Candidates for Office

Top Three Officers

District Director Candidate
Peter Salazar, DTM

Member since: August 2009


  • General Educational Development (GED), 1994
  • Associate of Arts, Arizona Western College, 1998
  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting & Informatics, Magna Cum Laude, DeVry, 2001
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Arizona State University, 2005
  • Toastmasters International, 2009-current

District offices held: 

  • Program Quality Director 2019-2020
  • District Finance Manager 2017-2018
  • Z6 Area Governor 2014-2015

Toastmasters honors:

  • President’s Distinguished while serving as President of club 1715 in 2011
  • Coached club 9120 to President’s Distinguished in 2014
  • Distinguished Area for Z6 in 2015
  • Honored to have made it to District Humorous Competition in Fall 2015
  • Privilege of being a TLI facilitator from 2015-2019
  • Auditioned and accepted as a member of District Speakers Bureau 2020

Relevant work experience and how it relates to your role as a District officer? 

In my current role as a CFO, I am part of an executive team that develops strategic plans to set the direction for the company. We must first set and see the vision. Once we can clearly see our vision, only then are we in a position to plan, execute, and achieve it. This is what we are measured against.  I have a vision for District 3, it starts with you as a club member achieving your personal goals, then sharing your experience with others. Our district goals and challenges are developed to help you achieve your goals and are a measure of your success.

What lessons did you learn from previous leadership positions?

  • In the Marines, I learned to make quick decision and the value of training and teamwork.
  • In Toastmasters, I learned “quid pro quo” works great as everyone wins.
  • The most important lesson learned is that the main purpose of a leader is serve. As district leaders, we serve every member.

Why do you want to serve as a district officer?

A promise: “To serve as a club” (or district) “officer when call upon to do so”. Before joining Toastmasters, I was a timid analyst hoping to lose a fear of speaking. Toastmasters helped me overcome that fear and gave me skills to grow as a leader. I believe Toastmasters program works and that there are current and future Toastmasters that can benefit from our program. To serve is both a duty and an honor.
In your opinion, what are the district mission’s major objectives and how would you work to achieve them?

Our district objectives are to expand Toastmasters (build clubs) and ensure all club members have the tools to achieve their goals (achieve excellence). Our new reality is changing our environment. As a district, we will need to work together to adopt, train, master the use technology to achieve our new reality. The Pathways education program will enable us to achieve this. Fortunately, many of our clubs have adjusted and continue to be successful in even this challenging environment. There are many future Toastmasters that need our program. I plan to work with club leaders to ensure members are trained and in turn expand to finding new members.

Program Quality Director Candidate
David Hopper, DTM

Member since: October 1, 2014

Education: B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Arizona, 2001,

Master of Organizational Leadership, Northern Arizona University, 2019

Toastmasters offices held:

  • Club Growth Director – 2019 – 2020
  • Catalina Division Director – 2018 – 2019
  • District 3 HPL Chair – 2017- 2018
  • P4 Area Director – 2016 – 2017
  • President (3)
  • VPE (4)
  • VPPR (2)
  • Secretary (3)

Toastmasters honors and recognition:

  • Pathways DTM
  • Legacy DTM (2)
  • Catalina Outstanding Division Director of the Year: 2018-2019
  • Picacho Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year: 2015-2016 and 2017-2018
  • Catalina Division Humorous Speech Contest Winner: Fall 2017

Relevant work experience and how it relates to Toastmasters and your role as a District officer:

Building Automation Supervisor – I am a leader, mentor and coach at work and I also give many presentations and speeches at work. I also served on the board and executive leadership for a local non-profit animal rescue organization. Leading others in these roles while learning in Toastmasters has proven to be both a rewarding and enriching experience.

What experience do you have in strategic planning? What experience do you have in developing procedures?

In my role as a supervisor, I work with strategic planning almost every day. I helped create our design standards and specifications (DSS). I build road maps designed to upgrade our current systems to meet our DSS and I also help ensure that anything installed fits within this design. In my master’s program, I completed various courses in strategic planning.

