An Introduction to Toastmasters

Good Afternoon, Fellow Toastmasters and potential Toastmasters,

We want to invite you all to our Toastmasters meeting on March 11th, 2022 at noon in the atrium of 3200 E Camelback Rd. We would love to introduce you to the functionaries, roles, and speaking activities that happen in every meeting. We follow Robert’s Rules for an orderly and efficient meeting. Each role, speech, or functionary is designed to hone a part of the presentation/communication skills needed to be a successful speaker in Toastmasters.

We hope you will join this meeting and let us show you how participating in Toastmasters will build your confidence and skill to be the best communicator/presenter you can be.

Toastmasters, where leaders are made.

Questions, free to reach out anytime.

Ryan Bitikofer
President, Biltmore Toastmasters


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