Area Directors

Your area director is your liaison between your club and the district. Your area director should be visiting your club at least twice a year – once between July 1 and November 30 and a second time between January 1 and May 31. He or she will probably ask for information on your club’s traditions and practices, your members’ progress through the educational program, and more, and he or she will offer feedback on what your club does best and some challenges for improvement. Your club’s president and vice president education will receive this feedback in a “club visit report” sent by email. If you are facing challenges within your club, your area director should be your first resource for district support. If you do not know who your area director is, find your club in the list below and reach out to your leader. If you have any concerns at all that your club may be heading toward disbanding, please contact your area director as soon as possible. You should also be receiving announcements from your area director about upcoming contests, due dates for officer lists and dues renewals, and other district events. In turn, you are encouraged to reach out to your leader to share your club’s good news or to invite him or her to any special events your club has coming up. In addition to your area director, invite your Division Director and members of the executive team to your club’s special event. Those whose schedules allow may attend.

Agave Division’s Area Directors:

Courtney Jones, Area Director A4

Area A4: Carroll Bennett

Catalina Division’s Area Directors:

Katrina Oase

Area C3: Katrina Oase

Mojave Division’s Area Directors:

Navajo Division’s Area Directors:


John Novey

Area N3: John Novey

Steve Broe

Area N5: Steve Broe

Picacho Division’s Area Directors:

Susan Miller

Area P2: Susan Miller

Saguaro Division’s Area Directors:

Ray Embry

Area S2: Ray Embry

Rocky Dole

Area S3: Rocky Dole

Jennifer Sebastian

Area S4: Jennifer Sebastian

Don Kramer

Area S5: Don Kramer, Jr

Alicia Hills

Area S6: Alicia Hills

Tonto Division’s Area Directors:

Ramprasad Chintaboina, Area Director T2

Area T2: Zeus Ramirez

Michael Millan

Area T4: Michael Millan

Jamie Patterson

Area T5: Jamie Patterson

Verde Division’s Area Directors:

Mary Hart

Area V1: Mary Hart

Julie Miller

Area V2: Julie Miller

Zuni Division’s Area Directors:

Elizabeth Chiao

Area Z4: Elizabeth Chiao

Gengxin Zhang

Area Z5: Gengxin Zhang

Bina Desai

Area Z6: Bina Desai