As club growth director, I developed policy and procedures to build new clubs and to assign coaches, mentors and sponsors. I mentioned the DSS above, this is a set of procedures to be followed by all employees and contractors at the UofA. As supervisor, I set procedures and policies for my employees. In my non-profit work, I helped develop procedures and policies for social media, volunteers and foster programs.

What lessons did you learn from previous leadership positions?

The importance of diversity in organizations, people, experiences and ideas. Everyone is different and leading people requires understanding what motivates each person. What motivates me will be different from someone else. Tapping into motivations requires a personal relationship. Once you can effectively motivate a person, it leads to engagement and allows you to achieve success.

Why do you want to serve as a district officer?

Serving as a PQD will help me give back and help others grow in their roles as leaders; it will also further challenge me and allow me to grow as a leader.

In your opinion, what are the district mission’s major objectives and how would you work to achieve them?

Member retention and club growth. Dealing with new educational program. The 2020-2021 Toastmasters year will be the first members will have to fully be on board with Pathways and this will require all members to be trained and knowledgeable on the program. I will work with members and clubs to provide support and needed training.

Club Growth Director Candidate
Karen Hewitt, DTM

Toastmasters changed everything for me, from shy, reclusive, and scared to giving wholeheartedly with passion and a desire to see others succeed. Over the last year I have aligned with mentors that have pushed me to become the best I can be for Club Growth Director because that is what the members deserve. Someone with heart, love and passion not only for this organization but for each other as a diverse community. Someone willing to be in it for the long haul, not just the standard 4 year commitment, but 5 years, with this first year of intense preparation coming to a close.

I have taken every opportunity to serve and successfully coach clubs and members because I wanted to give back. From social media, to conference and  presenting at TLI’s to Division Directorship as well as being involved in the new website build, each step has been taken to serve others and give us strength in marketing that will be needed for extensive growth in the next few years.

So why vote for Karen Hewitt?

  • I am passionate about Toastmasters, and each member, club, Area and Division in our District. I’ll work for the success of this organization.
  • I believe in leading from within, developing skills, teams and committees that work together at all levels. By using effective teams, we have the ability to handle any project or problem that may come up effectively·
  • I know each of us has a story that deserves to be told and heard, we are here for more than just one thing. This is a needed organization, more so after our pandemic than ever before.
  • I will utilize a creative plan to increase membership and community club creation in our District. We will focus on the skills and benefits of membership and embrace the diverse needs of the community using marketing opportunities and more.

Within The First 60 days

  • I’ll launch a two fold campaign to bring back previous members and to find out why they left. This will help us grow and maintain an active membership.
  • Create a post pandemic campaign using our marketing capabilities based on dusting off the cobwebs and returning to work with strong skills. This “Covid Cobwebs” campaign will set us up in a leadership and mentor-ship position to guide others.
  • Build training opportunities with leadership so our clubs have all resources available for success
  • Fill all chairs and provide committee building training, working with each chair to build a statewide committee rather than just local pinpoints so we reach into all areas.

My goal for the 2020-2021 year is to help clubs build strong by working with our leadership and helping bring in more members to existing clubs as well as a goal to exceed more than 20 new clubs in the upcoming year

So I ask humbly for your vote so we can continue to embrace our stories, journeys, diversity and grow strong TOGETHER.

