Lunch and Learn: “Sharing Your Legacy: How Do You Want to be Remembered?”

Lunch and Learn

“Sharing Your Legacy: How Do You Want to be Remembered?”

Presented by MariaAngelica Deeb


According to research from The Conservation Project (part of the Institute for Health Care Improvement), 90% of USA residents want to talk to their family members about what happens when they die. It is not only a matter of being independent and wanting things to happen our way, but also all about love and planning.

We have the power to lead them into accepting a difficult situation and providing them our guidance while we are alive!!! In this presentation, you will learn about ways can we lead them.

Communication is the key to sharing your final wishes – lead those you love and those decision-makers into accepting the way you want to be remembered and do so by being prepared and thoughtful.

MariaAngelica Deeb was born in Bogota, Colombia (South America). She is a Transportation engineer and planner who speaks Spanish and English and understands Portuguese and French. MariaAngelica came to the USA in 1995 and is a Professional Engineer (both in Colombia and AZ) and has several master’s degrees from ASU such as a Master of Science in construction management, a Master’s in environmental and urban planning, a Master’s in public administration and is a Certified Public Manager. Her most cherished degrees are those of wife, daughter, sister, and 5th dan black belt.

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