2022 Summer On-Demand Toastmasters Leadership Institute
(Open to ALL)

Key Elements:

  1. Virtual Classroom: You will sign into a virtual Google Classroom to complete three or more video pieces of training. In Each training, you will confirm you watched the training by writing down the keyword placed in the training in your survey. In the end, you will fill in the form with your membership information and also provide feedback and evaluations for the courses and the overall experience.
  2. Live 1 Hour Discussion: You will be given the choice of which discussion session to attend from four required networking discussions to allow time to share ideas and collaborate. These are each for only an hour!
  3. Credit: Attendance in each session is tracked and recorded. After verification of both requirements being met, credit is given or sent to your District for credit. If you are from another District, your PQD must approve.

Why On-Demand? 

On-Demand Toastmasters Leadership Institute was an idea and foundation created out of a need for greater flexibility in our training. With many people working different hours, having families, and overall just having busier lives, spending immense amounts of time tied up can be challenging. Allowing individuals to do the training on their time will allow them to gain more value, get more insight, and develop better questions or knowledge of what is being taught. After that, discussion sessions with peers can really help facilitate the exchange of knowledge and help to guide a member to become stronger!

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Nuts & Bolts Sessions

This session offers an instructional and fun overview of what the role of a President is in our clubs.

This session will cover all the basics needed to provide a strong foundational education program in your club.

Membership is all about the growth and development of the members of a club. This session will cover all the necessary details to make your members feel more at home!

Public Relations is the bane of a Toastmaster’s existence, but it shouldn’t be! This session will teach you the fundamental basics needed to grow as a Public Relations Officer.

Treasury is different from club to club and region to region. This session will offer you a general guide on how to become the best Treasurer you can be!

The role of Sergeant at Arms has changed over the past couple of years. This doesn’t have to confuse you though! This session will cover all the basics you will need to be successful in whatever environment you are in!

Secretary is more of a role than you may think! This session will cover why this role is so vital and how you can become the best you can be!

Elective Sessions

Oftentimes, people confuse professional speaking with many other forms of speaking. In this session, you will learn what the differences are!

The world is changing, people are as well! This doesn’t have to be a fearful experience for anyone! This session is going to teach us how to become more inclusive and culturally aware in our clubs so that we may foster a better membership and future.

This session is going to give you all the needed information to help your club reach the most potential in the Distinguished Club Program!

Is the Pathways system still confusing to you? Are you new to Pathways? This session will cover all the information needed as a club officer to navigate the pathways system.

Coaching a club is changing this year, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. This session is going to cover all the information needed to successfully coach a club to success!

Celebrating our members and each other is a critical step in every club. This session will cover why we want to celebrate every piece of our members’ lives.

Why is it important to listen? This session will cover how listening will help you as a leader and how listening and hearing are different.

New club officer? Club Central is the place where you will access and manage all our your club’s information and members. This session will cover all you need to know about club central and how to access it.

Discussion Sessions