Lunch & Learn: “Audiences Don’t Need Speakers” presented by David Otey

What happens when you give a speech in Toastmasters? You get applause and feedback.

What happens when you give a speech outside of Toastmasters? You will probably get applause, maybe even a standing ovation. You may get invited back to speak, and on certain magical occasions, you may even receive a paycheck.

But after the applause dies down, what have you accomplished? Did you make a difference to that audience? Did your message stick in their minds? Without a fistful of feedback forms, how can you know?

David Otey will present what he has learned as a professional speaker, trainer, and Toastmaster.  He knows first-hand the challenges facing anyone who is called upon to present information to an audience.

Making a lasting impact as a speaker, isn’t merely about making eye contact and using body language effectively.  It is a question of putting the audience’s needs ahead of your own.

He promises you will come away with a new understanding of—and appreciation for—what is truly important when you speak at an advanced level, especially when you speak outside of Toastmasters. You will also have new tools for putting that understanding into practice.


David Otey is a professional speaker and trainer and shares what he has learned with scientists, engineers, and other experts so they can connect and engage with their audiences effectively. A TEDx speaker and coach, David is the author of The Speaker’s Quick Guide series of books for aspiring and emerging speakers, and the host of the biweekly podcast, “The Power of Story and Science.”

David has been a Toastmaster since 2005 and credits the program with his successful career change from engineering to speaking. He lives in the Denver area, where he is active in two clubs in District 26.

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