as Treasurer Pro Temp for the year and Sergeant at Arms Pro Temp for eight months. He coordinated one open house, one club speech contest, and the Club Officer Training for Area 1, a project of Division Director Barbara Schumacher. He helped the club officers and new members understand their roles and successfully mentored a new member. Don attended all but two weekly club meetings during this Toastmaster Year because of a knee surgery. In summer of 2019 when almost all members were on hiatus, Don diligently attended club meetings with me and an honorary member in attendance, and on occasions, with some guests and one or two other members. He kept the club going. Despite his thankless job as Area Director, he finished a CL, an ACS, and an ACG. Don achieved meeting awards and conducted educational programs as VPE. Without Don, the club couldn’t have survived. He is the most valuable and accomplished member of the club.”

Luke Toastmasters Club

Market Masters Club
Maverick Toastmasters Club
Mayhem Toastmasters
Melrose – Michele Zalak

Michele Zalak, DTM is the OCM for Melrose and SLEEK Toastmasters. She has been a member of District 3 Toastmaster clubs since 2012. Michele is an elementary school music teacher and plays violin professionally. Toastmasters has helped her develop the confidence and creativity to excel at both things. She has very recently relocated to the east coast, but plans to be involved in District 3 Toastmasters clubs as long as zoom can get her to meetings. She would like to thank the members of District 3 toastmasters for being her west coast family! 

“A previous Juris Kursulis awardee, Michele is well-known to District 3. She is selfless and giving, never failing to say no. She always goes above and beyond in her service to Toastmasters, even at the expense of her well-being. Michele is passionate about Toastmasters, in general, and the people specifically. As she moves away from District 3 for other career opportunities, Michele was most deserving of the Melrose Toastmasters Outstanding Club Member of the Year.”

Midtown Toast Pros
MTC Toastmasters

Natural Speakers – Clara Sartor

Clara Sage is a naturopathic medical student in her second year at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She plans to go into primary care with a focus on autoimmune disease, chronic pain, and stress management. She enjoys playing jazz and classical piano, gardening, and spending time with her friends and family. While at the College of William and Mary, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Biology with a minor in French and Francophone studies, which she has studied for over ten years. She loves a good horror movie, candles, funk music, and completing escape rooms.

“She stays in constant communication with our area reps and steps up to fill in any role the club needs. She has grown in her speeches and we are so lucky to have her on the board two years in a row!”


New Horizons Toastmasters Club – Scott Manley

Scott Manley began his career in the Y2K and .com boom era maintaining servers, creating websites, computer graphics and doing general IT work for business clients. Over the last 15 years he has held various positions in technology solutions sales and marketing. He is an avid technology fan and self described geek that believes learning is a lifelong adventure. Toastmaster’s has been a great experience and the relationships he has built and the the skills he has gained are invaluable.

“Scott has gone above and beyond the club duties as VPPR at New Horizons Toastmasters Club. He played a key role in the creation of a new club website. He also made the transition to the virtual meeting quite seamless by setting up the Microsoft Teams platform and on boarded all members and guests with professionalism and perfection. He embodies the toastmasters core values of integrity, respect, service and excellence and deserves to be not only an outstanding member but also the outstanding toastmaster of the year.”

New Vision Toastmasters Club
Nogales Toastmasters Club
Noontime Toastmasters Club
Norterra Toastmasters
Northwest Casas Adobes Club – Marc Summersett

Marc has been a part of the Northwest Casas Adobes Toastmasters Club since April of 2012. He’s served as President twice as well as many other officer roles for the club. He’s really been the rock this year for our club. From stepping in to help our new officers to getting us back together on Zoom. He’s always been there for everyone. This is Marc’s time earning this prestigious club honor. We are proud of him and the work he continues to do.

“Marc has served as an officer for 6 of the 8 years he has been a member. Serving as president twice. Now voted twice as Outstanding Club Member. Currently finishing as VPE. He has been our rock keeping us together on Zoom. He is the first to step in to help other officers.”



Northwest Speakers Toastmasters

OAG Toastmasters
Ocotillo Breakfast Club
Old Town Toastmasters Club – Aavya Solros

“Aavya was President of Old Town Toastmasters this past year. When renewals and Covid hit, the club was left with 3 members. Aavya took to social media and asked for help. Her leadership and dedication earned the club Presidents Distinguished. We are lucky to have her. Thanks Aavya!!”

