Lunch & Learn: Leadership…Collision or Collaboration?

“Confidence as a leader was never my issue; getting results was more my concern. For years, I led a variety of teams. Some produced better results than others. The more I led teams, the more I concluded that I had a better chance of getting the results I wanted if I just did it myself. But wait! That’s not leadership!”  Are your leadership experiences feeling more like a collision than a collaboration? Five leadership adjustments can help you put the odds in favor of successful collaborations that reach the results you are looking for.

Trish Blackwelder joined Toastmasters in 1995, and since then has earned 5 DTMs under multiple educational programs. She was thrilled to embrace Pathways by serving as both an Ambassador and Guide. Across her 25-year membership, Trish has served in a variety of district service roles – TLI Chair, DCP Chair, Sponsor/Mentor/Coach Chair, Pathways Chair, and District Chief Judge as well as a Division Director, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and District Director in district leadership.

Her innovative approaches for High-er Performance Committee Chairs, DC-by-DC Distinguished Club planning, and FUN-damentals for Sponsors/Mentors/Coaches (SMaC) helped prepare her to lead District 3 to Distinguished District performance during her 2009-10 District Director year.


Trish Blackwelder, DTM, PDD

Trish confesses that she joined Toastmasters in order to “survive” the 14-floor, lunch time elevator rides often shared with her CEO. While Table Topics may have been the reason she joined, it’s her ongoing exploration of the leadership side of Toastmasters that keeps her renewing her membership.  She remains a passionate supporter of Toastmasters in a leadership development program and continues to raise awareness for transferable leadership experiences with Toastmasters members.

When not “Toastmastering” you will find Trish facilitating Operational Excellence work sessions as a Process Design Consultant for a Top 3 US financial institution, cooking up some new experimental recipe in her kitchen, or hanging out with better-half Bob and their three feline fur-babies.

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