Club Growth Director Candidate
Barbara Schumacher, DTM

How did you hear about Toastmasters, and do you remember what it was that made you check out a meeting? I knew at my first club meeting I wanted to be a member! Before six months went by, I knew I would be a Toastmaster for as long as I am able.
During the first twelve years, I held several club officer roles and happily served our District 3, always willing to help members and promote our valuable organization.
In the next eight years, my world changed. Imagine having to work out of state, never able to go home at night or attend a Toastmasters club meeting with good friends. That was my reality. Yet I always paid international dues faithfully. Why? Because, I am a Toastmaster for as long as I am able!
I will also serve you, the members – the whole body of District 3 – for as long as I am able to do so.
Last May I could finally return to being an active, full time, “Toastie.” I became the Mohave Division Director in July, and now I’m a qualified, nominated candidate for your Club Growth Director.
That’s an important role with huge responsibilities. I want to work with all of you – but don’t worry – I won’t ask you to work hard!
One of my plans will greatly increase the number of our clubs and strengthen existing clubs, while also giving you more opportunities to earn your educational awards.
Another plan offers a creative, fun way for you to gain interest in membership from new blood.
I want to use methods that have proven successful over past years, and continue the Vitamin D3 plan, too! As I write, I’m formulating yet another plan to help ensure we are all successful.
Right now we deal with meetings and gatherings in an unprecedented manner. While many of us are just becoming familiar with Pathways, suddenly we find ourselves adjusting to an uncommon way of the world. Common sense tells us everything will be atypical for a bit. A vote for me is a promise kept that I will invest in you, our members. Together, we will emerge from troubles stronger than before trouble thought about disruption.
Your vote for Barbara Schumacher is a vote to ensure we have great opportunities to be Distinguished Clubs and that you are an amazing Distinguished District 3 Member!

Division Director Candidates are based upon the proposed alignment, as shown below

Division Directors

Division Director Candidate
DJ Reed, DTM
D3 Parliamentarian
Area Governor
Conference Registration Chair
Toastmasters Leadership Institute Chair
Pathways Learning Master
Pathways Guide
Club Offices Held
President, VP Education,
VP Membership, Secretary,
Treasurer & Sergeant At Arms

Your vote counts and I request you cast your vote for me as District 3 Agave Division Director.

I have worked as a Servant Leader in D3 for the past 10 years in many positions and hope to continue that service as the Agave Division Director officer.   See attached flyer at the bottom for all my service detail.

I have been looking at the current Agave Division Distinguished Performance Reports, and all but a few clubs are having membership concerns at this time.    I want to help every club come back from this time of Zoom meetings, membership loss and new members recruitment challenges.  To do this we will need to think out of the box and find ways to get members to return and find ways to bring in new members to return and exceed our membership in the past.

After Toastmasters Leadership Institute ended, I started looking forward to what I could learn to move forward in District 3.   I got the chance to take some Zoom meeting training provided our Region 3 Advisor, Violetta Rios, Distinguished Toastmaster.   These trainings have opened my mind to thinking out of the box.  They highlighted some ideas on membership retention now, reach for new members and building District 3 from the member up.    That is what is important building the members.  It reminds me of something I was told as a child “Mind your pennies and the dollars will grow”.   If we pay attend to the members (listen and respond) we will have a strong member.

I am hoping to apply many of these thoughts to Agave Division Areas, Clubs and Membership.    I believe working together we can accomplish any goal if we do not close ourselves in with only box thinking.   Yes, some ideas from the box may help but we must not limit our thinking to the same box items used in the pre-Zoom meeting days.

Thank you for thinking about what I have outlined above.    If you have questions or concerns, on something you think I should consider please email or call me.   I want to hear from everyone because you are the reason, I want to be your servant leader and serve your needs.


DJ Reed, Distinguished Toastmaster

2019-2020 Toastmaster Leadership Institute Chair

2020-2021 Candidate D3 Agave Division Director

Division Director Candidate
Jennifer Sebastian, ACG, ALB

When life gives me lemons, I squirt those lemons back into life’s eyes. Life is hard, but it is how you approach the situation. As a Filipina, I start my day with a smile even during bad situations. During my 7 years of being in Toastmasters, I have learned a lot as acquiring my HPL, ACG, ACS and having the role as a club coach for 2 clubs is not easy. It took time, dedication, and hours of hard work in order to reach my goals. Every day, I strive to overcome any challenge and motivate those around me. I am a Boston University graduate who majored in Liberal Arts. and currently a multi-family apartment investor. In the past, I was a business owner of apartments and owned a nursing house catering to 30 clientele. The most important part of Toastmasters, for me, is to unravel a better version of ourselves. How?

As Agave Division Director, my goal is:
● To build more leaders
● To retain and increase membership
● To rebuild underperforming clubs
● Maintain relationships outside of Toastmasters

How will I build more leaders?
I strive to identify and cultivate each individual’s innate qualities and strengths which can further accelerate their evolution as the best leaders in their respective clubs.