ONFirst Toastmasters
Optima Toastmasters
Oro Valley Toastmasters – Jim Eng

“Jim Eng is the gentle, but mighty, force propelling the Oro Valley Toastmasters Club forward. His good humor and optimism have carried club members through challenges from disruptive personalities, fluctuating membership numbers, new members’ learning curves, and Zoom technical difficulties. Through it all, Jim is the glue holding the club together. Despite a demanding job and a heavy load of responsibilities as district director, Jim is always responsive to members’ questions and requests for help. And he always responds with cheer and encouragement. At every meeting, he capitalizes on a teaching moment, using it to educate members about how to enhance their Toastmasters skills. He seems to possess an endless supply of energy, and I wonder if he ever gets a chance to rest. Especially during this time when we can’t gather together in person for our meetings, I wonder if the club would survive without Jim’s skillful leadership.”

Papago Club
Paradise Valley Toastmasters Club – Mike Janson

“Mike consistently is executing his VP Education role. Engaging members and working with new members on Pathways, mentorship opportunities, support and encouragement. Mike does not miss a beat when it comes to publishing our weekly agenda prior to meetings, bringing levity to meetings, and having a “I’ll do what ever it takes and happy to serve” attitude. He brings levity to the club, enthusiasm and consistency. Mike has been my mentor and steadfast in supporting not only myself, yet all members of the clubs. “

Park Central Toastmasters Club – Marie Maddox

I have been an enthusiastic member of Park Central Toastmasters for 6 years. Like many who join Toastmasters, I am an introvert. From my first day at Park Central, I was welcomed in all my self-observant glory. I have gained confidence and wisdom from members who are fun, warm, and supportive. It has been my pleasure to serve our club as VPE, VPM, and President. Yes, I am still an introvert—and a darn good one at that. But now, I embrace it as one of my greatest strengths. Thank you Park Central Toastmasters for choosing me as our Outstanding Club Member!

“Within a week of our last in person meeting because of Carona, our incredible president, Marie Maddox, had researched online methods of holding our meetings and workshops – long before there was any help from TI. She initiated a Zoom account, invites all members each week and many former members. We hold a full meeting every week except for an abbreviated speaker lineup. Additionally Marie emails support materials to functionaries, i.e. Ah Counters report, etc. She has managed to have more than 30 members participate each week. That is particularly amazing because we are fortunate to have many long time members {20, 30, 40+ years} who are not always tech competent. We all look forward to meetings that are fun, competently executed by functionaries, and valuable. We have had visitors from several other states and clubs. Marie Maddox is the personification of “can do” spirit and deserves to be recognized!!!!”

PBC Toastmasters
Peacock Toastmasters Club
People Chatter Club
Petsmart Sit! Stay! Speak!
Phoenix Toastmasters
Pima County Communicators Club
Platinum Club
Power Play Toastmasters
Premium Toastmasters
Prescott Club
ProjectMasters Toastmasters – Paul Svancara

“Paul Svancara is a rock for our club. A funny, humble, and responsible rock, with a can-do attitude. He has kept our website updated for multiple years with latest information on meeting agendas, contests, officers, and of course Zoom meeting directions now we are remote. He also steps in frequently to fill open roles for our meeting and is a mentor to other members. Pre-COVID, Paul was one of only two members who stood up to compete in the Tall Tales Contest so he could represent the club. He integrated member feedback and made his speech even better so he won the area contest. Paul’s generous spirit, sense of humor and humility make him an essential part of the welcoming and positive ProjectMasters club culture. Please recognize Paul on behalf of our grateful and appreciative club!”

Pure Talk Toastmasters

Queen Creek Toastmasters

Raise the Bar
Reddy’s Club
Rim Talkers
Rise and Shine – Stephanie Angelo

Stephanie keynotes and facilitates workshops on Strategic Thinking and Accountability. She has a passion for working with companies to develop and foster strong Company Cultures by establishing innovative customized in-house programs to create Traction not Transaction™.  In 2020 Stephanie invented the wildly popular board game Company Culture – a Game of Workplace Traction not Transaction™ which is an exclusive element in her in-person and virtual company culture workshops. Stephanie is a professional member of National Speakers Association and NSA-AZ, served on two National Committees and is a Vistage Worldwide speaker. She is a member of Society for Human Resource Management

“Stephanie, has been an integral part to Rise & Shine this past year. When we had to switch to online meetings due to Covid 19, she volunteered right away in letting us use her Zoom account. Without Stephanie hosting our meetings Rise & Shine could not meet without her. “

Risk Takers Toastmasters Club – Jasen Pantoja

Jasen joined Toastmasters in 2017 with the primary goal of improving his extemporaneous speaking skills. He gained much more than what he signed up for, especially treasured friendships, a healthy sense of confidence and overcoming much of the “imposter syndrome.” Within 3 years, he participated and placed in 2 Area Contests, served as VPM for 2 consecutive years, and helped coordinate numerous Toastmasters events. He credits his Risk Takers colleagues for inspiring, supporting and leading him through his development. Professionally, Jasen owns and art directs Pantoja Design which specializes in helping Marketing Departments and Agencies create effective media that produce results.

