Club WOW! Initiative

2020 – 2021

The Club WOW! Initiative is designed to help invigorate club spirit by giving members an opportunity to share their WOW! and inspire others to revitalize meetings, so members keep coming back because of the connections they made through Toastmasters.
Whether we continue holding club meetings online for a while, resume our familiar in-person meetings, or conduct a hybrid form of meeting, this is an excellent time for appreciating and sharing our ideas and creativity, individually as members or as clubs celebrating what’s great about meetings.
We believe that club meetings are what provide the basis for a successful Toastmasters experience; where members get information about the educational benefits and experience the value of Toastmasters.

A Red Carpet Club Event:

June 28, 2019: Red Carpet Day!!! It was the meeting of the year! We celebrated 17 years of Peacock Toastmasters and the end of the year for the current officers. We can thank Monica Simmons for her extraordinary efforts to put on a Red Carpet day with food, live music, decorations and awards! Lisa Leverette contributed to the festivities by completing her Competent Communications manual and Monica followed up by presenting Oscars to club members.

Click on the link for the Peacock Toastmasters BLOG:

Amazing Ice Breaker Story:

October 31, 2019: Shannon Simmons wows the Peacock Toastmasters Club with her Ice Breaker. Shannon’s title was Learner, Leader, Legacy Leaver. She started out by explaining why she had joined Toastmasters and how public speaking could impact her life and those she cared for. Her title was so appropriate as she shared her dedicated efforts to improve all aspects of her life. This improvement would allow her to engage in service leadership as she modeled what was possible. Best was her desire to set the example for her family, especially her grandchildren. If this Ice Breaker is any indication, being present for one of Shannon’s future speeches will be a royal treat.

Click on the Peacock Toastmasters BLOG:

Table Topics on Zoom:

Looking for ways to mix it up for Table Topics online? Lonnie Power of T-Bird Talks Toastmasters demonstrates his magic as the Table Topics Master. He selects various objects from his home and prompts members to perform a sales pitch for hand-picked items. Here, Lonnie asks a member to sell and summon the proverbial genie in the bottle.

What creative ideas has your club discovered for Table Topics online?

How it Works – At the CLUB:

Share your WOW! experiences with fellow club members using a medium of your choice – Facebook, Instagram, Club website or FTH, Club newsletter, email…

Why share your WOW!?
We believe by sharing the exceptional meeting, that ah-ha moment, or the WOW! speech a fellow member just ‘knocked out of the park’, members benefit from becoming inspired.  Sharing and appreciating what members bring to the club helps generate momentum for the club.  (If members need help with a medium such as Facebook or FTH, a list of resources may be found in the Toolkit)

How to Participate:
Members share your WOW! “See it – Share it – WOW! it”

STEP 2: Members are encouraged to participate by generating or sharing a Club WOW! using a medium of choice.  Clubs can download a Certificate of Participation for presentation to members who share a WOW!

STEP 3: Each month, the club may select their “Club WOW! of the Month”* to submit to Club WOW! for posting.  If there’s more than one WOW! that month, the club may vote to select a member’s WOW! that was shared, or the club may decide to submit a WOW! that represents the entire club for a “Club WOW! of the Month”.  The WOW! must have been shared by a medium of choice.

*Any club member may share a WOW! happening at their club using various media, however the “Club WOW! of the Month” recognition will be given to the member that created the WOW! event or moment.

How to submit: Clubs submit your “Club WOW! of the Month” using the online form and send Media Release, photos and WOW! attachments

to by the end of the month to be placed on the D3 website, Club WOW! web page the following month.**

**Requirements: 1) Must submit the “Club WOW! online form, 2) Send in signed Media Release form and WOW! attachments (photos, pdfs) to, 3) If the online Form is submitted, the attachments must also be received by Club WOW! by the end of the month for posting the following month, 4) Clubs may only submit a specific “Club WOW! of the Month” once, but may submit each month with a different WOW!, 5) If a club submits after the end of the month, their “Club WOW! of the Month” will be posted the month following.

STEP 4: Club Recognition
A. Clubs may recognize Members who share a “WOW!“ by presenting a customizable Certificate of Participation. [Download “Club WOW!” Certificate of Participation]

B. Clubs that submit will have their “Club WOW! of the Month” posted on the Club WOW! web page for the month and receive a “Club WOW! of the Month” certificate.  Additionally, one lucky club will be drawn from all the “Club WOW! of the Month” postings for that month, to receive a gift valued at about $25.**

**Each month, clubs that submitted their “Club WOW! of the Month” form, send in attachments by the end of the month and are posted on the web page the following month, will be entered into a drawing for a gift valued at about $25.  The winning club each month, may choose 1 gift from the following:

    1. A Computer Messenger Bag – item 6819 ($25)
    2. A Canvas Tote Bag – item 6943 plus Pen & Pencil set – item 6940 ($24.50 total)
    3. A $25 gift card from Office Depot or Target

(A substitution of a gift item may be necessary if an above gift item from the Toastmasters International Shop or a specific gift card is no longer available)

STEP 5: All “Club WOW!s of the Month” through June 30, 2021 that were submitted and displayed on the Club WOW! web page may be entered for a vote by members across the District on July 15, 2021 for the “Club WOW! of the Year” award. Any WOW’s that have not previously been submitted and placed on the Club WOW! web page will not qualify for the vote.

STEP 6: For the “Club WOW! of the Year” award, whether the Club WOW! came from a member or an entire club, the respective club will receive a catered meal valued at about $200. The club winning “Club WOW! of the Year” will receive a Certificate for “Club WOW! of the Year” and a meal catered at their meeting. Additionally, a photo and caption may be displayed on the District 3 website EVENTS Photo Gallery, in addition to appearing on the Club WOW! web page.

NOTE: Clubs may participate in Club WOW! and submit their “Club WOW! of the Month” to Club WOW! for posting on the web page, at their discretion. It is not required, but if you don’t submit, your club won’t have a chance to have their Club WOW!s displayed on the District 3 Club WOW! web page, or have a chance to win “Club WOW! of the Year” 2020-2021.

Information on social media

Media Release Form

Social Media Handout

Questions about FTH (FreeToastHost)? – Please email with your specific questions and we will contact you.

Club WOW!

To get members excited about attending meetings

To help members recall “why” they joined and what they are getting out of it

To inspire a creative process that can lead to WOW!

To build on the natural high that comes from accomplishments

To generate the habit of sharing and learning by using various forms of media for connecting with one another

See it – Share it – WOW! it