How will I retain and increase membership within a club?
● I will cultivate an atmosphere of cheerful, fun camaraderie among club members and guests.
● Implementation of programs will encourage support to guests which can lead to their eventual decision to join the club.
● Constant communication to the Area directors provide valuable information on the latest innovations within Toastmasters International.
● I will increase community exposure by expanding the Toastmasters Club involvement community events and maximize utilization of social media.

How will I rebuild underperforming clubs?
● Develop and emphasize club core values, which will allow the club to reflect and improve.
● Set weekly goals such as attending TLI meetings and developing personal desire: “Why am I doing Toastmasters?”

How will I maintain relationships outside of Toastmasters?
● Encourages club growth and retain their membership

As Division director, my ultimate goal is to formulate a strong foundation between my peers and their dream goals to unveil “the new you.”

So vote for Jen, she’s 10/10.
As in, she’ll solve your club obstacles again and again.
She’ll expand your club’s membership, she’ll make you more friends and negotiate ideas til the very end!
So vote for Jen, she’s 10/10,
She’ll help you get to your “new you” that you have always dreamt.

Division Director Candidate
Alan Claypool, Level 5

Glossophobia – the fear of public speaking – is real for 75% of Americans, which probably includes a lot of Toastmasters. Yet here we are, facing our fears, growing our confidence through trial and error, and becoming more skilled with every step.  As we transition from terrified to calm to confident, we experience fewer “um’s” and more “ah ha’s,” and this transition doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  Each of us who succeeds does so because, standing beside us, are our fellow Toastmasters.  From the newest member to the Top Three, it’s the people who are the soul of the organization, and who create the positive, supportive learning environment that fosters greater self-confidence and personal growth.

The Division Director is an important facilitator along the journey, encouraging the creation of that supportive environment by providing resources to the clubs so that, in turn, they clubs can help our fellow Toastmasters achieve their goals, at their pace.  The Division Director also helps to provide quality events like TLI and contests, ensuring that our highest-achieving members have opportunities to spread their wings outside of their clubs.  In my view, the key to success as a Division Director is to help the clubs meet their day-to-day challenges by listening, supporting the Area Directors, working with senior leaders and brainstorming solutions.

In my personal Toastmasters journey, I have so far served as Area Director, Club President, VP of Membership and Sergeant-at-Arms.  Professionally and personally, I’m a business advocate and technologist, a private pilot and a retired Air Force officer.  And I am proud to have been nominated for this position by the District Leadership Committee. I look forward to serving the Cholla Division, helping to make 2020-21 a successful year for all of our clubs, and for the Toastmasters who make up our division. And, finally, for those who may suffer from the fear of public speaking, I especially look forward to recruiting and advocating for the best prescription, the one that’s worked for me: Toastmasters International.

Division Director Candidate
Ron Limbaugh, DTM

Division Director Candidate
Sandy Zalecki, DTM

My husband and I first joined Toastmasters in October or 2014 because we wanted to get to know more people in the El Paso, TX area.  We really didn’t know much about Toastmasters but we soon learned that we really enjoyed it and that we were learning to become better speakers and leaders through our Toastmasters experience.  However, things kind of got off to a rocky start.  The Secretary/Treasurer quit the club and took off with the check for our membership.  The President of the club was going to disband the club so I stepped up to become Secretary/Treasurer within six weeks of joining Toastmasters.

Both my husband and I loved Toastmasters.  I became an Area Director within a year and my husband starting winning speech contests.  We became popular in the El Paso Area and enjoyed every step on our Toastmasters journey.  Then my husband suddenly died of a heart attack.  Toastmasters stepped up for me big time after he died.  They raised money for his funeral expenses and helped me plan his funeral.  When I decided to move to Arizona Toastmasters were there to help me pack, move, and even drove my U-Haul from New Mexico to Arizona.

Since I arrived in Arizona I have been an active Toastmaster.  I helped form a new club at Yavapai College in Prescott, AZ and I have served as President of that club since it was started.