“Jasen is always available to help with ANYTHING, from technology to welcoming new members, to being on an event committee. He has served as Vice President of Membership for two years and has almost perfect attendance to meetings. He also gave a kick-butt speech for the 2020 Tale Tales speech contest that took him to the Division contest. Jasen hosted a speech evaluation workshop for our club and always gives 100% percent.”

Risky Business Toastmaster Club
Roadrunners Club – Moreen Ferdie PLCGS

Moreen joined Roadrunners Toastmasters in April 2019. In May she “stepped up” in the role of Toastmaster, as the assigned Toastmaster was not available. Three weeks later she gave her Icebreaker speech. Moreen joined Toastmasters to help polish her speaking skills, and for the social aspect. Toastmasters gives her the opportunity to work on fine tuning the skills and smaller components of her speeches. One of her jobs as a genealogist requires presentations and workshops that are anywhere from 1-3 hours long. This year she has “stepped up” once again to become her clubs Sergeant of Arms.

“The club voted for her to be the Outstanding Club Member. She jumped right in and has proven she is willing to do whatever is needed to help the club. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the club is impressive and very much appreciated!”

Roche Desert Toastmasters -Monica Ge

Monica Ge is a research scientist in Roche Tissue Diagnostics, tissue research and early development department. She’s been a Roche Desert Toastmaster club since 2017 and has been very actively involved with club affairs, such as serving as mentor for new club members, making and editing the first issue of the club newsletter, and leading membership campaigns etc. As the newly elected club vice president of public relations, she strives to unite all Roche International Toastmasters clubs in this virtual reality that we are all facing by making websites and hosting joint events to promote ToastMaster clubs. She also works closely with the career development team in her functional department bringing in her experiences of Toastmaster tainings into workplace’s practices. 

“Monica stepped up in our club to be one of the first to give virtual speeches on our new, Google Hangouts meetings. In addition, she took her Pathway assignment of project management to design a project to help our club during COVID quarantine. Her leadership has made a difference in our club, and her speaking skills continue to improve greatly. We are thankful to have her! “

Roundup Club
Rx for Speakers Toastmasters Club

S.L.E.E.K. – Michele Zalak

Michele Zalak, DTM is the OCM for Melrose and SLEEK Toastmasters. She has been a member of District 3 Toastmaster clubs since 2012. Michele is an elementary school music teacher and plays violin professionally. Toastmasters has helped her develop the confidence and creativity to excel at both things. She has very recently relocated to the east coast, but plans to be involved in District 3 Toastmasters clubs as long as zoom can get her to meetings. She would like to thank the members of District 3 toastmasters for being her west coast family!

“Michele Zalak, DTM is the member you always look forward to seeing at club meetings, events and wherever Toastmasters gather. She brings a smile to everyone with her kindness and musical abilities, setting an example for all of us in our leadership club. Michele steps up to volunteer whenever there’s a call for help, supporting all her clubs and fellow members, giving generously of her time and miles. Michele has gone above and beyond, driving miles to support clubs not only in the Phoenix area, but beyond when no one else stepped up. She is a sharing and caring leader. S.L.E.E.K. is proud to have Michele as a member of the club and pleased to nominate her for Outstanding Club Member of the year.”

Saguaro Speakers
Saguaro Speakers Club
Saguaro Toastmasters Club #16
Sahuarita Toastmasters
Sedona Sunrise Toastmasters Club
Showtime Toastmasters Club – Drew Jensen

Drew Jensen, DTM, was a key player in developing Showtime’s online meeting capabilities during the past year. He created and presented the club’s 90-minute workshop “Online Toastmaster Meeting Essentials,” which was very timely and helpful for Toastmasters in District 3 when the covid pandemic struck. Drew also served as VP-Public Relations, and in this role he developed publicity campaigns to promote Showtime, and he managed the club’s social media presence, including Facebook, Meetup, MailChimp, and the FreeToastHost website. Drew also authored various blog posts and informational materials about communication skills, online meeting technologies, email marketing, and PR strategies. In years past, he has also served District 3 Toastmasters as an Area Director and TLI facilitator.
Professionally, Drew is the Executive On-boarding & Integration Manager at Intel Corporation in Chandler. He has over 25 years experience as a strategist and marketing executive, and is currently responsible for driving training and coaching for new corporate executives. He is a consummate leader, with a passion for developing people and organizations, especially in the areas of leadership and personal growth. Drew is also a professional speaker, trainer, and technologist, and for many years, has been an active leader in the Boy Scouts organization.

