Beat Burnout with The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance for you and the members of your advocacy is not a myth. It can (and should) be achieved. Creating

positive work-life culture in your life or in your organization is a matter of understanding different work-life strategies and adapting them to your situation. It is created through a blend of education, advocacy, and trial. Failure to create work-life friendly cultures leads to burnout, turnover, poor performance, and health issues. A

s a researcher of work-life balance on organizational performance, Paul Artale will show you how to beat burnout in a fun and lighthearted way based on his book, The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance. Paul will show you how identify and advocate for a work-life balance.

Your audience will learn to:

  • Understand work-life personality preference and how it interacts with the organization environment
  • How to evaluate work-life culture
  • Engage with energy giving life choices.
  • Recognize the business case for work-life initiatives
  • Identify current trends in work-life balance
  • Create a work-life action plan

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Paul Artale, DTM, AS is an award winning motivational speaker, researcher, author, work-life balance life coach.  Paul’s research focuses on helping people define their boundaries so they can create fulfilling lives on their terms.  As a Toastmaster Paul is the 84th Accredited Speaker in Toastmasters history and is a two time semi finalist in the world championships of public speaking.  Paul is committed to helping you create the life or organization you want. This is detailed in Paul’s first book “The 2-Year Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance” and in his podcast “Fiercely Successful,” where he shares strategies and systems that help listeners achieve their best lives.   For more information visit

March 2 6:30 Pm

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