CANCELED: Lunch & Learn – Conscious Communication presented by Colleen McNeese



“Conscious  Communication”
Presented by Colleen McNeese


December 10, 2021  11:30 am to 12:30 pm


Do you remember playing the telephone game as a child? Sitting in a circle and whispering to the person next to you, a brief story and when it gets to the end of the circle it is nothing like what you started?

No matter the life path you are on Conscious Communication is the KEY, whether in life, work, relationships, or any other aspect of life. You may change your mind, your choices, and your life, but being clear on your “why” and communicating in a way that others understand you is a powerful way to clearly convey your message.

Colleen will discuss conscious communication, how it begins with “you” being analytical about the communication process and getting your powerful message across the way you intended.

Colleen McNeese started her career in communication as a A-&-W Carhop on roller skates at age 12. She became a manager of a Country Kitchen restaurant. Worked on a Dairy Farm milking over 200 head of cattle twice a day, then as an over the road truckdriver for a brief time. At age 27 she purchased a 24-hour Truck-stop restaurant. With four daughters, she volunteered to be their Girl Scout Leader and CCD Teacher. It wasn’t long before she became the Director of Religious Education for the Catholic Church for 15 years prior to her going to work for the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) doing disaster work for 25 years.

Colleen is addicted to Toastmasters. She is extremely excited every time she hears a member do an ice breaker or any speech because she feels everyone has an amazing story to tell. Every time someone earns a job promotion or an award Colleen is their biggest cheerleader. She believes Toastmasters can help transform your life.

Colleen is a 26-year veteran of Toastmasters. She has experienced the value of the Toastmasters program firsthand. She has served as Area Director, Area Governor, President of three clubs, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Membership, and Vice President of Public Relations. Colleen cannot wait to see what comes next on her Toastmaster’s journey.

Colleen enjoys traveling and spending time with the important people in her life; Her husband, children, and grandbabies (all 25 of them).

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