Signal Peak Club
Signal Speakers Club
Softalkers Club
South Mountain Toastmasters
Southwest Toastmasters Club – Karen Hebda

Karen Hebda, DTM, is a member of two Tucson area clubs: Southwest Toastmasters and the advanced
club, Leaders First. She has served in every club office over the years, and has served in the office of
Picacho Area Director. Like most Toastmasters, Karen joined to practice public speaking. Now that she
is retired, she remains with Toastmasters because she enjoys the camaraderie and the opportunity to
mentor new Toastmasters and watch their growth and development into polished speakers and leaders.

“For consistently going above and beyond for Southwest Toastmasters and all other clubs she helps.”

Sparklight Toastmasters

Speak E’s
Speakeasy Toastmasters
Speaking With Insight
Spice It Up Toastmasters
Stagecoach Speakers – Chandler – Alicia Hills

Alicia Hills reluctantly joined Stagecoach Speakers – Chandler in February of 2016; shortly thereafter she boarded the officer bus serving two years as VPM, one as VPE, and now club president. Her zeal for Toastmasters grew after attending the 2018 & 2019 D3 Spring Conferences. She served as S6 Area Director in 2019-20. Having enjoyed learning more about the district functions, expanding her network, and hosting an area speech contest, she elected to serve as the O5 AD for 2020-21. Alicia’s passion boosts the energy within meetings as well as club member engagement and retention.

“As VPE, Alicia helped pack meetings with speeches, assisted us in exceeding our educational goals, and consistently rotated members into new roles. Engaging members who had taken a couple steps back was another strength.”


Stagecoach Speakers – Horse Whisperers
Stagecoach Speakers Phoenix-1 Toastmasters – Daisy Enriquez

“Daisy embodies what it means to be a dedicated and outstanding Toastmaster. Daisy goes above and beyond his role as Vice President of Membership and has single-handedly brought in all six of our newest members. She is very generous with her time, despite mandatory work overtime. Outside of the meetings Daisy created new flyers for our club, and computed in the Club and Area speech contest. Her support and encouragement has helped the club attract diverse members while retaining current members. We are honored to have such an outstanding member of our club.”

State Expressions Toastmasters Club
Success Speaks Here
SunCountry Toastmasters
Sunrise Toastmasters Club
Sunrisers Club
Sunset Club
Superstition Toastmasters Club #73
SYF Phoenix Toastmasters Club

Talk of the Tower
Talk Tales – Timothy Anderson

Timothy Anderson, Talk Tales 981446, Vice President of Education, has a stalwart commitment to our club in a multitude of ways. He is there at every meeting making sure that everything is in order, even though some items are not his responsibility. He made sure the functionaries had the forms they needed, that supplies were ordered when needed, and he never complained about doing extra to get the every single meeting set up. We always rely on Tim Anderson to help at the club, area, division, or district level. He is a magnificent Toastmaster who works hard behind the scenes to make every meeting and event run smoothly, efficiently, and happily for the benefit of all.”

Talking Geckos
TALKotillo Toastmasters – Tammy Stimatze

“Always showed up and did whatever it took to make the best meeting possible. Real team player”

T-Bird Talks Toastmasters
Technically Speaking
Tempe Expressions Toastmasters
Tempe Toastmasters Club
The Bridge Toastmasters Club
Think Tank
Thunderbird Toastmasters
Toast of Flagstaff Club
Toast of the Mountain Club
Toast To OneAZ
Toastmasters At The Forum
Toastmasters of Sedona Club
Town Lake
Trash Masters
Trash Talkers
Tucson Bilingual Toastmasters Club
Tucson Toastmasters
Tucson Twosomes Club – Lulu Rice

Lulu Rice has lived in Tucson since 1969. Unfortunately, She did not joinToastmasters until 8 years ago when she was already retired. Still, her experience in her clubs, has spilled over into her personal life including her social life. She has more confidence, poise and self esteem. Sunday, she completed her credits for her Distinguished Toastmasters Award.

“Lulu is an active member of the club and immediate Past President of the Club. She is very active in the Toastmaster Community . She is integral to the success of our club. She brings her cheerful presence to every meeting she attends.”