I would consider it an honor to serve as Ironwood Division Director and give back to Toastmasters all the things they gave to me after the worst tragedy of my life.

Division Director Candidate
Rocky Dole, ACS, ALB
I am running for division director. My qualifications include having served as an area director, club president, club secretary, and club sergeant at arms. I am planning to complete the requirements for DTM by the end of the 2019-2020 Toastmaster year. I have been part of chartering 2 clubs. One as a club sponsor and one as a member of the club.
In addition to what I have done in Toastmasters I have also been in several other leadership positions outside of Toastmasters. My introduction to leadership really began as a child and holding multiple leadership positions in scouting. I am currently a real estate broker who owns my own company with agents who are working under me. I have severed on a homeowners association for several years overseeing a community of over 3000 homes. I am the committee chair for Government Affairs with the Pinal County Realtor Association. I have served as an officer in various capacities for a business club to help small businesses.
My educational achievements include a Master Degree in Business, a Master Degree in Accounting, and 2 years of law school. I would like to go back and complete law school at some point. I also have a black belt in the martial arts which is a major achievement that shows years of dedication.
I feel that my past experience has prepared me very well for the position of Division Director and I look forward to a successful 2020-2021 Toastmaster year. I appreciate everyone’s support.

Division Director Candidate
Craig Cottle, DTM

Craig has been a toastmaster since February of 2014 and received the Distinguished Toastmaster recognition in March of this year. In his journey to DTM Craig has been blessed with the opportunity to work with many great people and has particularly enjoyed helping others’ personal growth in Toastmasters. It has been seeing that growth in others that Craig enjoys so much about Toastmasters. He hopes to continue helping others with their leadership growth in his role as Division Director.

In addition to Toastmasters, Craig enjoys time with family, bike riding, building models, and music. By profession he helps people live more joyful lives through improved physical health and financial wellbeing.

Division Director Candidate
Sara Mayer, Level 5

My journey with Toastmasters began when I spoke at a non-profit membership meeting and someone shortly after sent me a handwritten note. She said she was moved by my words and impressed with my leadership. She didn’t know two things, first that I write over 300 cards a year and she just spoke to my heart. Second, that even though I appeared confident, under control and poised at the meeting, I was a ball of nerves on the inside. Months later this same woman, now a friend, set out on a journey to form a new toastmasters club. I wanted to support her and I wanted to grow personally as a speaker and leader. I didn’t know how much I would be challenged, how much I would learn, how much I would grow from Toastmasters.

Since joining I have gained valuable Toastmasters experience that will guide my leadership.

Toastmasters Experience
Founding Club Member in 2016
Verde 5 Area Director
Club Mentor & Coach
Contest Chair & Chief Judge
Multi-Year Contest Judge
Effective Coaching 5
Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)
Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)
Scheduled to complete DTM in 2020

Established Regional Leader of 6 Operational Teams Professionally
Non-profit Board Chair/President
Graduate of Valley Leadership Class 38

I ask that you vote for me, Sara Mayer, at the annual business meeting in May. My hope for all toastmasters is to feel challenged and supported in your own personal journey. That you feel they are truly gaining skills that help you advance professionally and personally. My hope for club officers is for you to know with each meeting you are changing lives and moving the clubs forward. Leading is not easy, it’s challenging, but the reward of seeing members excel is worth all the challenges in the world.

Division Director Candidate
Payal Guerrero, Level 5

Payal Guerrero has been a member of Toastmasters since 2017. She first joined Toastmasters to overcome her fear of public speaking and to find her voice. Her reason for joining for Toastmaster was to be able to give her wedding vows. After just one year of being a member, she gained the confidence that she never knew that she had and has found her voice. Payal has completed the Competent Communicator, Visionary Communication pathways, Engaging Humor pathways, and is now working on Dynamic Leadership Level 2. In addition to that, she participated in the speech contests and served as the co-chair of the District 3 Spring 2019 Conference. She has also held several club officer roles at her home club and is currently serving as a club mentor for Audible Talkers Toastmasters and Tonto 3 area director. Payal wants to help members develop their communication, leadership skills and help them find their voice.