Lunch & Learn: How to Build Trust with Your Audience in the first 7 minutes! with Stacy Brookman

When you’re giving a seminar or presentation, you’ve got to build trust within the first 7 minutes.  In this presentation, Stacy will share the exact formula you can use for any speaking opportunity, that gains audience trust by being ordinary, extraordinary and by sharing your why in a compelling way.

Stacy Brookman is a Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert.  She helps coaches, course creators, consultants and executives who want to stop hiding behind a façade of confidence and leverage Stacy to help them take command of their personal power while multiplying their resilience and confidence by 10 times.  She does that by helping them unleash their stories so they discover their hard-won wisdom and gain clarity from their life lessons, gaining the power to feel confident in themselves.


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