Tucson Veterans Toastmasters Club
Twilite Club

UA Toastmasters
Unity Speakers TM Club
University of Arizona Facilities Management Toastmasters – Devesh, Khosla

Devesh Khosla become a Toastmaster in May 2018. He told us every time he had to speak, he was afraid to do so in front of a group of people, no matter the size. In fact, while in school, he was always avoiding his turn to speak in front of the class. This platform given him many opportunities to grow and make networking. He step up to one of role as VP education in University of Arizona Facility and Management and done outstanding job. When he started he experience love and Support from the every member of toastmaster club and same he want to give back to new and challenging members.

“Devesh is an exemplary Toastmaster and our club is fortunate to have him as a member and an officer. He stepped up into an officer role after only a year of membership experience. Devesh is motivated and very active in Pathways and has applied to be an area director. It would be in the district’s best interest to keep a close eye on Devesh and his contributions and service, he is a promising future leader.”

University Toastmasters Club
USAA Eagles Toastmasters Club – Bettie Covington

Bettie first joined Toastmasters in June of 2008 and has attended every conference since that time. She is a two time DTM and is working to complete her third DTM in Pathways. You will frequently see Bettie serving in the district on various committees and leadership roles. She is currently a member of three clubs; in addition to USAA Eagles she is a member of USAA Masters Touch and the West Valley leadership club called SLEEK. Bettie was District 3 OTMOTY year for 2012-2013

“Bettie is a role model for the entire club. She is our VPE and works with all club members to meet their educational goals, as well as keep our functionary roles filled in advance of each meeting. She keeps our club informed on our progress in the DCP program, and has become a true friend to many of the club members. We are honored to recognize Bettie Covington as the USAA Eagles Outstanding Club Member of the year.”


USAA Master’s Touch

Valley Toastmasters Club
Valued Voices Club – Amanda Cuda

Amanda joins us all the way from Australia and she moved to the US in June 2019 for love. Amanda joined Toastmasters 3.5 years ago after she started having success in her health and wellness business and was asked to speak at several events. She quickly realized that public speaking was a foreign skill to her and it appeared more difficult than building a business.

Amanda has completed her Competent Communicator, and almost completed her Competent Leadership manual. In Australia, Amanda’s first club officer role was VP PR, and at the next elections, she became VP of Education. Amanda is currently serving as the Secretary for Valued Voices Toastmasters and will be serving as VP PR in the next year.

Amanda has competed in 2 area contests, where she placed second in a Humorous contest in Australia, and second in the Area S6 International contest.

Amanda is excited to learn how to speak American, a very different language to Australian.

Amanda has a passion for all things digital and using online platforms.

“Amanda went above and beyond to train the members to the new zoom format, she created documents to help explain, sent out several timely meeting updates and notes, conducted meetings on zoom, recorded speeches and sent emails to the speakers with their recordings and took the members by hand to show them what needs to be done.”

Voice of Many Club – Constance Baumgartner

“CJ joined Voice of Many in February 2020 and had an immediately positive influence on our club. Not only did CJ inject great energy and creativity into her speeches and meeting roles, she used her skills as a professional recruiter to encourage her work colleagues and friends to become members. Almost overnight, and in the midst of Covid-19 uncertainty, CJ and her recruits set the stage for Voice of Many to once again be a Presidents Distinguished club. As we transitioned to virtual meetings, CJ was a steady presence, providing humor, a smiling face, and a drive to learn everything she could about Toastmasters. Finally, when it was time for officer elections, CJ eagerly volunteered to run for Vice President of Public Relations. We hope, when Toastmasters are finally able to meet in person, that you get a chance to meet CJ. You will discover what it means to be an outstanding Toastmasters! ”

Walkie Talkies Toastmasters Club – Kent Crossland

“Kent is always supportive, helps others and a long standing member, he deserves this nomination as voted by the club”

WeMAR-kable Speakers – Aaron Kurzawski 


Aaron has been a member of the WeMARkable Speakers Toastmaster Club for just over 2 years.  Aaron currently works as the General Manager for Star Metal Fluids; a company started by his father in 1992.  SMF specializes in the lubricants and oils utilized in the manufacturing industry; primarily aerospace and defense manufacturing.  Aaron is also a registered nurse.  He has been married to his wife, Alicia, for almost 17 years and they have 4 beautiful boys, with child number 5 due any week now.  Aaron loves to play golf and spend time outdoors. 

“He is a great role model, helping every member go above and beyond pushing them to go further. Aaron is creative , motivated and confident no matter how busy he finds time to help each member”


West Valley Toastmasters Club

Yavapai College Toastmasters
You Can Toast It, We Can Help!