Many Hands Make Light Work

In her presentation, Karen Hewitt will give you actionable steps for building teams, leading with success, and helping your team achieve their goals. “Leaders often fail to ask or provide meaningful reasons to members participating in committees, leading to burnout, overwork, and ineffective programs,” said Karen. Utilizing collaboration and systems that will be addressed in this presentation, will not only help you grow teams in Toastmasters and at work, but result in team members actively willing to work with you again.

Karen is a certified Life and NLP coach as well as a successful, multifaceted entrepreneur. She shares her story and her gifts in an empathic and authentic way to help others. Discovering real-life gifts where introverts have the most power, Karen teaches her clients how powerful, creative and successful you can be as an introvert, a woman, and a busy mom juggling it all! Karen’s story takes her from almost losing her life to a man she thought was there to help her gain strength, leaving her with agoraphobia, PTSD, and anxiety where she became completely locked in her introverted world to becoming a true powerhouse in helping others stand true in their own gifts and strengths. As an empathic and compassionate speaker, she connects with introverted individuals that know that there is something more to what they are doing, but don’t know how they can impact or express themselves because of feeling shy, introverted, or even unworthy.

In Toastmasters, Karen is the District Director-Elect, a 2-time DTM, and is about to enter two more DTMs in July. She believes DTM means Destined to Mentor and has already seen some of her mentees receive their DTMs with four more due to submit theirs in July. She credits this to being focused on the Education Program and sharing a don’t speak for free system as well as how to impactfully use HPLs in our member’s Growth. 

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