Lunch & Learn: How To Give Evaluations IRL (in real life) presented by Jovita Robertson

How to Give Evaluations IRL (in real life) with Jovita Robertson

What if you went to your boss, your spouse, or your kids and gave them a Toastmasters level evaluation?

Toastmasters prides itself on providing constructive, timely, and valuable feedback to its members through every stage of their growth. Whether it’s for filling a functionary role, giving a prepared speech, or serving as an officer/district leader. Unfortunately, this level of feedback is not always well received in the corporate world or in personal relationships.

Jovita will provide specific tips on how to take the skills learned from Toastmasters evaluations and bring them to “real” life situations. She will share her story and experiences on how she has applied these techniques and the positive outcomes.

Feedback is a reciprocal relationship. The more self-aware and receptive you are to feedback the better you will become at giving evaluations IRL (in real life).

Jovita Robertson has over 7 years of experience managing teams and developing leaders in various corporate operations roles. “Give me a process or a person to develop and I am happy!”  In the last few years, Jovita started her own business, ‘Grow with Jovita’, that specifically focuses on career and leadership development for women; a currently under-served demographic in the corporate world. Jovita believes that everyone deserves to have a fulfilling career that helps them achieve the life they truly want. #mywhy

Jovita has been a Toastmaster since 2013 and is currently VP of Education for Leaders Plus Toastmasters. She will always be grateful for Toastmasters providing a safe and positive environment to improve her communication and leadership skills which directly translated into her career advancement.

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