Graphic Design for Toastmasters

Summary: In our visual world, graphic design is an increasingly important skill for various professional and personal reasons. For Toastmasters, knowing the basics of branding and principles of graphic design is crucial for giving your work a professional edge. For VPPRs, graphic design is a fundamental part of the job — visual communication in the form of flyers, social media content, newsletters, websites, and promotional materials. All the more reason to expand your design skills and knowledge. Do you need information on brand guidelines or easy and free tools to create graphic content to promote your club or projects? Learning the basics or improving your graphic design skill set doesn’t have to mean going back to school. This session will help you budding designers brush up on branding, typography, color, free graphic design tools, and lots of resources. There is no organization that exists that does not need some sort of visual communication, and this makes graphic design one of the most easily transferable skills across any sector. In this session, Kristy will cover the Toastmasters branding guidelines (dos and don’ts) before moving on to hands-on live design tips and how-tos.

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