Passenger Rules on Leadership Journeys

The most difficult leadership role is the role of a passenger on a leadership journey. Leaders have a defined and clear role, but passengers intended to support the leader and are often left on their own to determine the rules of the road. This becomes one of the most difficult leadership roles to navigate. What are the rules of the road when you are asked by a leader to support them? In this session, we will explore how to support others as they lead.

Sara Mayer, owner, and creator of Sara Mayer Consulting is your go-to expert on organizing your hectic days, weeks, and months into manageable, and functional chunks of work. Through her work as a champion for multiple philanthropies in Arizona and her commitment to building the capacity of the community, Sara has personally mastered maximizing every minute of every day to ensure she meets the expectations set before her.

Sara is a Distinguished Toastmaster, former Palo Verde Division Director, and District Chief Judge. She has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Sandra Day O’Connor Community Service Award. She is a founding member of the Joyride Society and served on the Association of Junior Leagues International Governance Committee.

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