June 20, 2020
To:  District Executive Committee (DEC)
Cc: Past District Governors/Directors
Subject: Notification of District Executive Committee Meeting, July 18, 2020
You are receiving this notification because you are a member of the DEC or a past District Governor/Director.
  • Our first DEC Meeting will take place on Saturday, July, 18, 2020 at 2:00 pm via Zoom
    • The Zoom meeting link and password will be sent with the agenda 14 days before the meeting.
    • Please keep confidential and plan on attending.
  • Business: the following are a list of potential business items that may require a vote:
    • Finance Manager’s Report
    • Approval of Appointed Officers
    • Assignments of Clubs
    • Budget: we are waiting on final numbers from World Headquarters. The District Budget will not be reviewed at this DEC. We will need a special vote to approve budget before the District Council (DC) meeting on 9/19/2020.
  • In order to conduct business at this meeting, a quorum is required. A quorum is established when a majority of DEC members attend the meeting.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Peter Salazar, DTM
2020-2021 District Director Elect